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Friday, November 30, 2007

The end is near...

Firstly, thank you, Teeny for the kind message in the cbox, to be honest, I'd been thinking no one was interested in MY FAVORITE THINGS anymore and have been contemplating deleting my beloved blog. Some one asked me for the last few episodes of WHEN YOU ARE MINE some time back so click on this link, LAST TWO EPISODES OF WHEN YOU ARE MINE to read it. But as for the full story, I'll start posting it but I'm in the middle of my exams right now, so be patient. Okay?
Don Lupe has finally escaped his prison and it won't be long now before he's reunited with his children.Although, I'm a little disappointed, I wanted Catalina to be the heroine who finds him and helps him escape. I just hope the old man has heard enough from Marcelo to know that Catalina is not an opportunist but a very wronged woman. As for Sebastian, his punishment would be discovering he's been trusting and consorting with a liar and a traitor and I can't imagine how he'll react when he finds out the real reason why Cat had married Creepy Carmelo in the first place.
Poor Gustavo paid for trying to help Sebastian and Martina get their father back and free his daughter from the bondage of a marriage by getting beaten up by Carmelo's horrible bodyguards. But I don't think Creepy Carmelo would interested in that at all, because right now, his main priority is to find Don Lupe before he gets to his children who will waste no time putting him in jail for kidnapping and attempted murder. This will also affect Jessica, who helped forged the Will;if she's not sentenced to serve time in jail, she'll most likely be disbarred.
As for the couple, the ball will be on Cat's court; not if she will forgive idiot Sebastian or not, but how much time will pass before she does or how much time before Sebastian will swallow his pride and plead with her. PEACE OUT

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


What happened yesterday...

Cat suddenly fainted at the charity concert; while Martina dashed off to find a doctor, Sebastian callously walked away since 'she has a husband to look after her', inspite of Romero's protests. Don Lupe suddenly had trouble breathing and a very worried Roberta administered oxygen to him , with Marcelo's reluctant help. Between gasps, he begged Marcelo to tell him about his children and why Cat had married Carmelo in the first place. But Marcelo first wanted to know why he'd never acknowleged Carmelo as his son. Lupe once again denied being his father but admited that the only woman he'd had an affair with outside his marriage was with Toni.
Amelia confessed to the Padre that she's been sleeping with Marcelo but insisted it was Sebastian she loved, the bitch conveniently forgot to add that she'd been the one to ruin C&S's marriage in the first place.
Antonio, although his 'mother' had told him Cat's story, has joined the list of men to fall under her spell; commenting on how beautiful she was and 'we really liked each other'. Toni scornfully could'nt understand what men saw in 'that woman, she's pretty but there's no spark.' Antonio refused to believe that she'd married Carmelo for his money when she loved Sebastian, Josepha defended Cat by explaining how Amelia and Carmelo had joined forces to ruin Cat's marriage. When Toni admitted she knew about the plots but never told the couple, Antonio expressed his anger and disgust.Meanwhile Antonio's family discuss the possibility of Carmelo being their real so and wonder whether to ask Petra, who is told that Alicia has invited her to her wedding. Romero is advised by one of the BOOM boys to mend things with Martina. The doctor Martina managed to find confirmed our suspicions, Cat is PREGNANT! But alas, both Martina and the diabolical Jessica were present when she was told. The 2 girls hastily pulled Sebastian(who came back to check on her) away as Creepy Carmelo came up. CC, wondering why she was sick all the time, ordered Cat to get herself checked the next day. Jessica at first attempted to stop Martina from telling Sebastian that Cat was pregnant but they tell him anyway, to his amazement. Sebastian is sure it was his child since Cat and Carmelo haven't been married for long but Jesscica maliciously suggested that she may have been sleeping wiht Carmelo before they married.
Cat called Alicia to give her the startling news, Louisa overheard and dropped the cup of tea in her hand. Adela gets worried when Mary, the maid, suggests that Cat's illness could be as a result of preganancy and goes to warn her daughter; if it's true, she'd better not be pregnant for Sebastian or they'll lose everything. (you mean she will lose everything, shameless woman).

Monday, November 26, 2007

Just in, from Hollywood

First we have 'LIONS FOR LAMBS' directed by the visibly aged but still good looking Robert Redford(I first saw him in the role of the aloof tycoon in the 1974 adaptation of THE GREAT GATSBY alongside Mia Farrow) who also stars along with Tom Cruise and the ever sweet faced Meryl Streep(Redford's co-star in the 1985 film, OUT OF AFRICA). The film is about a platoon of American soldiers fighting in Afganistan, a idealistic professor(Redford), a U.S Senator(Cruise) and a journalist(Streep), whose lives are interwoven.For more details, click on LIONS FOR LAMBS' PLOT.

Ageless Denzel Washington returns in AMERICAN GANGSTER, the true life story of Frank Lucas who starts his career as an unassuming chauffeur/righthandman to a drug kingpin but then becomes a druglord himself, starting his own empire after his boss suddenly dies from a heart attack. Lucas smmugled his drugs into the country under the nose of the U.S government by hiding them in the bodies of soldiers(killed in Vietnam) being shipped back home.Rugged New Zelander Russell Crowe plays Richie Roberts, the FBI Agent who brought Lucas and his empire down. For more details, click on
American Gangster's plot .
Trivia: In 1995, Denzel Washington & Russell Crowe starred in the
science fiction film VIRTUOSITY.

Jodie Foster's acting career started as a little girl, one of her early
roles was of Becky Thatcher in one of the adaptations of Mark Twain's THE ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYER. See her in THE BRAVE ONE, about a bereaved woman who turns into a bloodthirsty vigilante after she is severely beaten and her fiance(Naveen Andrews, THE ENGLISH PATIENT) is murdered by thugs when they innocently out for a walk with their dog. Full of grief at her loss, she buys a gun and goes round killing criminals at random as well tracking down the thugs who had attacked her and killed David. Terence Howard(who played Miguel D. Nuez' goofy brother in the classic sitcom, SPARKS as well as the villian in BIG MOMMA'S HOUSE) is the detective assigned to her case and who may have to make a big decision when he finds out the vigilante is actually someone he knows.

Also look out for the remake of one of the earliest of slasher films, John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN, directed by Rob Zombie, though personally I don't understand why it's being remade since the original movie has about 7 sequels, making it Halloween pt. 1-8; part 8 being HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION, where 2 producers came up with the very stupid idea of having a reality show in the mass murderer's own childhood house. For more details about the original movies AND the killer, click on MICHEAL MYERS.
(Between him and Jason Voorhees, I don't know who gives me the shivers more).

Malcom Mcdowell(the villain in I SPY) plays the embattled psychiatrist Dr. Loomis(originally played by the late Donald Pleasance). Tyler Mane (Sabretooth in X MEN) is the 8th actor to don on the creepy mask of Micheal Myers and Scout Taylor-Crompton as Laurie Strode(originally played back in the 70's by a much younger Jamie Lee Curtis),Micheal's sister whom he has much hunger to kill.
TRIVIA: Jamie Lee Curtis is the daughter of Janet Leigh, who starred in Alfred Hitchcock's PSYCHO.

What should replace CATALINA y SEBASTIAN?

Since this telenovela is now showing signs of rounding up any time soon, (THANK GOD!), now the question is, what telenovela would replace it. Well, since I mentioned LA Heredera in
It's raining Telenovelas! post, some of my visitors expressed their wish that AIT should have shown this one, so maybe WE MIGHT get the chance of seeing it after Catalina y Sebastian wraps up, but on the other hand, people might get tired of seeing Silvia Navarro and Sergio Basanez for the third time. Personally, I want to see this telenovela which came out in 2004, about the love affair between Maria Claudia Madero Grimaldi and the company's pilot, Juan Antonio Bausista; this time Silvia Navarro is the millonairess, SO no hateful name of 'opportunist' tagged on her.

Or... how about the remake of NO ONE BUT YOU, which came out in 1995,

Acapulco, Cuerpo y Alma about the passionate love afair between Lorena and David Monltavo , who(FOR those who remember what happened between Antonio and Raquel in NO ONE BUT YOU) are 2
strangers who find themselves married to each other without having met before , all thanks to David's evil stepbrother's trick of getting David's estate for himself. But then the battle for David's wealth turns to the battle for Loren, because Lorena and David fall in love with each other. What might put people is the fact that it only has 60 episodes but I would very much like it if AIT can get hold of this one and give us a treat by showing it.
Oh, by the way, my younger brother, who didn't understand my obsession with 'CUANDO SEAS MIA' saw that this one had 'Diego' and 'Paloma' in it and asked me what 'diego's' name was this time. When I told him , 'sebastian', he replied, 'super dumb name!'
Boys will be boys, eh?


Saturday, November 24, 2007


Carmelo has done nothing but create more and more problems for himself; the worst one by marrying Catalina, just to ' bother Sebastian', then later on wondering out loud why Cat prefered 'that idiot' instead of him and what did Sebastian had that he did'nt. My answer to that question...PLENTY OF THINGS although I still think Daddy's boy is a jerk and a moron who needs to ask Cat for her forgiveness. Ever since the strange episode where Carmelo vehemently forbade his wife from coming to the roof and Sebastian's unexpected visit ,Cat and Gustavo became fully convinced that Carmelo is hiding Don Lupe and plans to sneak out of the charity concert to inform the police of their suspicions, and I sincerely hope the cops get there on time. And now that Don Lupe overheard Roberta and one of the guards discussing how Carmelo forced such a pretty lady like Catalina to marry him ; he's finally realised whatever her reasons, it wasn't for money.
Now, most people have asked me what will happen next. Well, from a comment I read in a website concerning this telenovela, and I quote... the last remaining chapters(episodes) were so full of deaths! One of them would be Amelia's who made the terrible mistake of driving Carmelo's car which was rigged with a bomb planted by Marcelo(yeah, there's no honour between thieves) and got blown up to oblivion. I got this from a neighbur's boyfriend who is from Benin Republic, apparently CATALINA Y SEBASTIAN aired there years back .
Carmelo, of course died too, not by Sebastian's hand like I hoped but by the police who caught up with him and blasted him down when he(so typical) tried to resist arrest. The only person who probably shed tears over him would be Petra who raised him but got no real love from that ingrate. At the last minute(according to Jonathan, the few things of CATALINA Y SEBASTIAN he could remember) was that Petra told him who his mother was, Toni(Antoinette) but alas, he refused to accept that vile woman was his mother and died a bitter death.
That's all I know for now , folks. When I get more info. , I'll let you know.
But back to the present, Jessica now knows, through Carmelo's disastrous slip of tongue, that he's hiding Don Lupe. It's no use her bluffing that he can't prove she helped him forge the Will since he plans on taking her down with him if she dared to open her mouth. Jessica is now like a rat caught in the corner, either way she tries to find a way out, she's still trapped. She's more horrified that Sebastian told his exwife about his suspicions; Cat of course has more to gain if she puts 2 and 2 together(and she already has) and be the one to rescue Don Lupe(AND I really hope the despised and so misjudged Catalina would be the one who rescues Don Lupe), it's either she and Gustavo leads the police to the penthouse attic or Cat might run the risk of going there herself after distracting the guards and set him free. Either way, I hope she or them(i.e the cops) get there before Carmelo moves Don Lupe again(unfortunately he'd overheard Gustavo and Alicia talking about their suspicions about him).
I got from a VERY,VERY RELIABLE SOURCE that Jessica broke down and confessed her crime to her grandfather and Sebastian after a lot of pressure, I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE the look on that idiot's face when he finds out he's been consorting with a traitor and liar, I'm pretty certain she would cry saying, ' Believe me Sebastian, I did it for love, I did it for love!' (NONSENSE!)
What really concerns me is how Sebastian would get Cat to forgive him; it;s obvious to all of us viewers that she's pregnant and Sebastian stands to lose two precious things if he doesn't, quoting BoyzIIMen,
' gonna swallow my pride, say I'm sorry... stop pointing fingers, the blame is on me...I want a new life and I want it with you... I'm down on my knees, begging you please...'

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Danielle Steel's Holiday Letter

Danielle's Holiday Letter

It has been a full and busy year for me, and I'm sure it has been for you too. I often say to you that we no sooner get through the holidays, when it seems like we are facing them again. That is true this year as well. As I always do, I worked hard and did a lot of writing last winter, and into the spring. Hardcover and paperback books came out, and a DVD of "SAFE HARBOUR" was filmed for release this fall. Writing wise, it's been a busy year! And I'm hard at work on new books for next year.

AMAZING GRACE is coming out in hardcover late this fall, in time for the holidays. It's about a major earthquake in San Francisco, 100 years after the big one of 1906, and in the aftermath four unusual people are brought together, each of them impacted by the earthquake. The book is about the events that come afterwards, and how their lives are affected and intersect. I hope you love it. It was a fun book to write, and it would make a great holiday gift. There will be another hardcover out in March, and I hope you like that one too! I always try to keep the subjects of the books different and exciting, and there is a good variety of topics in the books for next year.

On a personal level, it has been a busy year too. We've been blessed with the arrival of a new grandchild, and with four of my children still in college, they are constantly in and out of the house. We had a wonderful summer together, and now we're looking forward to the holidays, when everyone will be home to share the traditions we have enjoyed for many years. As they get older, things change somewhat, and the time with them is ever more precious. We no longer make brownies for their teachers, but make them for friends instead. We don't do the ice skating party that delighted them when they were younger, because they come home too close to the holidays and it's hard to jam everything in. But the rest of our Christmas traditions have stayed the same. Every moment with my children is precious, and I'm grateful that they all still come home for the holidays.

With all of them in college, I am traveling more, and have more time to write. But, I have to admit, I miss them enormously, and the days when I was running from soccer games to car pools to the orthodontist, and hardly had time to breathe (and had to do most of my writing at night, because the days were so full with nine young children at home). I really miss those days, but who wouldn't? But each age, each era, each time in our life has its blessings. They are growing up to be young people I not only love, but admire and respect, and they are very good to me.

The holidays are often a mixed blessing, for many of us. It's a time of taking stock, and a landmark which allows us to assess where our lives are, and where we wish they would be. It brings back memories of happy times, and sometimes sad ones. We miss those no longer with us, and seem to miss them more than ever on holidays. We still miss my son Nick. It's hard to believe that he has been gone for ten years, but we continue to do worthwhile, dedicated work in his name through our two foundations which fund organizations that help the mentally ill. The book about him, "His Bright Light" is still read around the world, and brings hope to people suffering from mental illness, and their loved ones and families.

The greatest joy is to share the holidays with those we love, either family members or special friends. It is a time of hope and love and sharing and generosity, but can also be a lonely time for many, and a disappointment when the holidays don't match up with our dreams or expectations. It's a challenging time of year for most of us, and not always as perfect and happy as we wish. It's hard too if our families are disrupted in some way, or far away. It's wonderful to be home for Christmas—but sometimes not as perfect as we wish. Real life intrudes. My hope for you is that the holidays are exactly as you want them to be, that you are surrounded by people you love and who love you and that they treat you kindly and well. I hope that your dreams all come true during these holidays, not just for the gifts you'd like to find under your tree (if you have one), but I hope that these holidays are peaceful, fulfilling, and full of joy for you. May everything you need and wish for be yours over the holidays and in the coming year. As someone wise once said, our friends are the family we get to choose. So whether you are with real family, or friends, I hope that these holidays are filled with blessings for you.

I wish you happiness, health, prosperity, peace and success in the coming year. May you be surrounded by good people, loving friends, and family, and may love and joy always be yours.

Thank you for reading my books, and for your kindness to me this year, and every year. And may you be blessed in all the ways that are important to you. Happy Holidays! And may the New Year be your best one ever!


P.S. You are always welcome to visit me at my home on the web:

Sunday, November 11, 2007


I honestly dont't think I can take anymore of THIS CRAP much longer! Catalina is like a pincushion, more and more pins and needle stuck into her and she is yet to scream out in fustration and tear her hair out. I knew she would marry Carmelo for Sebastian's sake but it's so unbearable seeing Carmelo flouting her in front of Sebastian like a trophy, I REFUSE to believe he loves her and I only hope he won't do anything disgusting like raping her. And Sebastian, so full of stupid pride and self pity; refuses to see just how much poor Cat is suffering! I prefer their relationship in CUANDO SEAS MIA as Diego and Paloma, in that telenovela, Diego punched out anyone who dared say anything about his precious darling.Speaking of which, click on
CUANDO SEAS MIA'S FINAL EPISODES to read a recent post concerning that telenovela we all miss so much. I honestly wish(not for the first time that AIT had shown LA HEREDERA instead, i knew this one would be very tedious.
Any how folks, dont completely despair, 'cos I found out from a very reliable source that Cat's suffering wont be for very long...(I hope) she , the despised one, will be asked to team up in the search for Don Lupe and Carmelo, among others will suffer a humlitating death. The only thing is, will Cat forgive Sebastian immediately or he'd have to beg? I HOPE she makes him!

A Page From In memoriam...CYPRIAN EKWENSI

Headline: Cyprian Ekwensi Dies At 86

I'll always remember Cyprian Ekwensi most especially for one of my favorite childhood books, AKIN, THE DRUMMER BOY, and much later on JAGUA NANA, JAGUA NANA'S DAUGHTER,SURVIVE THE PEACE and THE PASSPORT OF MALLAM ILLIA. Those books as well as the others he wrote were full of realistic characters and situations and will be the legacy he'll leave behind.Ekwensi will be sadly missed and on behalf of Nigerians, I pray for his soul to rest in Perfect Peace. AMIN.

Sunday, November 04, 2007


A visitor left a message in my cbox sometime back , requesting I send her the last 2 episodes of WHEN YOU ARE MINE(Cuando Seas Mia), unfortunately, she didn’t add her email address, so Joweia, here it is, but remember to add your email address next time, okay? And for those who requested for CATALINA y SEBASTIAN, I’m working on it.


Paloma found out that Diego was in jail and angrily berated Mariano for not telling her, more furious when he explained Diego sacrificed himself so that she wouldn’t go to jail instead. Paloma shouted that she would rather murder Fabian than see her fiancé in prison. Mariano reminded her Diego lied because he loved her.

Back in Don Manuel’s hacienda, Jeremy, Aurelio and Juancho discover his corpse in his bedroom. Wiping her tears; Paloma decided to return to Mexico, to rescue ‘that moron’, as she called Diego, in spite of Mariano’s protests.
However, Paloma’s fellow delegates insisted on celebrating the treaty she’d just obtained at the conference, so she reluctantly invited them all to her flat, where her mother, Soledad, eagerly attended to them. Paloma informed her on what happened to Diego and Soledad willingly agreed to go with her. Fabian found himself forced to fulfil Marcia’s desires to humiliate Barbara. Mariano informed Mr. Avellanada of Paloma’s intentions; she is strongly advised to remain in London but she refused to listen.
 Aurelio and Juancho also found the corpse of Josefina in Matilde’s backyard. Matilde demanded that Diana break up with Jeremy in exchange for Ricardito’s safe return. Harold finally asked Danni (i.e. Daniela, Diego’s younger sister) to marry him and she kissed him hard as a reply (looked like a yes to me).
The family, Avellanada and the other exporters arrive in court for Diego’s trial and Bernardo, Fabian’s brother, finally turned himself in as Fabian’s accomplice in the fictitious exportations. Feeling very cornered, Fabian ordered his lawyer, Maldonado to accuse Paloma of complicity with Diego. Jorge, the family lawyer, protested  that Fabian and his lawyer were making a mockery of the court.
Giancarlo, Soledad’s fiancé, joyfully welcomed Paloma and Soledad back. Soledad is angry at him for not coming to London like he promised but relented when he apologised and allowed him to place her ring back onto her finger.
He told Paloma that he called Inez’s house like she asked him to but no one picked up the phone. Paloma found out where the trial was being held and shows up, to everyone’s surprise, just as Fabian was demanding that the court summoned her to court and have her charged as Diego’s accomplice.

Paloma and Fabian have a face-off; she called him a dirty bastard and was restrained by Giancarlo from hitting him after Fabian insulted her and Diego.
 The judge kindly told Paloma to remain in court, as a spectator only.
 Jorge asked for a 2 hour recess, which the judge granted. Paloma marched up to Diego as he’s about to be taken away by a guard. She slapped him for lying to her then kissed him saying, ‘this is my way of telling you I still love you’, much to his relief.
Avellanada reproached her for coming back as she was putting her career at risk, but she impatiently shrugged it off. Fabian warns Avellanada that he’ll file a complaint against him if he didn't  remove Paloma from her position, sneering over her emotional display with Diego.
 Inez, Diego’s grandmother, expressed her happiness at Paloma and Soledad’s return, as Paloma’s presence will give Diego renewed strength. The 2 women were very sad to see Inez in a wheelchair. Soledad angrily said that Fabian ‘had no soul at all’.
Paloma and Barbara are called to testify, which turned out very ugly.
The local police suspect Jeremy of being Matilde’s accomplice in the murders of Don Manuel and Josefina’s deaths but agree to look for Matilde who had suddenly vanished.
Diego ordered Jorge not to involve Paloma in the proceedings and has a heart to heart with her after she’s allowed to see him. She tearfully scolded him for keeping her ignorant of the situation, reminding him they had sworn an oath in church; they’ll be together in good and bad times. Diego tenderly apologised for his action and laughed when she suggested that the judge should join them as man and wife right there and then.
Maldonado urgently advised Fabian to flee the country while he had the chance but he refuses stoically stating, ‘all or nothing.’
Danni told Paloma about how they were forced to burn the infected coffee plants at the hacienda, much to her sorrow.
 Avellanada received a phone call from the secretary of Agriculture, who ordered him to fire Paloma as the Mexican delegate to London and move away from El Cafetalero’s problems. The judge came out of her chambers, full of disgust towards Fabian. She told him she regretted not having enough evidence against him and sentenced Diego to 8 years imprisonment for fraud, much to Paloma and the concerned members of the family’s horror and Fabian and Barbara’s triumphant relief.
Fabian shouts ‘justice!’
Inez tearfully told him, ‘even if God forgives you, I’ll never forgive you.’ Of course Fabian didn't care. Paloma angrily protested but the judge who, though sympathetic, pointed out her that the evidence pointed against Diego.
But all of a sudden, Marcia appears, with the diskettes in her hand, the vital evidence against Fabian! A desperate Fabian tries to snatch them from her hand but Danni's boyfriend Harold barred his way. The disks are given to the judge, in spite of Fabia's protests.
 Barbara tries to leave the room but an angry Paloma thrashed her soundly before she’s forcibly pulled off. The judge ordered the guards not to let anyone enter or leave the room until she returned from chambers, where she checked the diskettes on her computer. When she came out at last...
She charged Fabian and Bernardo of the crimes they  accused Diego and Paloma, sentencing them both to serve time in prison. The family gave happy cheers and Diego kissed both Paloma and Soledad. A few minutes later, he gathered his things, signed the necessary papers and walked out to freedom. Outside are his family, he hugged every one of them before grabbing a very radiant Paloma into his arms.
Fabian silently changed from his expensive suit into the prison overall (every day for the thief, one day for the owner, Ol’ boy) after he’s booked and joins Benardo and Juan Manuel.
The family, joined by Aurelio, Lenore, Diana and Jeremy as well as Bernice’s baby, Ricardito, celebrate at Inez’s house. A distraught Angela came in to beg for her sons, to deaf ears. Inez and Juan Francisco blame her for the crime Fabian and Bernardo committed, the only thing that could help was for the 2 young men be allowed to serve their sentences. From hen forth, Angela on the other hand, was no longer allowed in the house or in the family. Juan Francisco declares everyone in the room his ‘new family’ after Paloma sits beside him and warmly kisses him on the cheek.


Juan Francisco and Jorge are with Diego in his office at Casa Blanca. A new El Cafetalero now exists and Diego is on the phone, making Casa Blanca’s first sale, to their joy. He hangs up the phone and hurries off to get dressed for his VERY long awaited wedding…
Barbara looks around the apartment, chain-smoking as usual. She longer owns the place as the men from the court have come to impound it.
Paloma helped a much healthier Inez into her room. Inez warmly referred to her, ‘Paloma, my child’ and reminisced on her own wedding to Diego’s grandfather, Lorenzo, so long ago. She asked Paloma to remove a box from the armoire and open it. Inside she found a simple but beautiful wedding dress and veil Inez had worn on her wedding, now it was Paloma’s.

Miguel’s new girlfriend, Christine ran away with his money and car, to his horror and disbelief. He now has nothing! (Serves him right!)
Angela visited a desolate Fabian in prison, urging him to eat the food she’d brought for him and read a letter from Barbara who has moved back with her parents; she has no penny to her name and the biggest irony; she was finally pregnant! Fabian softly utters, ‘my heir…’
Marcia talked on the phone with her parents, telling them not to worry about her anymore; she now knew what love was and the importance of loving one’s self. She hangs up as Padre Caesar and her new friends call her into the church to commence the day’s work.
At the Coffee Council, Mariano hurries in very flustered, full of work related concerns and notices that Marta was dressed in a beautiful strapped dress. Avellanada reminded him over the phone that today was Paloma’s wedding. Mariano looks depressed but agrees to be Marta’s date to the wedding. He picked up a can of coffee and said, ‘thank you Paloma, thank you for everything… I’ll always love you.’(Pooh, get a life, love is NOT dictated or forced!)

Paloma arrived in a horse drawn carriage- decked out in Inez’s dress, absolutely beautiful  and more so as she smiled and waved at the cheering family, friends and hacienda employees. A crazed Matilde appears, brandishing a gun at the bride, mistaking her for Diana and fires but hits Juancho, who, luckily was unhurt and she’s taken away, shrieking.

Everyone entered the church where the band is playing Ave Maria and Paloma walks down the aisle on Giancarlo’s arm towards an eagerly waiting Diego. They smiled happily at each other and take their places in front of the Padre.
Everyone present looks very, very happy; Soledad has happy tears in her eyes, Mariano, though looking resigned, joins Marta in placing the rosary of unity around the couple’s shoulders. The couple exchange their vows, with many words of love and the guests cheer and applaud as Diego kisses the bride after the priest declare them man and wife... at long last.

 They walk out, arm in arm and exchange a more sensual kiss…