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Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Laura is triumphant at the angry despair in Isabella’s tone, expressing her hope the cell she was in was comfortable. Isabella sarcastically said it was and she was waiting for Laura to join her since falsely accusing someone of murder was a serious crime. And she had made a serious mistake since if she goes to prison, Lorenzo’s company would be in jeopardy- Lorenzo will confirm it. Isabella tells Gloria she needed a lawyer who would do exactly what she asks him to do. Gloria suggests ORLANDO!
Laura remembers Lorenzo had just mortgaged the house and confirms Isabella’s warning from Orlando.
Nattie asks Hercules if he’d wanted to tell Silvia after all, he admits it but then lost the courage. Nattie finally agrees it was best if Silvia never knew, since the father she idolized was a criminal. Alex suggests to a worried Silvia she did not continue with the project for now- she feels very stressed up.
Lorenzo visits Isabella in jail; he wants to know if she had actually done what she was accused of. Isabella denies it again, calling it another of Laura’s dirty tricks. But Lorenzo is not convinced she is telling the truth when she insists she’s not a killer, he knew her very well, didn’t he, she’ll never hurt his child as it would be hurting him. He merely walks away.
The detective tells Laura about Isabella’s accusation of her setting everything up and asks her to come to the station to compare her and Isabella’s testimonies.
Nattie tells Conan how Hercules almost told Silvia about her father, Conan hopes he won’t try it again. Silvia pushes Alex away when he tries to kiss her again; much to his frustration. She admits she loves him but not the way she used to and can never trust him again.
Antonia cello tapes the torn telegram and reads it. Whoever it is wrote to say he was now a free man and will be coming to see Laura once he’s able to get money.
Silvia receives Lorenzo again and asks him if Isabella’s situation will disturb their partnership and if he felt she was innocent. Lorenzo assured her all would soon be well. Isabella is furious to see Laura, who is really pleased to see her in the cell, taunting Isabella with the knowledge that it won’t be her first time in jail.

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