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Saturday, February 27, 2010


A few days later, Raquel came home, still weak and leaning on Camilla’s arm; Daniel carrying her vanity case. Vicky warmly welcomed her back and helped her up the stairs. Minerva too would soon be home, as she was now stronger. Max sarcastically asked Camilla since when  has she become friends with her sister-in-law. Camilla’s cold reply, since HE killed her brother, and stormed out. Max realised Camilla was no longer his ally and was now in Raquel’s team. HA!

Claudio was very fortunate; at Guadalajara, the judge had just returned from a long vacation! Claudio got down to business...

Back at Acapulco, Pam was startled at the sudden loud pounding on the door and went to answer it, gasping at the bearded stranger she saw. It was Tonio! She let him in after he identified himself.

Claudio told the judge he needed him to conduct a false wedding, like he’d done before. The judge is offended at the insinuation until Claudio told him it was to take place in Acapulco and assured him the reward was very huge. The judge agreed to do it!

Back in Acapulco, Andres and Pablo go up to Raquel’s room to see her and inform her of the recent developments, including Claudio’s trip but not the phone call, not wanting to raise her hopes. Andres advised they don't call the police in at least until Claudio got back with enough evidence, the judge. Raquel is worried about Gabriel who is still missing but alas, they have no proof that Max was holding him.

Washed and shaved, his arm much better and in clean clothes, Tonio and Pamela waited for Pablo to get home, Pam served him coffee. He asked after his family and Pamela told him Raquel had given birth via cesarean but the baby girl was in the incubator for now.

Tonio was overjoyed to hear he was now a father. ‘It's a  girl?’ he exclaimed, very happy. (To tell the truth, I was very surprised at his reaction, I thought he was the typical rich guy who preferred sons). He was also pleased to hear that Andres was still around but NOT pleased that Max was living at the mansion, under the same roof with his precious Raquel and handling the business! He asked Pam to call the house, he had to speak with Pablo. Ramón answered the phone, Max nearby. Pam asked to speak with her brother. Pablo was still upstairs with Raquel and Andres, so Ramón dialled Raquel’s extension. Max asked who was calling but Ramón ignored him. He told his mistress that someone wanted to talk to Pablo. Pablo picked the other receiver when Raquel told him to. Max wanted to listen in but Ramón violently turned off the extension- it was none of his business who was calling Pablo! Max glared at him.

Pablo asked Pam what was wrong and she handed the phone to Tonio. Tonio identified himself, warning him not to react if Raquel was nearby and come over immediately with no one except Andres. Pablo managed to control himself and hung up. Pablo told Raquel it was Claudio, he had some news but needed to talk to him in private. Raquel was puzzled- why private? Pablo assured her all will be explained to her in time and dragged Andres out of the room, whispering that Tonio was waiting for him at his apartment! They hurried out; Max and Ramón watching them. After Ramón went back to the kitchen, Max phoned Pam to know if she’d the one to call Pablo, and why. But Pam was wiser now, she hung up on him. Raquel slowly came down the stairs and confronted Max again; he had killed her husband, Gabriel probably too. He couldn’t insult her intelligence, she also knew why he wanted her locked up in a mental home- in order to get everything! She should never have given in to his foolish mother’s emotions but she was rectifying THAT mistake; she was calling a meeting of the board of directors soon- she was bouncing him out of the company and hiring someone else to represent her. And she wanted him out of her house! Max warned her she could go to jail for Tonio’s murder if he decided to accuse her. Raquel however gave him a nasty smile; she dared him to. She walked away, nose in the air, leaving Max burning with fury.

Raquel is puzzled when Ramón told her Pablo’s sister, Pam had called to speak with Pablo, not Claudio. What were they playing at?

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