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Farewell To A Great Man: NELSON MANDELA


Carbo Fan Fiction- Return Journey Chapter 27

Chapter 27 The song selected for the newlyweds’ first dance as man and wife was Ella Fitzgerald’s At Last. Darcy Jonas felt it was more than fitting as she watched her parents on the dance floor; her handsome papa’s eyes on his wife, his arm round her waist. She smiled at the matching look of love on her mother’s face. If there was a couple who deserved a life time together, it was those two.

Carbo Fan Fiction- Return Journey Chapter 26

Chapter 26 Vivian had neglected to tell Hope about the botched task so she was unable to hide her shock on seeing Bo waiting for her. Bo stared at her hard. After the drugging/almost burning him alive episode, not to mention her outburst in court; he wasn’t surprised she’d tried to kill him again. But to actually conspire with Vivian- that was the real bombshell.


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No matter how we keep believing that, there is no way we can escape getting stressed out on several occasions. I should know; worry and anxiety over my writing, finding work, battling with my part time studies and lords knows what ends up with me feeling ill- pains on the back of my neck, stomach aches, a few panic attacks and don't get me started on the hideous migraines. I'm too lazy to learn yoga so these days I rely on herbal tea to ease the stress. It's a lot better than two years back- I was so stressed and depressed that, to my horror- I lost half of my hair. I didn't even know until I went to get my hair washed and my hair dresser was like, 'Amina,…

Carbo Fan Fiction- Return Journey Chapter 25

Chapter 25 Victor knew he deserved Bo, Roman and Shane’s contempt but all the same he was very angry Bo would think he conspired to kill him. After bonding with Bo after Shawn Brady’s death, Victor believed his son had finally decided to let the elevator incident and other past crimes go and establish a proper relationship with him. 

Carbo Fan Fiction- Return Journey Chapter 24

Chapter 24 Dr. Marcus Hunter was tired from his journey but he briskly looked through Carly and Darcy’s charts after looking in on them; his heart clenching at how ill his old friend and former colleague looked.

CARBO FAN FICTION: Return Journey Chapter 23

First of all, very sorry for the delay in posting new blog posts. Currently I am unemployed so I cannot afford regular internet service like I used to; I go to internet cafes when I can so please bear with me, thanks.

Chapter 23
Bo didn’t sleep that night at all; the bed was empty without Carly beside him and the house painfully lonely without the children. He wouldn’t be at home at all but Roman, John, Marlena and the others who came to visit Carly and Darcy had urged him to get some rest; he’d been with the two women all day. 


Before the shocking news of his suicide; the last we heard of this evil man was that the 'House of Hell' where he imprisoned his victims was torn down. At the time, I said 'good riddance', why should his house become a tourist attraction considering what went on in there for a decade? And I cannot believe what he said in court, ' I am not a monster, I am sick.' Man, I know mental illness exists but if he was truly sick he would have been sentenced to an institution of the criminally insane, not life imprisonment in jail. No, that evil man knew what he was doing big time, just as he knew what he was doing when he hanged himself in his cell after just a month in prison. Every one says he took the coward's way out, preferring to take his life after stealing 10 years of those poor girls' lives; after just one month! After many years of terrorising and killing innocent people, Hitler could not face impending arrest and probably the death penalty for his crim…


When I was a child, they were known as 'Blue' Films; later on they were called 'mojos', 'smut', 'porno'. My early sight of a porno film  was at age 7 (I sincerely maintain by accident- the actual viewers had no idea I was in the room; early than that I found a discarded smut magazine (It's amazing what children find no thanks to careless adults). Pornography's in many forms- erotic pics, erotic literature, magazines like Playboy, Hustler, Penthouse etc. and the movies themselves; Soft, Hardcore, Gay  and the more very  disgusting ones like  Child Porn, S&M and 'Snuff'. In Nigeria, there was Bubbles and Lolly ; sex cartoons and  some nude photos.These days, viewers don't even need to buy tapes or Dvds; when the Internet has more than enough porno websites  anyone can easily logged into (the side effect being vicious malaware creeping into the computers' hard disks)
Mind... this post is not to advocate  for Porn but  merely ex…


September 5th, 2009 was when Nigeria lost one of its revered and most active lawyer and human rights activists; Gani Fawehinmi (SAN) yet last  Sunday , a memorial rally known as  GANI FAWEHINMI EVENT was held in his honour by members of the  the Gani Fawehinmi Memorial Organisation; marching from Ikeja to Ojota, stopping at the park named after him.  Gani Fawehinmi will always be remembered as a man who fiercely  fought for the common man, Democracy  and against corruption, military dictatorship and social injustice. He was very  relentless; even with several arrests, physical assaults, the burning of his library and the confiscation of his books- not once did the late Senior Advocate of Nigeria ever refrain from speaking his mind and making his voice heard. He cared about the country,   the rights of the citizens and was determined to see the country ruled in what he regarded as true Democracy. I can't help but regard him as  Nigeria's equivalent of Nelson Mandela.  His deat…


The 17 year old  who  participated in the gang rape of a young woman (who is now dead) last year in Delhi has been sentenced  to just 3 years in a Reform school. Apparently, India's judiciary are putting his age into consideration and it has caused a huge outcry. (Look at the shameless being  now hiding his face under the pink hood)
3 YEARS??? Did he and his vicious band of evil bastards consider anything when they raped that poor young woman and beat her and her boyfriend with an iron rod- like what they were doing- the terrible physical and emotional trauma on her and her family and friends. Why should the justice system of India give him any consideration at all after the wicked thing he and his friends did- don't they care about their female flock at all? I don't usually support the death penalty but in the case of those thugs; they deserve to be stoned to death. It's as bad as that very very sad 1973 case of Aruna Shanbaug; her attacker (a cleaner working at the sa…

R NOT W...

The clip below is from the 1979 comedy/parody film  Monty Python's Life of Brian. Brian is part of an anti- Roman movement and has just been caught by the Roman guards and brought before Pontius Pilate. In this movie, Pilate has a speech impediment.Watch and laugh your sides out! 


One  genre of film I've always been a fan of are films based on a true story. Be they happy or sad- they always manage to move me and make me ponder on the subject(s) of the story. I came across this title by chance- about an African American man who served as a butler in the White House for 34 years;  witnessed Presidents come and go and the several changes in America. Loosely based on the real life White House butler Eugene Allen who died at age 90 in 2010; THE BUTLER stars Oscar Winner,  Forrest Whitaker (The Last King of Scotland) as Cecil Gaines , Queen of Talk Show Oprah Winfrey as his wife Gloria, Robin Williams as President Dwight  Eisenhower, James Mardsen as President Kennedy, Liev Schreiber as President Lyndon Johnson, John Cusack as President Richard Nixon, British actor Alan Rickman as President Ronald Reagan, Jane Fonda as First Lady Nancy Regan and Orlando Eric Street as President Obama.
While I want to see the movie badly, I'm more interested in the man this f…


Life in Nigeria is one big hustle. These days it's harsh in the job market; more and more graduates ambling about with their C.Vs looking for work and praying they would be successful. If they manage to get one,  usually it depends on what grade they have- like a first class- or level of education. Students go to universities to study for a degree in a course they are genuinely interested in, what they were advised to study or what they had no choice to  study because they made the cut off mark. But at the end of the day- they take on careers or jobs that have very little to so with the course studied.
One reason  is; the course related job taken on but not fulfilling hence they go ahead and 'follow their bliss'- doing something else that gives them a deeper feeling of achievement, and fetches good money of course. For example, the preschool/creche I worked last year is owned and run by a woman who studied Law and got called to the Bar. I know two women who studied Pharma…


I was but  a little child when I first saw the video of Dr. King's memorable speech and that was several years after his assassination. I saw how my father was moved by that speech; he wasn't living in America then but in England and he knew all about racial discrimination and segregation. This man was a man who didn't want racial supremacy but racial equality and a time when black people were regarded by their personalities, their strength of character and what they could achieve in life, not by their race or the colour of their skin. He spoke  not only of civil rights,  equality and integration  of his longing for a time when America and the rest of the world would finally embrace universal brotherhood and get along with one another, regardless of race.
That speech and the march for civil rights  was 50 years old today and that match wasn't only participated by blacks but by those who believed in the end of segregation and the fight for civil rights- the soldiers of…


I don't know why there's some negativity  here and there about Ben Affleck being selected as the next Bat Man even if Christian Bale will be greatly missed. Why shouldn't he be chosen- he's  a good actor besides having the blessing of being very, very yummy (be still my beating heart). And since his alter ego Bruce Wayne is usually decked out in dark suits- I would say that this very handsome actor is definitely the right
choice. Let's not forget he played Marvel's Daredevil/ blind lawyer Jack Murdock in 2003; alongside the lovely  lady who is now his wife,  Jennifer Garner- who played Elektra Natchios in the film and its spinoff  Elektra.
When I told my brother about Affleck's new role, he said, 'No... he's too well known, why can't they pick an unknown?'
 I pointed out that his predecessors, the ones we Nigerian fans know of, weren't exactly unknowns- Keaton, Kilmer and Clooney. He snorted and said 'Clooney was dry as Batm…


A friend came by the other day when I was in my room tidying up and on seeing my scattered tapes (most of them recorded movies)  asked how will I get rid of them. I said, 'I'm not; I have a VCR to watch them with.'  (pic of the model I'm currently using above)  'Come on Amina, you still watch  video cassettes? You're so old school.' was her  reply. 'Nobody watches tapes these days.'  Is that really true?  The digital age has not only brought about radical changes in our gadgets and appliances but also the way we do things. I remember the times when I would buy blank audio tapes, record as many tracks as I could from my favorite radio station and listen to them for hours on my battery-run Walkman. Earlier memories of music listening are mostly listening to  my older brother's records on the turntable - New Edition, Michael Jackson, Kool & The Gang, Earth Wind & Fire, Atlantic Star etc. as well the ones my parents prefer- King Sunny Ade, Eben…