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Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Silvia tells her uncle that she’d overheard something Conan and Nattie had said relating to him and her father, but Hercules insist he knew nothing about him, her mother never liked talking about him, her cousins were taking rubbish. Silvia is horrified to see it was E.P’s picture he was hanging up. Laura thanked horsy Gloria for her help that fateful day and ask if the police arrested Isabella. When Gloria says no in a surprised tone, Laura pretended she was joking. Mimi told Conan that she’d made up with Tony, but does not know she’s happy, she only knew she owed it to their baby to give him a second chance. Lorenzo asks Isabella why a policeman came to the office, she lies it was about Giacormo’s case which has reopened. She gives him the fax containing the agreement between them and Estephano. E.P models the restored dress for Alex, still planning on exercising and going on a diet (a daft idea to wear the dress she’d worn when she married Alex and Mimi’s father for her second wedding). She’s annoyed Silvia treats the workers ‘too nicely’. Tony visits Laura, with a message from Giacormo and asks her to come back to the boutique when she’s better, as he feels he could do better without Conan. Lorenzo decides to ask Silvia for her help, but Orlando doesn’t feel it’s a good idea since she doesn’t know he and Laura were back together. Orlando is annoyed when Gloria still hesitates to give him Estephano’s web address; she surprises him with a sudden question, did he think Isabella was capable of killing anyone?
Nattie is furious to see E.P’s framed photo on the living room wall, Conan is merely amused. Nattie wishes she could save their father from that woman, but Conan reminds her that you don’t choose who you fall in love with, did she choose Orlando? Changing the subject, he tells her about Mimi and tony; they’ve both matured although he still didn’t like Tony.
Hercules ask his kids why they put ideas in Silvia’s head, they had actually told her he knew her father after he’d already told her a long time ago that he did not. Nattie however said Silvia had heard part of a conversation between her and Conan but they had cleared it up; in turn she reminded him about a letter she’d found in his drawers when she was a little girl. He had told her them it had been a letter from Mexico from a friend who was in love with his sister, Silvia’s mother, Mechita. That man was Silvia’s father. Hercules was silent, he couldn’t deny it.
Laura assures Tony that once she’s cleared by her doctor, she’ll help him and Conan at the boutique (more like harass Conan since she never liked him); much to his relief since he doesn’t know much about the business and he and Conan don’t really get along. Laura also asked about Mimi and her pregnancy, sending her regards.
Silvia receives a surprise visitor, Lorenzo and is about to tell him again she can’t continue their affair. But he assures her it wasn’t like that, he only came about a business proposition and to tell her, before she heard it from anyone else, that he and Laura had reconciled. Silvia’s face is stunned (you asked for it, you silly girl).

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