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Monday, March 24, 2008

My Wife?????????????

Max enters the room and found Raquel asleep. He wakes her up and covers her mouth when she's about to cry out in disbelief. she hugs him and excitedly bombards him with questions. He asks her to follow him to the garden where they could talk. He then tells her his real name and that Antonio was his stepbrother. Raquel is full of horror and anger at his lies and demanded to know if he had anything to do with the plane crash, which he hotly denies, insisting that Antonio had a lot of enemies. But now that everyone believes her to be Mrs. Lombardo- Antonio's widow, she is his heir. Afterwards, she can marry Max after her mourning. That's his 'great plan' folks, marry Raquel and have unlimited access to her money!

So finally... we learn the reason behind the lies to Raquel and the plane crash! What a grade A  bastard. 

Raquel angrily refused to have anything to do with the scheme, vowing she will march upstairs and tell Victoria the whole story. Max then turned nasty and silences her with blackmail-should she open her mouth, he'll tell everyone the whole thing had been her and her family's idea and it was her word against his- since her father sold stolen goods. Raquel is stunned at the change in the man she loved. Unable to sleep, she went downstairs and saw two servants cleaning the pool. One of them, Ernest, hurried over to see if 'Senora Raquel' needed anything and talked about how the household missed 'Senor Antonio' very much. Raquel asked for a photo of Antonio.  Ernest is surprised but took her to Antonio's study and rummaged about until he found one. He left Raquel alone, staring at Antonio's smiling face.

Martha is told and is torn between staying at the mansion and avoiding going to jail for something they didn't know about. Angry and confused, Raquel wonders what to do. 
Meanwhile, Chucho's nephew manages to get help and Antonio-from now on I'm calling him TONIO- is taken to hospital for treatment. Raquel packs a bag and catches a flight to Guadalajara, leaving a reluctant Martha behind.  Mummy Victoria is alarmed at Raquel's action since her place was in her husband's house. Max volunteers to go after her and also catches a flight. Victoria gets wonderful news , Tonio is ALIVE! Filled with joy, she alerts the family and his personal assistant, Pablo, is sent to see him.

Evil Max gets to Raquel's apartment before she does and blackmails her timid father as well as bribing him into keeping quiet. Raquel comes in and is very angry to find him there.He reminds her there was nothing she could do and demands she returned with him. Before they leave, he removes a framed photo of both of them and replaces it with a doctored one of her and Tonio, in case journalists came. In the plane, Raquel coldly told Max how she now hated him.
Pablo enthusiastically greets his boss and tells him how happy everyone would be, especially his wife. Tonio stares at him in surprise. What???

'I'm not married' he tells Pablo. Pablo insists that he is, they found the wedding certificate with his signature and they've all met Senora Raquel. Since he had concussion, maybe he had temporary amnesia. Tonio decided not to argue. Why should he, at least let him get a look at his 'wife' first, no?

Camilla and Maura discuss the good news , Maura is quiet and abruptly walks away when Camilla asks her if she would confront 'her naughty boy' for jilting her. Victoria anxiously hopes Raquel will come home , feeling sure she was affected by grief.
 Tonio comes in and warmly hugs his stepmother and tell him they now knew about his secret but she supported him.
Tonio tells her he doesn't remember Raquel. Mummy Victoria immediately said he must have short term amnesia. She shows him a photo of Raquel in the papers, which he looks at thoughtfully.

'She's very pretty,' he admits. Mummy Victoria is sure he'll remember once he saw her and leaves him alone. A few minutes later, Raquel comes in and spins round when Tonio calls her. She stares at him in shock! He looks back at her, noting how beautiful she was. Hmm... 

Mummy Victoria comes in, delighted that Raquel had seen her husband alive and well. Max comes in too, frozen in shock(as well as he might be). Tonio calmly tells them both that he and Raquel needed some quiet time alone.

Taking her by the hand, he leads her upstairs.

Katakata don burst be that!

Friday, March 14, 2008

NO ONE BUT YOU: Snippet 2

Raquel is invited to Acapulco to attend Antonio's memorial service as well as meet her in-laws.She's accompanied by her sister, Martha  and find  the entrance to the Mansion jam packed with reporters. Raquel is very bewildered at the grand surroundings Antonio never, ever mentioned he had, while Martha is thrilled. Victoria kindly welcomes her stepdaughter-in-law and introduces her to everyone. Camilla instantly takes a dislike to her brother's wife, eyeing her cheap clothes. Go fuck yourself freeloader. 

Raquel is given a room opposite Antonio's but she weeps so pitifully that Victoria finally gives her a pill to make her sleep.Max of course keeps out of sight , under the pretence of carrying out thorough investigations about the crash.Meanwhile,several miles away from Acapulco,Antonio, the only survivor, regains consciousness. Not knowing where he is, he crawls away from the wrecked plane and the dead bodies of his friends.

The following morning, Raquel and Martha are loaned mourning dresses by a very reluctant Camilla...what the hell is her problem?  Victoria comes in with purses for the two girls to use and finds Raquel sobbing in her pillow, poor thing.

Downstairs, Camilla is also crying for her brother. Claudio is bitter over Antonio's unexpected secret marriage , which entitled Raquel to be the heir of the vast estate instead of Camilla. All Camilla can think of was the idea of her brother marrying a low class woman instead of her good friend Maura, who is also angry about what he did.They all go to the memorial service.

Antonio crawls until he reaches a road before passing out. A boy about 18 sees him and hurries to get his uncle Chucho. Chucho examines him but finds he's not dead. They carry him to their shack. The family returns and Victoria urges a subdued Raquel to go upstairs and rest. She asks a servant where Max was and is told he's not been home all day.

Antonio regains consciousness again and asks Chucho where he was. He checks the time but notices his gold Rolex was missing from his wrist and indignantly questions Chucho, who protests he only took it off to keep it for him (a likely story). Antonio asks him to find a way of contacting his family. Chucho replies that his nephew would do his best to get help when he goes to sell their wares.
Back in Acapulco, Max returns after everyone else had gone to bed. A servant tells him where Senora Raquel is sleeping. Max braces himself and goes upstairs...

Let's see how you intend on explaining yourself, Evil Max. 

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Well, as I mentioned in my last post, things are a bit boring now that CATALINA y SEBASTIAN has wrapped up, although there's LA REVANCHA on STV and EL CUERPO DEL DESEO on AIT, GOTEL as well as SUPERSCREEN(which was once called CLAPPERBOARD)but somehow I just don't fell inclined to follow them, which is why there are no posts about them in this blog.

Instead I'm taking my visitors waaaaayyy back in time to about 1993,when NTA presented us with a telenovela most people argued was as fabulous as its predecessor, THE RICH ALSO CRY. This was TU O NADIE or as we knew it then as NO ONE BUT YOU,a.k.a YOU OR NO ONE.

Starring Andres Garcia(currently playing Pedro José Donoso in EL CUERPO DEL DESEO) the lovely Lucia Mendez and Salvador Pineda as the villain, Max(see him as the very nasty and obsessive Lucio in ESMERALDA).

The story opens to the city of Guadalajara, Mexico.

Raquel, a young, very beautiful young lady, brown curls framing her face,  is just returning from the shop where she had purchased her dress for her wedding to her love whom she had been dating for six months; a young engineer called Antonio Lombardo. She enters the humble apartment she shares with her disdainful younger pouty faced  sister Martha(Luz Maria Jerez) and their widowed(and simple minded) father, Don Daniel. Call me harsh but these two are gonna cause poor Raquel a lot of  trouble several episodes from now. Moving on...

Raquel  receives a phone call from her fiance, who promises to return from his business trip in time for their wedding day that very weekend. But as soon as he hangs up, the fiance's face visibly changes as his body servant, Luis(Tony Bravo) tells him his stepbrother, ANTONIO wanted to see him.

The viewers are initially confused but it's actually simple as we follow it, Raquel's fiance's real name is Maximilliano Alveniz and he's the stepbrother of the real Antonio Lombardo, a fabulously wealthy young man whose father, the late Alberto Lombardo, had married Max's widowed mother, Victoria. Alberto had left a huge trust fund and a permanent position in his company to Max in his Will but to the angry and greedy Max, he had been cheated as Antonio (the legal and true heir) had been given the entire estate, minus a big trust to Antonio's married sister Camilla. Let's go on...

Max sulkily goes to find Antonio, who is at the balcony watching the ocean view. We don't see his face immediately but  Antonio turns at the call of his name. The camera zooms in on   a very  handsome man in his mid or late thirties- the extremely yummy and manly looking Andres Garcia.
 Max gives him the stink-eye (he's good at that as viewers will find out for the rest of the telenovela) and  flares up as usual at the calm yet firm queries from his stepbrother about some business matters- Max had handled some stuff Antonio didn't authorise-  and walks out on him, running into  Mummy  Victoria (Magda Guzman; LA USURPADORA viewers will recognise as Fidelina) who guessed from the scowl on her son's face and snarky words  that there has been another   altercation between him and stepbro.

Back at Guadalajara, Don Daniel returns after celebrating his favourite daughter's upcoming wedding at the bar with his friends, brushing Raquel's worry about him ruining his health with too much drink as well as his business relationship with a 'good' friend of his (they buy and sell stolen goods).

In Acapulco,  the two  Lombardos are at dinner and Victoria tells Antonio that Maura (his girlfriend) came looking for him while he was out and tentatively discusses his latest argument with Max. Antonio calmly brushes it aside as he's more than used to Max's tantrums and reminds her that he only tolerated Max because of her. Planting an affectionate  kiss on his stepmother's  hand, he  bade her goodnight.

At Guadalajara a few days later, Max and Raquel have their civil wedding in Raquel's apartment officiated by a judge. Max used Antonio's signature(he spent hours practising it)on the marriage certificate after the bride signed, then followed by Don Daniel,Martha and the judge's secretary who are the only witnesses.

The couple then go to his apartment where he begins to kiss her neck but she gently pulls away, reminding him that they were not yet married by the church. Yah... our heroine is old fashioned that way. He's about to argue when the phone rings. It's Luis, to tell him that Antonio was leaving on a business trip.
Raquel is very confused when he tells her the office demands his presence and takes her home, with the promise of calling her and arranging the big church wedding after he got back from his trip.
Antonio is mildly surprised to see Max back from his vacation, Max sullenly lies that he had work to catch up on.

Antonio leaves the mansion and the villain asks Luis if the trap has been set... the reply... YES.

Oh no... the foreshadowing of murder afoot.  

Antonio and two men enter his private plane and take off. They haven't been in the air long before the plane makes odd noises and moves in an alarming way.The pilot does his best but is unable to prevent what happened next. The plane plunges down a valley and there's a huge CRASH!

Back at the mansion, Antonio's sister Camilla and his voluptuous girlfriend, Maura (eww)  are at the pool, discussing him. They go in just as Max is about to relay the bad news to his mother... Antonio's plane had crashed and there were no survivors! The three women burst into tears.
Camilla runs to her house at the other end of the beach to tell her husband Claudio the bad news. He looks pensive then gently reminds her that Antonio's estate was now theirs. Very sensitive Claudio. 

Camilla is of course  furious. 'What are you talking about, Antonio was my brother!' and cries again.
As Victoria is grieving, Max gives her another surprise, he hands her a document he had found in Antonio's drawer in his room.To her amazement, it's a marriage certificate; why on earth had he gotten married without telling anyone and to a girl they did not know?

Finding the number in Antonio's address book(Max's doing), Victoria calls Guadalajara. Raquel is amazed when Victoria introduces herself as Antonio's stepmother as he'd told her many times that he had no family. Victoria gently gave her the bad news.

                             'NO!' Raquel cried out in anguish.'IT CAN'T BE TRUE!'
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