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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


It's bad enough the writers are procrastinating with Bo and Carly's long term love story, but NBC's made a disastrous/stupid decision just recently; Mark Hapka who plays Nathan Horton has been let go... euphemism for UNJUSTLY FIRED!!!. I couldn't  believe it at all; he's a key character in DAYS and now with the present storyline where Mel and Philip fall out because of the latter's infidelity, why take Nathan out of the picture when the fans assume that Mel and Nathan will now be free to be together?

DAYS OUR LIVES, like I said before,  is a RUIN and blunt addition... a ruin that many people are running away from; not just the viewers but the actors themselves; Jay Kenneth Johnson(Philip Kiriakis) and Shelley Hennig (Stephanie Johnson) are leaving DAYS as well only this time they weren't bounced- they are walking out on their own. I have no idea why Shelley's leaving but Jay's reason from what I heard was because he was tired of the bad writing. Oh... BIG Shocker there. 

Is K.C really that confident this show will still prevail with all this going on; how many more actors/actresses will leave before he gets the message massive changes have to be made? Heaven knows how long fans have been clamouring for one of the writers, Dena Higley to be replaced; she doesn't care about Bo and Carly's history which is glaringly  why Bo is yet to be completely free to have a fresh start with Carly, why Carly is the most hated woman in Salem, why Jay is leaving. And if something isn't done, DAYS may not only lose MORE actors/actresses but viewers, after that- ratings and then DAYS will be history after 45 years. 

       So far, most people(including me) watch DAYS in the first place  because of Bo and Carly, waiting impatiently for their love-story but suppose Peter Reckell and Crystal Chappell too decide to leave, thanks to the writers' stubborn stance at denying them that story?
DAYS would definitely would be nothing but a void, a complete write off, a RUIN unless something is done, and done NOW


  1. Hi Amina! I agree. I'm shocked CC and PR have stuck it out this far. I am hoping their loyalty(even after blatant disrespect, they have been nothing but positive and have given nothing but praise to the writers) will be rewarded in a long overdue well-written love story.


  2. ITA! It's up to TPTB to make their decisions as to what's more important to them! Surely they realise that losing favourite actors and actresses will lose them ratings?! I know that if CC, PR or KA leave then I leave too! Let's hope TPTB use their amazing actors and get some decent wrt=iters for them!

  3. Like I said before I'm gonna see how Bo treats Carly when he comes back before I make my final decison on if I'm gonna keep watching because if they have him act like he's not in love with her anymore then I am totally done with Days...FOREVER!! I love CC and PR but I can only stomach so much bad writing from Days. And they so seriously need to listen to the fans when we say GET RID OF DENA HIGLEY!! cuz at this rate they may find themselves getting cancelled despite getting that renewal.

  4. I agree to with all of you. TPTB need to take a step back and see what they are doing to their show IMO. Losing 3 of you top actors in big stories right now cannot be a good thing. I really hope they don't try to recast either. That usually does not work out for the better. Let's hope that they take this opportunity though to improve the writing and hopefully give CC and PR something really good to work with :).

  5. I totally agree with what everyone is saying. I hope BO doesn't come back & treat Carly bad when he gets home or I'm leaving as well. Even if they where going to put B/H back together they could have at least given us a great love story between B/C before that happen so we Carbo fans could have had least had some kind of enjoyment or entertainment since Carly's return & long awaiting reunion with Bo!!!

  6. I agree. I love Mark Hapka! I do not understand why he's being let go, and bad timing too. I have wanted he and Melanie to reunite for so long, now the writers are not going to give them that chance? As for stephanie and Phillip, GOOD REDDENS!!! Let them go. I never liked their characters. And as for CarBo, I could care less. Bo obviously seems to care more for Hope than he does Carly. Carly is trapped in a love triangle she shouldn't even be in. I know Bo loves Carly very much, but Hope is still the first woman in his heart. I wouldn't hold out hope on the couple if I were you. If the writers wanted Bo and Carly together, they would have done it by now, not waste time with this crap. Maybe they will reunite, maybe not. Either way, I don't care. Being the nice guy Bo is, I know he loves Hope and wants to help her through this, but he's only hurting Carly and tagging her along in the process. Carly deserves better. I know that a lot of people wouldn't want to see Daniel and Carly together, but I wouldn't mind actually. The way things are going right now with Daniel and Melanie heartbroken, I can see the chemistry between them. I think they are attracted to each other in a way. I know they are just friends and they might not even feel that way about one other, but come on, why is everyone so against them possibly being a couple? I don't get it. They are not a bad pairing at all. Anyway, she shouldn't wait for Bo to come back to her. She needs to let him go, for now anyway.


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