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CARBO FAN FICTION- Return Journey Chapter 14

Chapter 14

The female officer who had accompanied Roman remained at the house to stay with Ciara while Carly went to the hospital with Roman, nervous hands twisting on her lap in great anxiety and fear for Bo.


It's Mother's Day here in Nigeria today and I think over my relationship with my Mum. I'm my mother's first child and only daughter; after me came two sons. Mum has always been overprotective with me especially; it would appear touching but as a woman of 33 now, I find it exasperating and  rather annoying. But that's the thing; even when you leave your childhood behind, you  remain your Mum's child for the rest of your life.  Mum and I have had our share of friction and  closeness over the years, mostly because we think differently and have different preferences. These days I try to be more assertive since I'm not a teenager anymore but it's not all that easy since I live in a society where sassing your elders is considered as something  just not done. Some daughters are their mother's best friends, some are like their sisters/mother and child. I love my Mum and I know she loves me as well but the only way I can define our relationship would be  endu…

CARBO FAN FICTION- Return Journey Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Two weeks later...

Doug Williams was very upset about his daughter and couldn't help feeling that Hope’s  mother was reproaching him from Heaven. Addie had carried Hope to term even though she was stricken with leukaemia, refusing any form of  treatment.