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Sunday, September 01, 2013


The 17 year old  who  participated in the gang rape of a young woman (who is now dead) last year in Delhi has been sentenced  to just 3 years in a Reform school. Apparently, India's judiciary are putting his age into consideration and it has caused a huge outcry. (Look at the shameless being  now hiding his face under the pink hood)
3 YEARS??? Did he and his vicious band of evil bastards consider anything when they raped that poor young woman and beat her and her boyfriend with an iron rod- like what they were doing- the terrible physical and emotional trauma on her and her family and friends. Why should the justice system of India give him any consideration at all after the wicked thing he and his friends did- don't they care about their female flock at all? I don't usually support the death penalty but in the case of those thugs; they deserve to be stoned to death. It's as bad as that very very sad 1973 case of Aruna Shanbaug; her attacker (a cleaner working at the same hospital she was employed as a nurse)  left her to die after sodomising her with a metal rod and strangling her with a metal rod. Till NOW, she is in a coma and he is roaming around free under another name. (God will judge him wherever he is in the HereAfter)
Even if they refused to give this present criminal the death penalty, 3 years is too small. The conviction time for the others is yet to be known but the world hopes that justice will be served. India has the bad  reputation of not giving justice to violated women; they have to think of the women and not the welfare of their attackers. If they keep on passing  judgement so lightly like this, the women cannot ever feel safe. May God protect us all.

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