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Wednesday, June 08, 2011


When I first heard that Carly Manning was going to be written off DAYS, I was amazed and shocked; but at and it was written in bold letters... Crystal Chappell's contract will not be renewed!
It's not only a bitter blow, it is a TERRIBLE shame.  Thanks to her return to DAYS in 2009 and superb acting, DAYS had never gotten more viewers and ratings, especially since she was once again paired with Peter Reckell(Bo), whom she hadn't worked with since 1992. I was so excited when she returned and impressed with the way she and Reckell interacted after all that time; it was almost as if she never left the show at all.

 I'm mainly upset about two things; that Bo and Carly will never have that new chapter so many viewers have been clamouring for  and that CC's contract was not renewed despite the fact that she has so many fans and viewers who love her (her character AND acting). I started watching DAYS again when I heard she was returning and with all the popularity she and her character has been getting, you would think that the producers would prolong her stay and give her character and Bo a brand new beginning after their romance was cut short in '93 but they proved me wrong big time. By ignoring all the viewers' petitions, it shows that the people in charge of the show don't care about the viewers or even the show itself. Considering DAYS OF OUR LIVES is the only daytime soap left in NBC, efforts should be made to keep the ratings up but all they are doing so far is alienating viewers away from the show. I expected more from the new writers but apparently the powers that be had different ideas; promising couples  split up and tossed aside;  like the time when Cruz & Eden and Cain & Andrea's romances ended in SANTA BARBARA, Luis & Sheridan's in PASSIONS, Tyler & Julie's in CBS' CAPITOL or John & Evangeline's  in ABC's ONE LIVE TO LIVE.

All I can say is that I'm angry and very disappointed with those responsible behind CC's exit from DAYS; she is a wonderful and talented  actress and her character, Carly is memorable and larger than life. The Bopes can say what they like but we Carbos have so many reasons why we love her and support her, which we always will especially since we still have her wonderful web series  VENICE to watch and her upcoming  new project, THE GROVE. But I'm not only done with DAYS indefinitely but ALL soaps; the angst is fine since it's what you expect from them but beloved characters being written off is something I can no longer stomach. DAYS has totally spoiled everything and I  sincerely hope they would eventually regret this stupid  decision of theirs.