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Saturday, November 24, 2007


Carmelo has done nothing but create more and more problems for himself; the worst one by marrying Catalina, just to ' bother Sebastian', then later on wondering out loud why Cat prefered 'that idiot' instead of him and what did Sebastian had that he did'nt. My answer to that question...PLENTY OF THINGS although I still think Daddy's boy is a jerk and a moron who needs to ask Cat for her forgiveness. Ever since the strange episode where Carmelo vehemently forbade his wife from coming to the roof and Sebastian's unexpected visit ,Cat and Gustavo became fully convinced that Carmelo is hiding Don Lupe and plans to sneak out of the charity concert to inform the police of their suspicions, and I sincerely hope the cops get there on time. And now that Don Lupe overheard Roberta and one of the guards discussing how Carmelo forced such a pretty lady like Catalina to marry him ; he's finally realised whatever her reasons, it wasn't for money.
Now, most people have asked me what will happen next. Well, from a comment I read in a website concerning this telenovela, and I quote... the last remaining chapters(episodes) were so full of deaths! One of them would be Amelia's who made the terrible mistake of driving Carmelo's car which was rigged with a bomb planted by Marcelo(yeah, there's no honour between thieves) and got blown up to oblivion. I got this from a neighbur's boyfriend who is from Benin Republic, apparently CATALINA Y SEBASTIAN aired there years back .
Carmelo, of course died too, not by Sebastian's hand like I hoped but by the police who caught up with him and blasted him down when he(so typical) tried to resist arrest. The only person who probably shed tears over him would be Petra who raised him but got no real love from that ingrate. At the last minute(according to Jonathan, the few things of CATALINA Y SEBASTIAN he could remember) was that Petra told him who his mother was, Toni(Antoinette) but alas, he refused to accept that vile woman was his mother and died a bitter death.
That's all I know for now , folks. When I get more info. , I'll let you know.
But back to the present, Jessica now knows, through Carmelo's disastrous slip of tongue, that he's hiding Don Lupe. It's no use her bluffing that he can't prove she helped him forge the Will since he plans on taking her down with him if she dared to open her mouth. Jessica is now like a rat caught in the corner, either way she tries to find a way out, she's still trapped. She's more horrified that Sebastian told his exwife about his suspicions; Cat of course has more to gain if she puts 2 and 2 together(and she already has) and be the one to rescue Don Lupe(AND I really hope the despised and so misjudged Catalina would be the one who rescues Don Lupe), it's either she and Gustavo leads the police to the penthouse attic or Cat might run the risk of going there herself after distracting the guards and set him free. Either way, I hope she or them(i.e the cops) get there before Carmelo moves Don Lupe again(unfortunately he'd overheard Gustavo and Alicia talking about their suspicions about him).
I got from a VERY,VERY RELIABLE SOURCE that Jessica broke down and confessed her crime to her grandfather and Sebastian after a lot of pressure, I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE the look on that idiot's face when he finds out he's been consorting with a traitor and liar, I'm pretty certain she would cry saying, ' Believe me Sebastian, I did it for love, I did it for love!' (NONSENSE!)
What really concerns me is how Sebastian would get Cat to forgive him; it;s obvious to all of us viewers that she's pregnant and Sebastian stands to lose two precious things if he doesn't, quoting BoyzIIMen,
' gonna swallow my pride, say I'm sorry... stop pointing fingers, the blame is on me...I want a new life and I want it with you... I'm down on my knees, begging you please...'

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