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Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Jose is of course shocked at this revelation about Hercules’ niece being his daughter and agrees to stay and meet her, wondering if Silvia looked like her late mother. Laura puts on a seductive dress and perfume for Lorenzo but he’s still cold and indifferent, preferring to stay at home instead of going out to dinner with her. Laura is offended- he obviously still cares more about his unborn child than her and tries to convince him that she loved him. But Lorenzo obviously doesn’t love her anymore. Conan told Hercules that José decided to got to Chile instead of Venezuela to start a new life and it had been Alex who had taken him away from the first hotel, to make himself Silvia’s hero. Jose meets with Alex, eager to hear about this other daughter. He’s assured Silvia would be more than happy to meet him and is shown a photo of her. He is very moved, Silvia did look like her mother.
Nattie guessed correctly that Alex planned to introduce Silvia to José in order to redeem himself and admits she’d almost told Lorenzo that his wife and former lover were sisters. Isabella meets with Laura’s doctor with a proposition. When he refuses to listen , she blackmails him. Laura pressurizes Lorenzo to treat her more lovingly but he snappishly tells her he no longer trusted her after her lies, lies and more lies. Laura does not feel they could continue with the present arrangement.
Silvia asks Nattie to tell her what she was hiding, but she insists it was Orlando she was still thinking about. Hercules angrily scolds Alex about doing things without his consent. He admits it but claimed he only wanted to do what was best for Silvia. Hercules said it would destroy her since she’d been idolizing him when he’s the opposite of a good father and warns him to stay away from matters concerning his family. Alex sulkily consoles himself with the knowledge that everyone would have a shock the following morning. Laura makes a show of packing her things and Lorenzo apologizes, promising to try harder.
Laura’s doctor, with an expression of hate on his face, asks Isabella for time to think about what she’d said.

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