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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


What happened yesterday...

Cat suddenly fainted at the charity concert; while Martina dashed off to find a doctor, Sebastian callously walked away since 'she has a husband to look after her', inspite of Romero's protests. Don Lupe suddenly had trouble breathing and a very worried Roberta administered oxygen to him , with Marcelo's reluctant help. Between gasps, he begged Marcelo to tell him about his children and why Cat had married Carmelo in the first place. But Marcelo first wanted to know why he'd never acknowleged Carmelo as his son. Lupe once again denied being his father but admited that the only woman he'd had an affair with outside his marriage was with Toni.
Amelia confessed to the Padre that she's been sleeping with Marcelo but insisted it was Sebastian she loved, the bitch conveniently forgot to add that she'd been the one to ruin C&S's marriage in the first place.
Antonio, although his 'mother' had told him Cat's story, has joined the list of men to fall under her spell; commenting on how beautiful she was and 'we really liked each other'. Toni scornfully could'nt understand what men saw in 'that woman, she's pretty but there's no spark.' Antonio refused to believe that she'd married Carmelo for his money when she loved Sebastian, Josepha defended Cat by explaining how Amelia and Carmelo had joined forces to ruin Cat's marriage. When Toni admitted she knew about the plots but never told the couple, Antonio expressed his anger and disgust.Meanwhile Antonio's family discuss the possibility of Carmelo being their real so and wonder whether to ask Petra, who is told that Alicia has invited her to her wedding. Romero is advised by one of the BOOM boys to mend things with Martina. The doctor Martina managed to find confirmed our suspicions, Cat is PREGNANT! But alas, both Martina and the diabolical Jessica were present when she was told. The 2 girls hastily pulled Sebastian(who came back to check on her) away as Creepy Carmelo came up. CC, wondering why she was sick all the time, ordered Cat to get herself checked the next day. Jessica at first attempted to stop Martina from telling Sebastian that Cat was pregnant but they tell him anyway, to his amazement. Sebastian is sure it was his child since Cat and Carmelo haven't been married for long but Jesscica maliciously suggested that she may have been sleeping wiht Carmelo before they married.
Cat called Alicia to give her the startling news, Louisa overheard and dropped the cup of tea in her hand. Adela gets worried when Mary, the maid, suggests that Cat's illness could be as a result of preganancy and goes to warn her daughter; if it's true, she'd better not be pregnant for Sebastian or they'll lose everything. (you mean she will lose everything, shameless woman).

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