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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tu O Nadie: The third version

Tu o Nadie was remade twice in 1995, this one called Acapulco, Cuerpo y Alma- 'Acapulco  Body and Soul'.
 Here the couple is David and Lorena Montalvo, played by Saul Lisazo (Hector in Until My Last Breath) and the lovely Patricia Manterola respectively ; the villain is called Marcelo de Maris(Guillermo Garcia Cantu), and produced by the same production company that brought Tu O Nadie- TELEVISA.


-David’s ‘accident’ was via helicopter.

- Lorena is not from Guadalajara but from Zithuatanejo, a Mexican town on the Pacific; and worked at a  restaurant/bar.

- David and Lorena’s first time happened in the family yacht. Marcelo knew very well what they were doing out there and smashed a lot of things in his room!

-David and Marcelo got into a fight (Marcelo, of course started it) Lorena moved out of the house, back to her place; upset that David didn't trust her completely. Marcelo went out there and attacked her but she was rescued by her friends present and he was thrown behind bars after she went to the police. David went to see her and persuaded her to come home with him.

-David formally asked Lorena to marry him. They had a simple, civil wedding.

-when David discovered Aide teamed up with Marcelo to wreck his marriage; he didn't act gentlemanly at all- he gave her a good dressing down, grabbed her by the neck and physically tossed her out of his house.

-Marcelo met his death accidently(who cares, he deserved it). He held his own mother, Elena, hostage at the house and he and David got into a physical fight when the latter tried to rescue her. In the struggle, Marcelo got tossed over the balcony at about twenty feet into the sea, where he drowned. Lorena had already moved out.

-Lorena had a son and David  found her at the airport and begged her to come home but she got on the plane anyway.

At the mansion, David was at the balcony looking at the ocean, thinking he’d lost Lorena forever; he suddenly turned round to see her walking towards him, their baby in her arms. The last scene was of David holding the baby and kissing Lorena. 


 -The Montalvo family mansion in Acapulco Cuerpo y Alma was the same house used as the Stockdale family mansion in the American remake of Tu O Nadie; ACAPULCO BAY

-Chantal Andere; the actress who played Aide- Lorena's rival for David's affections- featured in yet another remake of Tu O Nadie- SORTILEGIO- in 2009. 

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