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Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Laura watches Silvia warily as she left the office. Lorenzo coldly refuses to allow Gloria help her look for her father as she’s very busy. Tony tells Mimi he’s now sure Conan was in love with her, but Mimi doesn’t believe it. Gloria tells Isabella about Lorenzo’s attitude towards Laura and the conversation she’d heard between Laura and Orlando-which Isabella finds ‘juicy’ and a future form of ammunition. E. P is amazed at what Hercules tells her, his visitor had been Silvia’s father! She urges him to tell Silvia about it but he’s bound by his promise to Mechita , a promise like that didn’t have an expiry date. It would do more harm than good for Silvia to meet him since he is an ex-convict. But E. P still feels it’s unfair to her and gets more surprised to hear that Jose doesn’t even know she exists at all, Mechita never got the chance to tell him she was carrying his baby! Unknown to them both, Alex is listening to the whole thing…
Hercules gives his children the shocking news.
Isabella assures Lorenzo, when asked that ,she didn’t know where Jose was. She goes through Silvia’s clothes, pronouncing them as ‘excellent quality.’
Nattie and Conan aren’t pleased at their father’s decision and are shocked to hear Jose didn’t even know she existed and that Silvia had an unknown half-sister. Hercules asks them both for money to buy a pane ticket for him. They aren’t happy but obey him all the same. Conan is sent to the hotel. Meanwhile , Jose gets a visitor, Alex.
Mimi thinks over what Tony had said about Conan, wondering if it was true. Silvia receives a surprise visitor-Laura. Laura tells her to stay away from her husband on her child’s behalf. Silvia is disgusted at Laura’s attempt to use her child as a trump card, calling her ‘a snake’. Laura gets angry and sneeringly asks if by selling her rags, she’ll be a big name. In return , Silvia points out at least she didn’t have to hide her past like Laura and with the speed of lightning grabs her fist when the stupid woman attempts to hit her, warning her not to try it. Laura vowed to pay her out. (So much for asking for forgiveness).
Conan finds the hotel room empty!
Lorenzo goes to the boutique and congratulates Tony on the good sales.
Alex moves José to a new hotel and gives him a cell phone to call him when necessary- adding that he had someone very special he wants him to meet(in order to make Silvia love him again no doubt, but Hercules will KILL him for this interference).
Isabella receives more info from Antonia, laving before Laura could see her. Laura is informed that a journalist had showed up to interview her about her father.
Silvia is surprised that her uncle had postponed his honeymoon and tells Nattie about Laura’s visit, feeling very sorry for Lorenzo. Conan tells his father he could not find José. Conan returns to tell his father he could not find José but is ready to go and look for him. Hercules begins to describe him. Conan listens and is filled with horror- he shows him the day’s paper which had a photo of Laura’s long lost father and his interview, asking if this was the man he was describing. Hercules sees that it was!
He said faintly, ‘ Silvia and Laura are BLOOD SISTERS…?
(What a SECRET to hide from Silvia! What will she say? What will Laura say? What will Isabella say? Most important, what will LORENZO say, he’s married to one sister but very much in love with the other sister!)

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