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CARBO FAN FICTION: Return Journey Chapter 21

Chapter 21 Bo and Carly hoped to get married as soon as possible but the dark cloud came in form of a devastating phone call from Abe. Lexie’s mysterious illness, an inoperable brain tumour, had taken a turn for the worse and she wanted to say goodbye to her friends.

CARBO FAN FICTION: Return Journey Chapter 20

Chapter 20

‘How are we doing over here, honey?’ Bo asked. ‘I’m almost done, Daddy.’ Ciara replied, setting her books neatly in a box. ‘I hope my room won’t be too crowded with all my stuff.’

2 Superman Tales...

Since I was a child; Jerry Seigel & Joe Shuster's creation Superman has been my favorite superhero; not only because of his abilities but also his origins and this comic hero's tale has gone on for years via comics, graphic novels, movies- the most popular one being the one starring the late and wonderful Christopher Reeve- and T.V series, animated and live action.

Personally I didn't find 2006 Superman Returns  a good version so I was pleased to hear about another one being made MAN OF STEEL starring British actor Henry Cavill as Superman/Clark Kent, Russel Crowe as his biological father and Kevin Costner & Diane Lane as his 'earth parents' Jonathan  and Martha Kent. This film explores how Clark, on hearing the truth about himself after discovering his strange powers, struggles to find his place in the world and come to terms with his three identities- Clark Kent, Kar-lel and Superman. It's a movie I can't wait to watch.

Last year, I watched Super…