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Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Lorenzo angrily confronts Laura over news on TV and in the papers but the shameless liar denies throwing Jose out.
Tony accuses Conan of being in love with Mimi when the latter points out that Mimi wasn’t comfortable about his sudden proposal. Conan strongly denies it, however.
Hercules takes Jose away to a coffee house to talk. Silvia brings some samples of her clothes to Lorenzo’s office. He’s very pleased to see her and asks her to see him for a few minutes, which she reluctantly agrees to. Jose told Hercules about how his daughter had thrown him out but didn’t blame her as he hadn’t been a good father to hear and is sad to hear from Hercules that Mechita was dead. Hercules gives him some money to get a room at a nearby hotel.
Silvia is shocked to hear from Lorenzo that Laura had thrown her father out of the house. He also told her he was unhappy and relationship with Laura was complicated. Silvia reminded him again that she’d been abandoned by her own father, he couldn’t abandon his. Lorenzo doesn’t see why he couldn’t raise his child without having to live with a woman he no longer loved. Silvia merely looks at him sadly.
Laura tells Orlando she’ll never forgive him for acting as Isabella’s lawyer, especially after the time they had shared, which Orlando refuses to talk about. Gloria overhears that part from the door. She enters and Laura asks her to help find her father. E.P is furious Hercules was still not back and calls Isabella to vent her annoyance. Hercules enters and E.P is surprised to see him looking so shocked. As Silvia receives the contracts from Lorenzo, Lorenzo wants her to stay a while longer. But before she can reply, Laura enters the office.

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