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Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Nattie visits Lorenzo at the office and almost tells him about the relationship between Silvia and Laura after he mentions the TV message. When he leaves the room, she calls Conan to look for him at Lorenzo’s house. Laura warmly welcomes José back but insults him by offering him a check in exchange for something(I don’t know what, the audio was bad) whatever it was shocked him very much. Mimi goes to see Tony who is overjoyed when she tells him to speed up the day of their wedding. Hurt and angry, José tears up the check and leaves. Hercules returns home very tired, but refuses to tell his gossipy wife anything. Conan finds José just leaving the house. He introduces himself as Hercules’ son and José is very pleased to meet him, explaining why he’d left the first hotel. Conan gives him the money as instructed.
Lorenzo gets home and a tearful Laura tells him more lies. Lysette is given the news by Mimi and Tony about pushing up their wedding day. Conan says goodbye to José at the airport after a long conversation. Jose calls Alex on the cell phone he still had with him , to say goodbye. Alex desperately tells him not to leave the country; because he had another daughter!( oh, Alex… Hercules WILL KILL YOU DEAD!)

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