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Saturday, January 08, 2011


The current angst between Bo and Carly has  made me stop watching DAYS OF OUR LIVES. I honestly have no patience with the writers, nor  able to continue to stomach their approach. I only watched DAYS in the first place because of Bo and Carly's new found love with each other and I hate the fact they are yet to have their new beginning, hate the procrastination and perversity of the writers and Producer, Ken Corday.
 Bo and Carly deserve a second chance after having only three years and cheated of so much- I'm yet to see a couple in DAYS that have the spiritual bond and mature relationship Bo and Carly have. But until the angst ends, I'm not getting back in the DAYS boat.
I don't know what I hate the most in DAYS right now; Carly pushed to the wayside while Bo and Hope play Dempsey & Makepeace  like the good old days, the current Carly hate going on strong in Salem with everyone pointing accusing fingers at Carly- that she's the reason behind Caroline Brady's stroke and Phillip/Mel, Nathan/Stephanie and Daniel/Chloe's breakup and the worse yet, Kayla's attitude towards Carly. She's totally different from the Kayla I remember; this current Kayla is unreasonable and vindictive and bent on causing trouble for Carly, who was once her colleague and  one of her dearest friends. The character has been ruined by the writers and I'm VERY disappointed in them.
What exactly is the point of DAYS being renewed for a new season because as far as I'm concerned, it's a write-off, no longer worth watching. Being a Soap, I naturally expect angst but for God sake, the viewers are entitled to watch story lines that actually MAKE SENSE. The Anti-Carly crusade in a town that she did so much for in the 90s does not make sense neither a rekindled love suddenly being cast aside. The truth of the matter is that the DAYS writers do not do enough research, don't care about the history of any of the characters, besides Bo and Carly.
The writers and Ken Corday should make some positive changes in DAYS and bring it back to its former glory; in particular give Bo and Carly the love story they deserve. Carly should NOT be a used as an interlude- after 16 years away, she deserves more than this; and so does Bo, after living in a dysfunctional marriage for so long. It's high time  the DAYS writers call it a day on that and begin a new era- a new era called CARBO.


  1. You, came back for Bo and Carly 2.0 and there are others of us who have stuck with this show for 30, 20, and the 16 years you weren't around and neither was the character of Carly. You expect the Bo and Hope fans and Bo and Hope who have been around for those 16 years and longer to go away because you are owed something after just coming back. The logic is as ridiculous as the thought that Carbo deserves more than any couple that has been here through the good and bad. The show didn't take anything from you. CC left and so did PR, so if you feel cheated, be angry that your favorites left, not that the show went on. You are entitled to being upset about your couple but feeling you are owed something, I find that ridiculous. The fans who are owed something are the fans who put in their time and the couples that put in their time. The fans that didn't take off , who stayed, and that's of all fanbases. I have to laugh that Carbo deserves a second chance, but Bope doesn't deserve to be repaired. A couple who has clocked in a lot longer than 3 years. This is not about entitlement, this is about what worked and what didn't.

    You call Bope dysfunctional but you want Bo to be with Carly who killed her husband and could decide to kill Bo any day. The only people who think Bope's relationship is dysfunctional is those that don't know what happened to them. Dysfunctional is shacking up with a married man with a family and calling that love. It's adultery and homewrecking. That's dysfunctional. Maybe Carly will get what she deserves, a new life , with a new man, and maybe she can be redeemed.

  2. UMMM reality check NOBODY is owed ANYTHING!! It's a FUCKIN soap...just because Bope have been together for IONS does not mean they should remain together. THAT IS RIDICULOUS LOGIC! A good soap is story, story, and MORE STORY and that is what Bo and Carly offer! Peter and Crystal share AMAZNG chemistry that cannot be denied. As far as Carly killing her husband it was SESLF defense. ALL OF SALEM knew the kind of man Larry was. HOPE PLANNED and PLOTTED to kill Bo and NO PILL WILL EVER CONVINCE ME that it MADE HER DO IT! You have to have deep seated anger in order to follow through. SO YES Bope is DYSFUNCTIONAL!

  3. So what does that say for us fans who have stuck around with the show for 20+ years. Not all Carbo fans have just came back. Some started watching before Carbo 1.0 some started watching after Carbo 1.0 but we are all fans regardless. When you come to a Carbo supporting blog to write Hateful comments what does that say about you?

    I for one started watching the show before Carbo 1.0. My original favorite couple was Steve and Kayla and had never been so happy when they brought Steve back to the show.

    I actually like Bo and Billie in the beginning but have to say that Bo and Hope just weren't that amazing to me. This is not to say that they were bad or that the actors are bad. Peter I think IMO has chemistry with both actresses in this triangle. I just feel that Bope have ran their course. You can only go in so many circles before your fans get bored.

    I am a huge Carbo fan and supporter and I also root for other couples. When I come to a Carbo blog it makes me sick that people like you have to voice your hateful comments. Seriously do we go to the Bope blogs and leave hateful comments? If we do I apologize but I am pretty sure that none of the Carbo fans I know do anything of the sort.

    And whether its one of you or several of you that come here and to the other Carbo blog it one too many. Everyone has a right to their opinion and when you come here and post stuff like this you are saying that only your opinion matters.

    Now as far as your comment goes I have to say it gave me quite the giggle when you said that you said you have to laugh that Carbo deserves a second chance. Well I have to laugh that Bope deserves the 20th chance (yes I know that is an exaggeration but that is what it feels like). The other part that made me giggle was that "could decide to kill Bo any day". First didn't your precious Hope do that recently. And second Bo isn't abusing Carly like her husband was.

    Now do I agree with everything that has happened in this storyline. NO. I have a lot of dissapointments about it and alot of them mirror yours. But this does not mean that I will quit fighting for what I consider to be the best couple to ever hit daytime screens.

    Amina love the blog love the post. Rant is over.

  4. WOW **BOWS* *BOWS* and MORE **BOWS** MICHELLE! You HIT the nail on the head with EVERYTHING YOU SAID!!!

  5. Anoyomous #1, I have been a fan of Days of our of Lives since 1987. The 1st couple that I fell in love with was Steve and Kayla. In 1990, Bope came back and KA only stayed briefly so I really didn't get to know Bope. Shortly after, CC came into the picture and I instantly fell in love with CarBo. They had this passion and intensity like no other couple I had seen on the show thus far. FF to 95 when PR came back. I got to see Bope in action and I will admit I fell in love with them for awhile but after a few yrs they became BORING and I stopped watching. FF to 2009, and CC comes back. I was excited to see CarBo again and excited to see Carly and Hope meet. I was actually nuetral cuz even though I stopped watching I still had love for Bope just like I did for CarBo so for me at this point it was all about the story. Well guess what? As time went by and I started to see Bo and Carly together more that love for them dominated the love that I had for Bope. So you see, it doesn't matter how many years a couple has been together. It's about the magic that they generate when they're on screen together and for me that magic just wasn't there anymore with Bope but it was oozing off the screen with CarBo. So I'm sorry to say my friend but you are the one that sounds ridiculous. You don't have to love Carly..hell you don't even have to like her but guess what? I love her and Bo does too. I'm sorry if that hurt your little feelings but started it.The CarBo fanbase is just as strong as Bope fanbase so if you think we're just going to give up on our couple just because you come on a "CARBO" blog and talk crap then you are the one that is DELUSIONAL and sounds utterly RIDICULOUS.

  6. Hope just needs a man! THIS Man! =)♥ =) ♥

  7. Nice replies Michelle and Janet. First of all, I don't see where anyone is owed anything just because you watched the show, no matter how long you've been watching. IT WAS YOUR CHOICE TO WATCH.
    Second of all, I will agree in Carbo 1.0 that it wasn't the shows fault for the short term relationship. However, in Carbo 2.0, Bo and Carly hasn't been given a fair chance. I DO think they DESERVE a fair chance to see where the relationship goes. And yes, you could argue they have been given a fair chance. WELL NO! See, as you pointed out Carly was living with a married man. *Insert* Free Bo. Yes, with the divorce. Bo and Hope have been repaired way too many countless times. IMO, Bo and Hope DOES NOT work. And for the record, I am not saying this because I am a Carbo fan. I have watched the show since I was little, again MY choice, and I don't see anything there.
    Third of all, your accusations that Carly could decide to kill Bo anyday, now THAT is RIDICULOUS. Carly killed her husband out of self defense. What was Hopes defense? A pill? I'm sorry but it goes deeper than that. I hope Hope gets the help she needs, and gets the chance to explore other options. It might help her out tremendously.
    At any rate, Thanks for visiting a Carbo blog!!! Amina, love it!


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