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Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Jose is stunned but leaves when he’s told to. He goes to Isabella, who convinces him to appear on a TV interview, pleading his case. Laura in the meantime, lies to Lorenzo that her father had abandoned her again. At the wedding reception, Tony stuns everyone by asking Mimi to marry him, she says yes and kisses him. Everyone whoops and cheers, except Conan, who wore a weird look on his face.
Jose’s TV interview is broadcasted and Lorenzo sees it. He is furious that Laura had lied to him, AGAIN!
Jose is angry also, the reporter had twisted his words, making it look like his daughter was a monster; he calls Isabella an evil person and leaves, despite her reminder he had no money.
The following morning Hercules prepares to leave for his honeymoon when Jose enters, warmly greeting him. Alex is there and is introduced as of Hercules' gym students. Hercules is clearly not pleased to see him.

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