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Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Silvia is shocked at Lorenzo’s news but he reminded her it was what she had wanted. She painfully agreed, congratulated him and listened to his proposal about her and other small clothing factories she knew in the area subcontracting the order he’d been given, he didn’t have enough labour and she would be well paid. Silvia liked the sound of it, especially as she would be co-coordinating the whole operation.
After a lot of pressure, Hercules finally admitted that the letter had been written and sent by Silvia’s father. He had known him because he’d been the one who introduced him to Silvia’s momsie in the first place. He had denied it because he wanted to protect Silvia from her father; the man had fled Mexico because he had been involved in illicit dealings and went to live in Venezuela and dealt in precious stones. He had no idea what he was doing with his own now. Nattie and Conan asked why he had lied, and he told them that on her death bed, Mechita had made him swear an oath he’ll always look after Silvia and must never tell her about her father, not ever. But Nattie doesn’t agree, Silvia is unhappy because she doesn’t know who her father is, his name or how he even looks like. But Hercules insists it was better if Silvia remained ignorant of the whole thing and was determined to keep his promise to Mechita.
Gloria gives Orlando the documents sent by the bank, he remarks Laura won’t be pleased to hear the house is to be mortgaged before asking her why she had asked him that strange question the other day- Gloria told him about the cop that came to see Isabella.
Silvia told Lorenzo she’ll have to talk to E.P and consult other people in the area, to see if they would be willing to take on the project; Lorenzo asked her to give him feedback as soon as possible. Silvia looks uncomfortable when he talks over the phone with Laura, wanted to know if he’ll be home for lunch. As he’s reluctantly about to take his leave, he obviously wants to kiss her but she sits down, preventing him.
Nattie doesn’t agree about keeping such an important secret from Silvia but Conan insists it was their duty to keep their promise they’d made to their father. Alex comes up wanting to know what they were talking about, but was coldly told to mind his own business.
Mimi persuades Tony to submit his video clip to the competition she’d heard about on the radio. Gloria gives the bank documents to Laura to sign, which surprises her as Lorenzo never said a word about it.
Nattie is told by Silvia about Lorenzo’s reconciliation with Laura. Silvia notices her cousin didn’t seem surprised by the news, She admitted Orlando had told her. Silvia admits it hurt and shocked her; she now regretted she had made Lorenzo go back to Laura. Changing the subject, she also told Nattie about the business proposal, which Alex overhears but feels E.P wouldn’t go for it and tries to discourage her.(he doesn’t her and Lorenzo make eyes at each other again!)
Isabella is furious to hear from Lorenzo that he’d chosen Silvia to do the job. She immediately starts bad mouthing her but Lorenzo defends his ex-girlfriend and angrily orders her to keep her opinions to herself, what he says goes and he was still CEO of the company. Isabella insolently assumes Silvia must have been so happy but when he tells her Silvia is thinking about it, says the ‘little vixen’ was playing hard to get. Lorenzo tells her to leave his office.
Laura talks to her doctor and calls the inspector to tell him she had a vital contribution to make in the case.
Silvia has good news; the other entrepreneurs are enthusiastic about the project. But she asked Nattie to be the go-between as it’s hard for her to be around Lorenzo. Nattie reluctantly agrees as she doesn’t want to cope with Orlando and Horse-face Gloria again.

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