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Friday, March 14, 2008

NO ONE BUT YOU: Snippet 2

Raquel is invited to Acapulco to attend Antonio's memorial service as well as meet her in-laws.She's accompanied by her sister, Martha  and find  the entrance to the Mansion jam packed with reporters. Raquel is very bewildered at the grand surroundings Antonio never, ever mentioned he had, while Martha is thrilled. Victoria kindly welcomes her stepdaughter-in-law and introduces her to everyone. Camilla instantly takes a dislike to her brother's wife, eyeing her cheap clothes.
Raquel is given a room opposite Antonio's but she weeps so pitifully that Victoria finally gives her a pill to make her sleep.Max of course keeps out of sight , under the pretence of carrying out thorough investigations about the crash.Meanwhile,several miles away from Acapulco,Antonio, the only survivor, regains consciousness. Not knowing where he is, he crawls away from the wrecked plane and the dead bodies of his friends...
The following morning, Raquel and Martha are loaned mourning dresses by a very reluctant Camilla. Victoria comes in with purses for the two girls to use and finds Raquel sobbing in her pillow.
Downstairs, Camilla is also crying for her brother. Claudio is bitter over Antonio's unexpected secret marriage , which entitled Raquel to be the heir of the vast estate instead of Camilla. All Camilla can think of was the idea of her brother marrying a low class woman instead of her good friend Maura, who is also angry about what he did.They all go to the memorial service.
Antonio crawls until he reaches a road before passing out.A boy about 19 sees him and hurries to get his uncle Chucho. Chucho examines him but finds he's not dead. They carry him to their shack. The family returns and Victoria urges a subdued Raquel to go upstairs and rest. She asks a servant where Max was and is told he's not been home all day.
Antonio regains consciousness again and asks Chucho where he was. He checks the time but notices his gold Rolex was missing from his wrist and indignantly questions Chucho, who protests he only took it off to keep it for him (a likely story). Antonio asks him to find a way of contacting his family. Chucho replies that his nephew would do his best to get help when he goes to sell their wares.
Back in Acapulco, Max returns after everyone else had gone to bed. A servant tells him where Senora Raquel is sleeping. Max braces himself and goes upstairs...


  1. I really loved this telenovela and watched it a number of times on tv. Do you know of any place where I can get the english 'voice over' version on vhs or dvd.

  2. sorry biinje, i scanned the net for it myself but it's yet to be released on DVD.

  3. Same here friends, I have been going thru net myself to get at least an English subtitle version..for I really would love to know what they were talking about......
    I first saw it about 20 years ago and there was in Malay subtitle done by my country TV....
    I wonder if there is any in DVD format and with English subtitle......

  4. I lllooooovvvee this too


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