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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


It's bad enough the writers are procrastinating with Bo and Carly's long term love story, but NBC's made a disastrous/stupid decision just recently; Mark Hapka who plays Nathan Horton has been let go... euphemism for UNJUSTLY FIRED!!!. I couldn't  believe it at all; he's a key character in DAYS and now with the present storyline where Mel and Philip fall out because of the latter's infidelity, why take Nathan out of the picture when the fans assume that Mel and Nathan will now be free to be together?

DAYS OUR LIVES, like I said before,  is a RUIN and blunt addition... a ruin that many people are running away from; not just the viewers but the actors themselves; Jay Kenneth Johnson(Philip Kiriakis) and Shelley Hennig (Stephanie Johnson) are leaving DAYS as well only this time they weren't bounced- they are walking out on their own. I have no idea why Shelley's leaving but Jay's reason from what I heard was because he was tired of the bad writing. Oh... BIG Shocker there. 

Is K.C really that confident this show will still prevail with all this going on; how many more actors/actresses will leave before he gets the message massive changes have to be made? Heaven knows how long fans have been clamouring for one of the writers, Dena Higley to be replaced; she doesn't care about Bo and Carly's history which is glaringly  why Bo is yet to be completely free to have a fresh start with Carly, why Carly is the most hated woman in Salem, why Jay is leaving. And if something isn't done, DAYS may not only lose MORE actors/actresses but viewers, after that- ratings and then DAYS will be history after 45 years. 

       So far, most people(including me) watch DAYS in the first place  because of Bo and Carly, waiting impatiently for their love-story but suppose Peter Reckell and Crystal Chappell too decide to leave, thanks to the writers' stubborn stance at denying them that story?
DAYS would definitely would be nothing but a void, a complete write off, a RUIN unless something is done, and done NOW

Saturday, January 08, 2011


The current angst between Bo and Carly has  made me stop watching DAYS OF OUR LIVES. I honestly have no patience with the writers, nor  able to continue to stomach their approach. I only watched DAYS in the first place because of Bo and Carly's new found love with each other and I hate the fact they are yet to have their new beginning, hate the procrastination and perversity of the writers and Producer, Ken Corday.
 Bo and Carly deserve a second chance after having only three years and cheated of so much- I'm yet to see a couple in DAYS that have the spiritual bond and mature relationship Bo and Carly have. But until the angst ends, I'm not getting back in the DAYS boat.
I don't know what I hate the most in DAYS right now; Carly pushed to the wayside while Bo and Hope play Dempsey & Makepeace  like the good old days, the current Carly hate going on strong in Salem with everyone pointing accusing fingers at Carly- that she's the reason behind Caroline Brady's stroke and Phillip/Mel, Nathan/Stephanie and Daniel/Chloe's breakup and the worse yet, Kayla's attitude towards Carly. She's totally different from the Kayla I remember; this current Kayla is unreasonable and vindictive and bent on causing trouble for Carly, who was once her colleague and  one of her dearest friends. The character has been ruined by the writers and I'm VERY disappointed in them.
What exactly is the point of DAYS being renewed for a new season because as far as I'm concerned, it's a write-off, no longer worth watching. Being a Soap, I naturally expect angst but for God sake, the viewers are entitled to watch story lines that actually MAKE SENSE. The Anti-Carly crusade in a town that she did so much for in the 90s does not make sense neither a rekindled love suddenly being cast aside. The truth of the matter is that the DAYS writers do not do enough research, don't care about the history of any of the characters, besides Bo and Carly.
The writers and Ken Corday should make some positive changes in DAYS and bring it back to its former glory; in particular give Bo and Carly the love story they deserve. Carly should NOT be a used as an interlude- after 16 years away, she deserves more than this; and so does Bo, after living in a dysfunctional marriage for so long. It's high time  the DAYS writers call it a day on that and begin a new era- a new era called CARBO.

Sunday, January 02, 2011


For the LAST TIME...What ON EARTH do the DAYS writers expect to gain, their insane angle is getting too much! By the way; I speak as a writer who is disgusted at how a 45 year old soap is being ruined by a bunch of clueless individuals. It's bad enough Carly's suffering over Bo's absence but now she's being attacked right from and center and once again for something that was not her fault in the first place. This time  Carly's being accused of not only hiding from Daniel that Chloe cheated on him but that she knew the 'other man' was her son-in-law Phillip the whole time; like she would shield the man who betrayed her own daughter and the same person who's had nothing good to say about her since she arrived in Salem! Daniel isn't speaking to her, neither is that UNGRATEFUL BRAT Melanie who Carly saved from Lawrence's clutches and a deadly virus.
But what truly disgusts  me the most is Kayla's (Bo's sister) behaviour towards Carly. First she accused Carly of stealing her brother from Hope (hah!), then switching Chloe's paternity tests and NOW causing Caroline's stroke.
What exactly did Carly do wrong? Right from the start, I didn't want her to be the one to tell Daniel about Chloe's infidelity because everyone would then add 'troublemaker' along with 'home-wrecker' and 'slut'. Considering Daniel's love for Chloe  & carrying out the paternity test  was a good thing; at least she would have told Daniel if the tests had showed her he wasn't the father, only it didn't because Caroline switched the  results, so the real culprit here is Caroline
Now I really wish Carly had told Daniel about it before spreading the word about Chloe's pregnancy, it would have saved her a lot of headache; Daniel and Mel at least won't be accusing her now of lying to them and treating her the way they are now and everyone who used to be her friends ganging up on her now. Daniel & Mel shouldn't be judging Carly so harshly considering all the years she'd suffered just to prevent Larry from hunting them down as well as the people who were once her family shunning her just because she and Bo fell in love again; FOR THE LAST TIME, she didn't wreck his marriage and Bo was the one who decided he wanted a second chance with Carly... they fell in love again and that's that!
I'm very very disappointed at how the writers have ruined majority of the Bradys, Kayla in particular; from closest friend/sister to another Carly enemy and the present Carly bashing in Salem right now. What would a woman in Carly's position do now- leave Salem? Frankly, I wouldn't blame her- she has no loyal friend (Jennifer I still don't trust), Mel is once again cold towards her,  her darling is on the run with his wife and she may soon be out of a medical licence if Kayla carries out her revenge- so I would say she's finally reached her breaking point. But the spoilers indicate she's not going to leave Salem for good, at least not now because she's going to be roped in a rescue mission; alongside Hope to save Bo who's been abducted. But how will it end after Bo is rescued... will he again stop her from leaving or she'll end up alone, hated and heartbroken? It all depends on Carly and Bo's supporters because if we don't make our voices loud and clear more often; Carly's just going to get another stupid, undeserved storyline. I'm nursing the hope that Carly will do something during the mission that will open the prejudiced eyes of the Salemites and FORCE them to apologise to her once and for all. It isn't enough to hope that Bo and Carly will eventually have their happy ending- we should also petition for the Carly hate to stop once and for all. She truly doesn't deserve it and I don't know where the writers are going with this. If this is a ploy to make her a very unpopular DAYS character, they are wasting their time because she and Bo have tons of supporters who will NOT let this matter rest. One way or the other, Carly's fate is going to be rosy, with Bo by her side.

                                             BO & CARLY: LOVE WILL FIND  A WAY

Saturday, January 01, 2011


Well, this is my first blog post for 2011 and by May, MY FAVORITE THINGS will be 3 years old; amazing I wasn't at all sure this blog would catch on at all but thanks to God for giving me the perseverance to continue with it and  I really appreciate every visitor who not only took the time to read my posts but also left the kind comments and posts.

 2010 has come and gone... along with a few loved ones I lost, my father who lost his battle to cancer and my cousin, who succumbed to tuberculosis (R.I.P). Then there was the struggle to balance a full time job with my part time studies in LAG as well as write my first novel- which I PRAY to achieve this year. But I did make several wonderful  online friends and motivation to write  my novel thanks to their kind comments  on my online work; I feel that I'll achieve a lot in this New Year. But at the same time I don't plan on just working, reading and working some more like I did last year. For the first time in a long while, I'm going to find time and do a lot of things I haven't done before- there are a lot of them so I'm not going to bother making a list here! (laugh) but I can add two resolutions- Be a much better person and do all the good things I'm yet to do. 
Happy New Year. And may the future bring out far more joy than pain to everyone.  AMEN.