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Since Bo and Carly's breakup, I've been handling the situation in the best and sensible way; I simply stopped watching and reading the spoilers at Since I ignored DAYS for several years, this has been a very easy decision to make as well as the fact that the Carbo supporters are even more motivated to fight for this iconic couple. It's really touching that despite only 3 years of being a couple, Bo and Carly have so many fans who love them; die-hard fans and new fans who got devoted to them when Crystal Chappell returned in 2009.  Which is why I just don't understand KC and his writing crew more than ever; Bo and Hope have been a couple for 25 years, SO WHAT??? It's not like they didn't problems all those years and from the way they were on-off and off-on and AGAIN on-off all that time, their marriage has been more like a vase that's fallen off several times and the broken pieces glued back together. Then comes the time when that vase becomes so…

End of Bo & Carly? A BIG FAT NO!!!!

I don't have to say that it was a sad and very emotional day for the Carbos as we all watched Bo and Carly exchange another heart rending goodbye; Peter Reckell and the lovely Ms. Chappell giving us a memorable performance.
 At first when I read the spoilers announcing this I was furious and disappointed; "Bo realises he made a mistake and breaks it off with Carly." I was like, "So... everything you promised and said to Carly was all a LIE? All she did was warm your bed???" All I could fume over for a long time was that the DAYS writers were turning Bo Brady to a fickle bastard who's been stringing a lovely woman along all this time, adding 'cruel' along with 'stupid' and 'incompetent' to their list of shortcomings.
But it wasn't like that all. Carly herself made the big gesture of breaking off their relationship and urging Bo to repair his marriage because it looked like Hope had changed for the better. While he agreed things w…