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Sunday, July 31, 2016


First off, I really, really regret giving my boxed set of the original "Prison Break" series away. But at the time, I was so bitter with the finale. The final few minutes ...Sara Tancredi (SarahWayne Callies) was seen with a little boy; obviously Michael's son and hers, Fernando Scure (Amaury Nolasco) at home with his daughter, C-Note (Rockmond Dunbar) became a UPS delivery man, Lincoln (Dominic Purcell)  back in close terms with his son L.J and running a scuba shop, T-Bag (Robert Knepper) back in jail where he belonged, Paul Mahone (William Ficthtner) arm in arm with his former colleague. They all meet and go to a grave... and to my devastation, Michael's name was on the headstone. After everything... Michael was dead. 
Call me emotional and remind me it's all fiction. Okay, you are right. But from the moment I watched the first episode of "Prison Break," I was hooked. Not just to the story line  but to the back histories of the characters. 

Michael (Wentworth Miller) was obviously my favorite, I was really drawn to this character. He was something you would want as a friend and protector because you can be sure he would go out of his way to be there and come up with solutions to any tight corner. I found his devotion to his brother Lincoln touching; considering they were so different and he was more than willing to throw his comfortable life and career to break Lincoln out of prison, by manipulating his way into the prison itself. 
To cut a long story short, I was very upset he was killed off instead of a happy ever after with Sara and their son; after everything they went through to bring down "The Company" and finally walk around freely in public. I mourned him and felt I was cheated, more so after watching "The Final Break." Hence I gave my boxed set away and wanted to forget I ever watched the damn series. 
Then I heard the good news and it took me a bit to absorb... "Prison Break" was returning and ding, ding, ding!... Michael IS NOT DEAD!

I saw the trailer naturally. In it, the emotional way Sara described Michael to their son Michael Jr. clearly showed she was not over his death. Then comes a surprise,  T-Bag shows up  at Lincoln's doorstep with a photo. Okay, 3 questions... WHAT is that sociopath doing out of prison, how did he get the information and why did he go to Lincoln with it? 
Sara's reaction, though it looks like she has a new man in her life, wants the possibility of Michael being alive to be true. Where is Michael? In Yemen, a Yemen prison. But of course, yet how did he get there?  And that's where the story starts- Michael has to be broken out of prison... with Lincoln and Sara's help.


We are sure to see nail-biting scenarios as yet another prison break plan is carried out. While I'm still a bit shell-shocked at the news of "Prison Break"'s return, all I can think about is seeing my favorite character again.                                  

Wednesday, July 06, 2016


I grew up adoring my favorite Nollywood actor,  Richard Mofe Damijo.  Even as a child I saw he had a presence in anything he appeared in; especially the way he talked and performed a character.  He always managed to stand out, not surprising, with his charismatic personality and talented acting. And adding more to his impressive profile, he is the former Delta State Commissioner of Culture and Tourism, a position he really deserved.
My first glimpse of him was in some 80’s T.V show. He was credited as “Evans Damijo” at the time (that at least I remember) and his character was in battle with a character played by the late Funsho Alabi- over the same woman. The lady in question was apparently an old flame of the second dude but married to the first one, and to make matters worse, RMD’s character found out his first son wasn’t his after all but of the other dude.
There was Ripples, where he played a police officer- still credited as “Evans Damijo”, who was mostly in conflict with the soap’s main villain, Talab Abass (Alex Usifo), had a failed romance with Mimi Dehinde Phillips (Bimbo Odekunle) and a brief one with a pretty lawyer, Daphne (Barbara Soky), before his character was then written off.
Then I saw him in Jagua Nana’s Daughter (before later reading the book), where he played the main character’s married lover, Saka Jojo and I really rooted for his character and Liza… until she and her roommate were attacked by his three wives!
But then came his most memorable T.V role some years later; Segun Kadiri (now credited as Richard Mofe Damijo) - the creepy yet charismatic villain we so loved to hate- in Amaka Igwe’s Checkmate!  Like Dallas’ villain J.R Ewing, he was the most talked about character, the second was probably Anne Hastrup (Ego Boyo); whom he sought to destroy-initially- but then fought to win her affections after falling in love with her- an unexpected twist in their storyline that left viewers at the edge of their seats, especially since no one knew for a long time just why he hated Anne’s family to begin with.
And then came a line of movies; Violated (paired with Checkmate co-star, Ego Boyo)  Hostages, Amadas, Out of Bounds, Scores To Settle, The Price, Suicide Mission, Diamond Ring, Keeping Faith, Critical Assignment etc.
The country shared RMD’s sorrow when he lost his first wife, late “MEE and You” talk show hostess, Mary Ellen Ezekiel Damijo in 1996 and his joy when he married former “AIT Lunch Break” presenter, the lovely Jumobi Adegbesan, in 2000. And as he clocks 55 today, we celebrate with him and wish him many more happy years ahead.
RMD...  Happy birthday, long life and prosperity and keep on rocking! 

See him on  in the following movies:

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

What’s Been Happening With Me… And Then Some

Happy New Month! We are slowly creeping towards the end of 2016 and before we know it, there will be Christmas trees and lights all over the place again.
I know my posts have been rather irregular lately and I apologise. Believe me, it wasn’t out of laziness or nonchalance; I love my blog and  nothing gives me so much pleasure than to write and share posts I find interesting to my readers.
The main reason was, I was going through a rather difficult time. My freelance writing gig turned out to be a disappointment, I was rounding off my final college project so I could finally get my B.Ed. degree next year (God willing) and then I got plagued with terrible migraines. There’s been the occasional one whenever I got stressed but this time it was really bad. For days, I could barely hold up my head and I was unable to think straight at all. I lay in bed, staring at my old laptop, wanting to write, yet not able to think of one good sentence. And then I found myself sobbing for no reason, making the migraines worse. I took painkillers, I stopped drinking tea, Coca Cola and Pepsi to lessen my caffeine intake but it barely made a dent. Out of desperation, I finally I goggled my symptoms and saw that I was suffering from stress and mild depression. The stress could have been worry over my project and a few other stuff, but the depression… that was another kettle of fish and I did what I could to relieve myself of it. The self help site I found to help me with my problem proved really insightful and after taking some of the suggestions to heart, the migraines slowly stopped.
Ramadan came; I fasted and prayed hard and began preparing new posts, but a few weeks later, Malaria struck so there was no way I could do anything until I got better. And I am fully recovered now and more than anxious to get back to blogging.
All through June, I vowed to make some changes in my life and I’ve found myself being all the more better for it. One of them is doing away with fear and negativity and achieving goals instead of procrastinating most of the time. Nothing can bring you peace but yourself, with God’s guidance of course. And the more confidence you have of yourself; you can achieve so many things. And that’s what I intend to focus on.
Yours in “blogship”,