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Sunday, November 11, 2007


I honestly dont't think I can take anymore of THIS CRAP much longer! Catalina is like a pincushion, more and more pins and needle stuck into her and she is yet to scream out in fustration and tear her hair out. I knew she would marry Carmelo for Sebastian's sake but it's so unbearable seeing Carmelo flouting her in front of Sebastian like a trophy, I REFUSE to believe he loves her and I only hope he won't do anything disgusting like raping her. And Sebastian, so full of stupid pride and self pity; refuses to see just how much poor Cat is suffering! I prefer their relationship in CUANDO SEAS MIA as Diego and Paloma, in that telenovela, Diego punched out anyone who dared say anything about his precious darling.Speaking of which, click on
CUANDO SEAS MIA'S FINAL EPISODES to read a recent post concerning that telenovela we all miss so much. I honestly wish(not for the first time that AIT had shown LA HEREDERA instead, i knew this one would be very tedious.
Any how folks, dont completely despair, 'cos I found out from a very reliable source that Cat's suffering wont be for very long...(I hope) she , the despised one, will be asked to team up in the search for Don Lupe and Carmelo, among others will suffer a humlitating death. The only thing is, will Cat forgive Sebastian immediately or he'd have to beg? I HOPE she makes him!

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