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Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Orlando sees Isabella who makes a stunning deal that would greatly benefit him, in exchange of him defending her. The case is brought in front of the prosecutor, who goes over it. Laura is very angry to see that Orlando is Isabella’s lawyer. They both give their testimonies and exchange terrible words, which annoys the prosecutor, more so when they come to blows and have to be restrained. Orlando does his very best to defend Isabella, who is jaunty and very insolent throughout.
Silvia, Conan and Nattie go over some new designs and Alex makes himself a nuisance again by disturbing them. Silvia gets fed up with him and orders him to leave, he was no longer the factory’s driver. He accuses her of only doing the project to be around Lorenzo, she gets more furious and asks him again to leave. He begs her to let him stay, promising never to interfere in her business again.
Mimi and Tony again go over names for the baby and the coordinator of the competition arrives, much to Mimi’s annoyance as she’s obviously interested in Tony.
Orlando defends Isabella thoroughly and Isabella and Laura exchange more angry words and come to blows again. The prosecutor angrily calls them both to order. Silvia thinks over her last conversation with Lorenzo; he’d assured her he will now focus on his family yet he’ll always cherish the beautiful times they had shared.
The prosecutor scolds Laura and Isabella like they were school girls; their behavior was really unacceptable and they ought to be ashamed of themselves. Orlando points out Laura had started it, to her fury.
The prosecutor ruled that she had nothing much to go on as both testimonies and the evidence were questionable and doubtful and sarcastically advised Laura to submit concrete evidence if she wanted to continue with the matter. Isabella was free to go and Laura is absolutely furious. Lorenzo suddenly shows up, very surprised to find Orlando there as Isabella’s lawyer and takes Laura home. Isabella gives Orlando his ‘fee’, a folded document, but reminds him she was still angry with him for helping Lorenzo find the doctored photos.
Laura is angry about the whole thing; Lorenzo feels he should finally break off the partnership with Isabella and he does not believe Orlando’s story about defending Isabella for the good of the company, he’ll ask him in the morning. He pushes Laura away again when she tries to be amorous and reluctantly agrees to throw a dinner party to celebrate their reconciliation.
Alex isn’t pleased Isabella was released, as it meant Silvia and Lorenzo would still be working closely with each other, they were obviously still in love. Mimi asked him if he himself was still in love with Silvia. He sadly admits it. One time, Silvia had loved him unconditionally and wanted to marry him and have a family; he badly wanted them to have that relationship again. Laura asks Antonia if she had helped Isabella to switch the pills but the maid, quite shocked, denied it.
Alex disturbs Silvia again while she’s working out at the gym, not pleased she was still going on with Lorenzo’s project, which annoys her, and he didn’t have the right to tell her what to do! He demands to know if she was praying for a miracle, she sarcastically said ‘yes’. Hurt, he walks away.
Antonia visits Isabella at her suite and gives her the telegram and explained Laura didn’t even read it. Isabella pays her for her trouble. After she leaves, Isabella calls the private investigator to let him know Laura’s popsie was out of jail and he must fly to Venezuela and bring him to Lima as soon as possible.

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