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Sunday, February 28, 2010


This is the grand finale of this fantastic, action-packed telenovela. The first time we watched the ending, my family and I, wow... were we bummed out! Posting the recaps from the beginning to the end was a real challenge  because they were mostly drawn from memory but I was happy to do it because Tu O Nadie will always remain my favourite telenovela and I’m glad I was able to share it in this blog. To the visitors who left comments and encouraging words and have been here to the end, I thank you all very much and as a treat, look out for the juicy trivia and additional posts attached to Tu O Nadie. Now for the concluding part of Antonio and Raquel’s love story...

Evil Max stepped into the elevator and saw Daniel passing by just as the doors closed. Having given the written confession, the judge began packing his things. He answered the door and got the shock of his life when Max barged in. At gun point, he admitted what he’d done but lied that his signature was forged. Alas, that didn’t help because Max shot him in the stomach, using a pillow to muffle the sound.

Back at the mansion, Camilla suggested the room down the hall be fixed up as a nursery since Baby would be coming home soon but Raquel objected to the idea of Minerva sleeping far away from her. Ramon recommended his niece to be Minerva’s nanny- as Raquel would be ‘distracted’ every now and then. Raquel sarcastically wondered who and what could possibly distract her now and went upstairs. Camilla asked Ramón about his odd remark to Raquel, he shrugged and smiled knowingly and said, ‘well… you never know, ma’am.’

Footsteps were heard and Camilla’s eyes widened. ‘Antonio…’ she whispered in disbelief, before  walking into her brother’s arms. Ramón formally welcomed his master home and Tonio thanked him. Camilla told him how Claudio, Andres and Pablo had discussed the possibility he could be alive but she hadn’t dared to hope. Tonio asked for Raquel and was told she was in her room. But before he could go, Vicky appeared and ran into his arms, weeping with joy. Meche came out from the kitchen, filled with astonishment.

But before he could go, Vicky appeared and ran into his arms, weeping with joy. Meche came out from the kitchen, filled with astonishment.
Vicky asked anxiously, ‘what’s going to happen to Max?’ Antonio stopped smiling and made no reply. 

‘It was he…wasn’t it?’

At Tonio’s solemn ‘yes’, she burst into tears and Camilla took her away to her room. Tonio turned to Meche and assured her Gabriel was safe; he escaped with Martha, according to Luis. Filled with relief, Meche asked what was now going to happen to them and was assured they will be protected.  Ramón told Tonio Max wasn’t in the house and hasn’t been seen all day. With that, Tonio went upstairs to the room he shared with Raquel.

Raquel saw him through the dressing table mirror and turned round. Tonio smiled at her amazed face. Slowly she got up, touching him. Tonio held her arms, saying, ‘It’s me.’ Raquel threw herself into his arms, crying ‘My love! Antonio, my love!’

They kissed and hugged each other passionately. Raquel sobbed with joy, unable to stop staring at her husband, back from the dead.
'Can't you say anything?' he asked her.
'Well... I'm speechless!' Raquel stumbled over her words; took his hand and pressed it against her cheek. 'My love.' she murmured.
‘Did you doubt we’ll ever be together again?’ he demanded and she nodded.
‘I never did, Raquel!’
They held each other again, kissing.

 If only Evil Max wasn’t skulking around outside instead of  behind bars at that moment, for sure the happy couple would get ‘busy’... if you know what I mean *wink, wink*
Moving on...
 At the guest bungalow, Daniel told Chucho what went on between him and the judge but Chucho still wasn’t pleased he’d promised not to turn him over to the police. Daniel decided to hide the precious document under the carpet, reminding himself to tell Meche when Chucho pointed out she may come to sweep the place. Chucho went back to the mansion and was very surprised to hear the good news from Ramón and Meche. Ramón remarked that the day was the happiest day for the Lombardo family…. except for Victoria. The three servants looked sad as they thought of the poor woman.
Upstairs, Raquel gave the whole gist of what happened after Tonio’s disappearance to the day she had to go to the hospital, also telling him that Victoria begged her to let Max stay at the mansion and manage the business on her behalf. Tonio consoled her; saying it was all over. He told her how much he loved her- more than he’d ever loved anyone; her and their daughter. 
She smiled, ‘you know about her?’
He replied he went to see her at the hospital that morning. As she hugged him again, something hard pressed against her ribs. Pushing back his jacket, she saw the gun. Max, sheer murder on his face, entered the guest bungalow but Daniel isn’t there.

Andres and Claudio joined Vicky and Camilla in the bedroom. They told the two women that Luis and Rod were in custody, while Maura and Carla were presently giving their statements. The police were on their way. Vicky began crying again, poor thing.

Martha and Gabriel finally got back, stopping at the guest bungalow first. They can’t find Daniel and Martha is filled with terror over what might have happened to her father as they’d already seen Max on the grounds. Gabriel suggested she stay and wait while he go and find his sister and warn Raquel. Martha didn't want him to- Max would shoot him on sight but Gabriel decided to take his chances. 

 Evil Max caught up with Daniel in the mansion and demanded for the written confession but for once the timid old man stood his ground and refused to tell him where he’d hidden it. Max started to punch him mercilessly. (Wicked Bastard!)

Ramón, Meche and Chucho found Martha at the bungalow; she told them Max was around and Gabriel had gone to the house as well. Ramón picked up the phone and placed a call to the mansion…

Raquel pleaded with Tonio to let the police handle Max, not him. The phone rang and Tonio got the message from Ramón. He ordered that everyone stay where they were presently and hung up. Raquel watched as he locked the French windows and begged him again. Tonio assured her he wasn’t a murderer but he had to defend himself and he needed her to be safe. He locked the door behind him. Downstairs in the living room, Evil Max was still demanding for the document, this time his gun drawn. Daniel was now bleeding but still defiant. Gabriel appeared from behind and hit Max with his crutch. From the stairs, Tonio pulled out his own gun, ordering Max to drop it. Without hesitation, Evil Max fired at him and Tonio dodged. 

They exchange fire, Max using Daniel as a shield but Daniel struggled and pushed him in the line of fire. Evil Max aimed at Tonio again but was flung over the couch when Tonio got him squarely on the chest. Tonio silently went down to bend over his step-brother as he bled.

The ruffian grabbed him by the shoulder and his last words were:
‘You’ll never love her ... as much as I did.’ He fell back and gave up the ghost.  You say such a thing at a time like that, you unrepentant sinner???

Martha and the servants ran into the room, gasping at the sight of Evil Max’s
 dead body on the floor. Vicky and the others came down the stairs and saw the gruesome sight as well. Everyone silently watched Vicky weep over her son after calling his name, closing his staring eyes with her hand. 

Tonio went back upstairs to Raquel who embraced him, sobbing.
She looked at his pale face and asked, ‘you murdered him?’
‘I had to do it.’ was her husband’s reply.
'You shouldn’t have done that,’ she said and began to weep hysterically. Their marriage was over because of his action; they now both bore the guilt of Max’s death and how on earth would they be able to live happily when his death would always come between them? Tonio tried to console her but she continued to weep. Helpless, Tonio left the room, hoping she would calm down eventually. 

                                         A YEAR LATER…

The scene opens to Guadalajara City. (to our amazement that night)

Raquel is feeding Minerva, a chubby-cheeked replica of herself, now a year old. After Daniel took the child to bed, the doorbell rang. It was Vicky and the two women embraced tearfully. After greeting Daniel, Vicky explained why she’d come; she could no longer bear watching Tonio suffer. He was absolutely devastated at what happened a year ago- time wouldn't let him forget- and at the present situation; he and Raquel living apart. He couldn't bear the thought of losing his wife. Surely Raquel didn’t blame him for what he had to do?
Raquel replied she didn’t, she realised he had no other choice but she wished he had not been the one to do it.
Vicky replied she said the same thing... many times, but she gradually accepted it and right now Tonio was like a ghost of his old self; he loved Raquel and missed her very much- he couldn’t go on without her. Raquel said she loved Tonio too but reminded Vicky that Max had been her son, her biological son. Vicky took Raquel's hand, reminding her that Tonio was very much her own son too. Raquel was still filled with guilt over Max’s death; if only she’d stood up to him at the very beginning and had the courage to tell Vicky and Tonio the truth on time…

But Vicky begged her to stop blaming herself, what was the point of wishing what could have been? She, his own mother, had been forced to accept long ago that the real person to blame for the whole tragedy was Max. But right now, she didn’t know what would become of Tonio if Raquel continued refusing to see him. Raquel asked if Tonio had asked her to come over to Guadalajara to talk to her. Vicky said no, he asks for nothing these days but goes around very silent and miserable; all he thought about was Raquel and Minerva.

Tears running down her cheeks, Raquel told Vicky to tell Tonio to come for her, that she missed him and loved him very much; she could no longer live apart from him. The two women held each other, sobbing.

The next scene showed Minerva toddling round the garden. Raquel reads a magazine, keeping a sharp eye on the child at the same time; calling out to her, 'Don't go too far away!' 
 She didn’t notice someone coming along. She didn’t notice Minerva toddling up to her Daddy who picked her up, lovingly cradling her in his arms. Raquel finally looks up and sees the moving sight of Tonio (his moustache shaved off, enhancing his handsome face further) carrying their daughter.

There’s a look of peace in Raquel's eyes as she got up from the grass. Tonio put the child down, picking up the doll he’d brought for her, before moving towards Raquel. They regard each other for a second before Raquel placed her arms around her husband’s neck; his arms encircling her tightly.

Little Minerva Lombardo watched with innocent interest as her parents exchanged kisses.

                                         THE END


-The young actor who played Gabriel was Lucia Mendez’s (Raquel) real-life younger brother, Abraham Mendez.

-The soundtrack played at the final few minutes of the episode was sung by Lucía Méndez (Raquel), “El amour sin ti ni vale nada” which means, “Love is worth nothing without you.” Lucia sang most of the tracks in the telenovela as well.




  1. Hey,

    Where can we buy the original english dubbed/subtitled version featuring Lucia and Andres?

  2. thanks a lot!!!!

  3. I dont think it's available on DVD yet

  4. Is it available on VCD yet if so how and where can it be purchased. Meanwhile I give you kudos for this great job of telling it just the way it happened several years ago.
    More grease to your elbows.
    Tripple aaye

  5. Well, thank you very much :) i was more than happy to do it: it's my favourite telenovela to date. I think its now on DVD; go here for details :

  6. iv enjoyed readn this,no doubt its ma favourite soaps of o time,a real classic.

  7. Replies
    1. Hi, people!

      My name is Francisco. I'm from Peru in Southamerica. "Tú o nadie" is not a telenovela of my "age". I remember it was rebroadcasted in 1995 because it won a contest where people send letters requesting for their favorite telenovelas. I didn't watched it.

      In February 14th of 1997, I couldn't sleep. It was 2 am and I changed the TV channel and I was on E Dubai TV from UAE and what do u think? It was "Tú o nadie" in Arabic. I was amazed cas I didn't know it was doubbed. So, I began watching. For that time I HATED Mexican soaps, cas all r the same... But "Tú o nadie" wasn't! I really loved, in spite I didn't understand Arabic and I missunderstood the story (I supposed Rachel was commanded to marry the real Antonio, but she was in love of Max and after the supposed dead of the real Antonio, she figured out she married him with the name of Max).

      Well, I couldn't finish watching cas school was back... But I was looking for it during years until in 2001 I got the telenovela. I passed all the day watching the telenovela, in spite I didn't have the first 10 episodes. When I got the final, I got crazy when the 2 bros shoot the guns! X-X

      I will continue later! See u!

  8. WOW!!! Honey, what a fantastic job you did here on Tu o Nadie (No One But You.) I was catapulted back in time (honestly, reading these snippets made me feel like I was watching the actual scenes.) Thanks for giving me the opportunity to relive my childhood. Wonderful, Just Wonderful. More Grace to You!!!

    1. :) You're welcome, thanks for reading!!!

  9. Hello HONEY... I do not how to thank you. I had been searching for this for so many long long years. I remember, when I was around seven years old, my Mom used see this soap/serial "NO ONE BUT YOU" every afternoon. But suddenly the serial stopped being transmitted anymore due to some technical problems, and my mother was very sad. Even after years she used to talk about this serial. Now, she will be able to read through it and I know she will be extremely happy (like I am at present).. THANK YOU so much for this wonderful job.............

    1. You're very welcome! And it was a pleasure posting the episodes; Tu O Nadie remains my favorite telenovela to date- it's an unforgettable story so no wonder it has THREE remakes! I hope you and your Mum enjoy reading the episodes and looking at the remakes as well. Thanks for visiting my humble blog :)

  10. Dear Sister .... Thank you so much for your great job love this telenovela so much and now i can read a whole story. Thank you.

    1. Hi, am Virginia from Mombasa Kenya, how can i get the DVD for no one but you?

    2. "No One But You" is not available on DVD, sorry

  11. HI! Sister Amina, my name is CHARO from Mombasa kenya, i only watched the some few parts then as i was a young student.Now before i give you my recommendations, i wish to ask you

    when Antonio hags a dazed Raquel ,his face is all tone -why so,did he intend to kill max or the murder happened by accident or out of self defense from a determined MAX.

    on that same part there is a lot of denial and cursing and desperation and clutching of head on the part of Raquel -what is going on ?-i feel i did not understand you on this part

    thank you! indeed for your effort ,but why not contact with madam LUCIA so that she felicitates the english translation and rendering ,i believe many english speaking people can by this dvd like a hot cake.

    1. Answer 1: Antonio was upset; he knew he had the right to defend himself but all the same, being forced to kill Max (even in self defense) was still wrong, since there was Victoria to consider.
      Answer 2: Raquel didn't want Antonio to be THE ONE to kill Max; she felt Max's action would always come between them , she felt responsible for the shooting and the whole incident.

    2. even if I had the means of contacting Ms Lucia, I don't have to ask her anything. I taped the final episode especially and it was English voice dubbed so I'm simply repeating what she and Antonio said. I taped several episodes; all are aged now

    3. I am sorry if you aren't satisfied

    4. thank you SO MUCH ! sister though U took long to visit this page !,

      @-i recently learned the death of

      Madam Guzman -[MAX'S mother]
      DANIEL [Raquels father]

      may their souls rest in peace !!.

      -can not believe that the two would spend their lives separately !. the world is indeed a terrible place -astaghafirullah!.

    5. From Allah we came from, to Allah we return. Madam Guzman, and the actors who played Ramon and Daniel werent young, btu I too am, sad they are gone. May they rest in peace

    6. sister AMINA am saying if that oozing love and affection from Raquel and Antonio was just fake and that they did not get together in life to become a true couple ! then something is terrible wrong in this world - i always spray for them to be Muslims or rather God fearing practicing Christians i their sunset years !.

      and Amina -heartfelt felicitations from me and my Family -true Love from Me !.

    7. Hello Amina, I'm so proud of you! You describe the series very well. Reading it, feel like watching the scenes in details. Respect for you!

    8. Aww... thank you very much :)

  12. Hello Amina, you've done really well in retelling a timeless story especially for the generation of people who saw this interesting story on TV. I tell the younger ones of No One But You and the other telenovelas of the 80's and 90's, and they look at me like 'what am I talking about', not knowing they've missed. People will keep landing here for a long time to come, and I appreciate the fact that you've not abandoned the page as I noticed you've been replying comments for the past 6 years. More grease to your elbow.

  13. I read it since 8 oclock and finished at 13....
    I enjoy it.
    Thank you Amina...

    1. Aww... thank you very much for visiting this blog and I'm very glad you enjoyed reliving this wonderful telenovela!

  14. Where can i buy it???

  15. Hi Amina,

    Tu O' nadie from Indian Shores.

    Best Regards,


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