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Saturday, September 07, 2013


Before the shocking news of his suicide; the last we heard of this evil man was that the 'House of Hell' where he imprisoned his victims was torn down. At the time, I said 'good riddance', why should his house become a tourist attraction considering what went on in there for a decade? And I cannot believe what he said in court, ' I am not a monster, I am sick.' Man, I know mental illness exists but if he was truly sick he would have been sentenced to an institution of the criminally insane, not life imprisonment in jail. No, that evil man knew what he was doing big time, just as he knew what he was doing when he hanged himself in his cell after just a month in prison. Every one says he took the coward's way out, preferring to take his life after stealing 10 years of those poor girls' lives; after just one month! After many years of terrorising and killing innocent people, Hitler could not face impending arrest and probably the death penalty for his crimes, so he and his wife committed suicide. The biggest monsters are the biggest cowards, it seems.
For those who feel this man got off lightly, do not say that! He has gone to face an even higher judge.

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