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Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Isabella begins to bluster that it was impossible and all a mistake but the detective said lab results don’t lie, she had handled Laura’s pills and was now charging her with attempted murder and was under arrest. Isabella gets more and more worked up and asks him to give her time to put on some clothes. ‘I don’t need this in my life, not now!’ she moans as she dials Gloria, telling her she was in serious trouble and cannot locate her lawyer. (You don’t need it, why did you do it?)
Hercules almost tells Silvia about her father but changes his mind and talks about the wedding instead. Mimi tells Conan and Lysette about the coordinator, who seemed to be hitting on Tony. Laura receives another telegram from Venezuela. She angrily tears it up.
Lorenzo gets there and finds a handcuffed Isabella being escorted to a police car. She loudly protests she was innocent and blaming Laura for playing another trick on her. A news camera films the whole thing.
Gloria tells Orlando about Isabella’s arrest, which horrifies him- the company would be ruined if she was sentenced.
Nattie and Silvia go over the contract from Estephano. Silvia tells Nattie how Hercules acted weird earlier on and get a shock at Alex’s news- Isabella’s arrest which he’d heard on the radio. Nattie called her replacement, Erica to confirm the information.
Lorenzo asks Laura if she had accused Isabella of switching her drugs but she denies it; she had merely mentioned Isabella when the police had asked her who would want to kill her. Lorenzo asked her if the personal thing between them will ever end at all! He is worried how the company would be affected if she is arrested.
Mimi is cross with Tony for calling her ‘skinny’ and saying she was jealous of that woman they had met.
Isabella gives the same excuses about how her fingerprints were on the bottle but unable to give explanation about how they got inside the bottle when the cop asks her. He also asks her why she’d bought the same pills Laura had to use, but she shouts at him, she’s not a murderer and demanded to be allowed to go. He showed her the evidence, she had bought the pills, using her credit card- the crumpled receipt in his hand. She is silent at first then says it had been bought on her doctor’s prescription and Laura was telling lies against her because she hated her and was envious of her, but the cop doesn’t believe it, all the evidence pointed to her. Isabella warns him she could destroy his career as she was a powerful woman with a lot of influential friends, but her threats do not alarm him at all.
Nattie and Silvia worry about how their business would suffer if Isabella is arrested, Alex goes out to obtain more information. Orlando and Lorenzo worry about the same thing. Lorenzo decides to find out more before they call Estephano. Orlando does not believe Isabella is innocent, Lorenzo himself has his own doubts.
Lysette is told by a friend over the phone about Isabella’s arrest and she in turn tells Conan, who isn’t completely surprised on hearing the charge, knowing fully well Laura and Isabella hated each other and how Isabella had sabotaged the last fashion show(she had paid some boys to moisten the catwalk and put a slippery substance on the models’ high heels, causing all of them, including Lysette to trip over each other). Giacormo phones Conan to check what’s going on; Conan tells him about the arrest.
Alex tells his mother, Mimi and Tony about Isabella’s arrest. E.P is happy about it much to Mimi’s surprise, as she had wanted Alex to marry Isabella (yuck!).
Gloria finally gets to Isabella, who is now in a holding cell and very, very angry. Bad news, her lawyer has gone overseas for a conference and won’t be back for a week. Gloria asks her seriously if she’d really tried to kill Laura but Isabella loudly denied it. She suddenly has an idea, she uses Gloria’s cell phone to call Laura.

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