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Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Alex tells his mother about Lorenzo’s project and urges her not to agree with Silvia about it but E.P is overjoyed about it, they will make big money from such an opportunity. Alex begs her to say no when Silvia phones to inform her about it but she ignores him, full of enthusiasm.
The receptionist tells Mimi and Tony the competition has closed but noticing the woman in charge is nearby, raps on the spot and it impresses her very much (Frankly, I think Mimi sucks) and accepts their entry after all.
Lorenzo warns Isabella not to bother Silvia in any way, Isabella accuses him of threatening her. Silvia comes in and isn’t pleased to run into Evil Isabella again, but she insisted she stayed to hear what she had to say. Lorenzo is pleased that she and the other entrepreneurs have agreed to the proposal. Isabella insincerely praises Silvia’s work and leaves them alone.
Silvia asked him why he was still working with that awful woman after everything she’d done to them. Lorenzo admits he had wanted to dissolve their partnership but for now, he couldn’t because of the foreign clients she’d brought in, assuring Silvia he no longer trusted Isabella. Silvia said she’ll wait for him to call her about the contracts, he thanks her. They regard each other longingly again, but Silvia leaves him sadly.
Tony’s video is played (Mimi’s ridiculous rap again, yuck!) to the co-coordinator who is really impressed and promises to broadcast it on T.V, offering an editing job to Tony but Mimi reminds him he still has to watch the boutique.
Laura asks Lorenzo about the mortgage but he tells her not to worry about it, she’s concerned he hadn’t told her about it. He also tells her about the project and Silvia’s role.
Silvia assures E.P they’ll make good money on the project, trying to take credit for Silvia’s talent. She informs the girls the wedding will hold at the gym. The detective returns to the office with a warrant for Isabella’s arrest, but Erica tells him she’s out.
Lorenzo is told by Erica about the cop’s visit and was on his way to her hotel to arrest her. Laura is pleased! After Lorenzo leaves, Laura phones a journalist and gives her Isabella’s address.
Mimi and Tony find Conan and Lysette in a cuddling mood and give them their good news. Orlando is pleased to see a sulky Nattie who comes to pick up the contracts for Silvia. Hercules enters Silvia’s office, half deciding to tell her his secret. Nattie turns down Orlando’s offer of lunch, wanting to keep it professional but Orlando gets too personal and she gets very cross and wants to leave, but he insincerely apologizes and promises to behave.
The detective gets to Isabella with the warrant, but she demands to know what proof he had against her. He replied, her fingerprints have been found all over Laura’s medicine bottle. She insisted she was a close friend of the family who visited often, her fingerprints would be all over the place. The detective however added that her prints were found inside the bottle as well. Isabella ordered him to leave, he didn’t have conclusive evidence since he hadn’t taken her fingerprints. But the detective informs her that the police did have her prints on record; they were recorded on the day she was arrested for prostitution some years back.
An extremely stupid look(like the one she wore when Lorenzo confronted her about the doctored photos) came on Isabella’s face…

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