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Sunday, February 28, 2010


Luis flung Martha down on the couch. Covering her with his gun, he called the mansion to speak with Max. Tonio had been told by Gato on the island that it had been Maura and Carla who had made up Roberto Aguirre as a joke to wreck his marriage.

Andres told Tonio that Camilla and Raquel now got along like sisters and formally congratulated him; his daughter was as beautiful as Raquel. Tonio grinned happily on also hearing that Raquel had named her Minerva; after his late mother. Andres asked if he would have preferred a boy, to continue the family name.
Tonio replied, it was the same- he and Raquel will have a son, eventually. Andres wasn’t pleased that he still refused to talk to his wife, when Raquel called again, anxious for news. Tonio said he was more than anxious to see Raquel but he wanted to really surprise her- to see the look of joy on her face. Pablo asked Pam to make up the guest room for Tonio to spend the the night. Max and Rod went to Maura's house to look for her but she still wasn't home. Carla had no idea where she'd gone to; she phoned most of their friends but Maura wasn't with any of them.
Claudio arrived back in Acapulco, with the judge, checking him in a hotel before going home. Max wasn't home and  Ramon refused to pass on a message, abruptly hanging up on him. Luis reminded Martha he ‘s always been good to her; would she send him to jail? Martha reminded him that Tonio had been  married to her sister, she owed them both some justice. Camilla came in to tell her the good news. At first she didn't want to tell Raquel in front of Ramon but Raquel said he could be trusted; Ramon in turn pleaded- he was loyal to Raquel and Tonio. Camilla told her the judge had been found and Claudio has brought him down to Acapulco. Soon, everything will be cleared! Claudio entered and was warmly welcomed by the two women. he told Camilla she would have to pretend to be his fiancee, as the judge had been told he was conducting a false wedding.  While the three were talking, the phone rang. To Ramon's amazement it was Tonio! He warned him  not to react if Raquel or any of the family was around; he wanted him to bring some clothes to him to Pablo's place. Camilla asked Ramon who it was and he said, 'the gardener' and fled, much to their amazement.
Camilla and Claudio hesitantly asked Raquel if she would consider naming them Minerva’s godparents. Camilla sadly told her that she couldn’t have children but hoped to adopt later. Raquel agreed willingly.
The next morning, Ramon was filled with joy seeing his boss again- the two men exchanged hugs.
Raquel and Daniel went to see Minerva at the hospital; both smiling at the baby. However, Raquel’s face clouded as she thought of Tonio, whom she still thought was dead. She tearfully remarked how he wasn't with her to see their little girl and cried, her father consoling her. Andres went back to Pablo's apartment to find Tonio dressed and ready.
Vicky found Meche crying bitterly. Meche begged her mistress to believe her; Max was evil, he was Roberto Aguirre and he had kidnapped her brother- on the grave of her late mother, she was telling the truth. Upset by Meche's tears, Vicky went to Evil Max's room. When he tried to deny having a hand in Tonio's death, Vicky angrily and tearfully told him to tell the truth; Raquel and Meche were still bent on accusing him! Max,  at long last, confirmed it. He finally won,why deny it? Vicky looked at him in shock then burst into tears...
The police chief took down Tonio's statement. After he left, Andres handed Tonio a gun and told him Claudio was back,  with the judge.
Meanwhile, Daniel and Chucho went to a bar for drinks and Daniel was very surprised to see the judge at a table. He went over to talk to him. At first the judge didn't recognise him but soon the men were in deep conversation. Daniel told him all that had happened...
Luis called again and Ramon derived a lot of pleasure hanging up on him. Raquel is exasperated at Andres' evasiveness but he assured her things will soon be revealed; Tonio had warned him not to tell her anything. The judge knew Max had taken Tonio's identity but hadn't known he'd plotted to kill Tonio. He asked Daniel how he could help, without incriminating himself. Daniel suggest he write a signed  affidavit- clearing Raquel, Martha and himself and the judge could leave Acapulco. Andres told Camilla and Claudio what Pablo had pierced together, Maura's silly joke and Max and Rod's conspiracy and the possibility that Tonio was alive.
Max brooded over what Vicky now knew but he was confident she would not turn her own son in. He went downstairs and ALAS! overheard Camilla and Raquel's discussing the judge in the study. He listened as Camilla told Raquel where the judge was staying and dashed back upstairs. Camilla assured Raquel they'll all live happily from now on and formally asked for forgiveness for her past misdeeds and attitudes but Raquel brushed it off with a smile. Max called Luis and ordered him to go to the hotel and kill the judge. Luis told him he couldn't, Martha and Gabriel couldn't be left alone. Max decided to go himself. Martha begged Luis not to kill her or Gabriel, then suddenly suggested they leave Acapulco together, acting lovingly towards him. Luis was pleased at the sudden change of heart and put down the gun when she told him to. He went to the other room to make preparations and Martha picked up the gun. When he got back, she shot him on the thigh and made her escape! She set Gabriel free and they both took to their heels!
Maura got back to find Rod waiting for her. Gato called her and Rod ordered her to lure him to her house. When he did, Rod shot him but after overhearing him asking her if Tonio was where he told her he'd be. Maura began to scream and cry when Rod aimed the gun at her, demanding to know where Tonio was. She didn't know, he had escaped! Tonio appeared and shot him on the hand.
Luis was tending to his wounds when there was a knock on the door. He snarled, 'who is it?'
'Max.' replied a voice. Luis staggered to the door and opened it, only to find a gun pointed at his face, by TONIO!
The judge gave Daniel the affidavit, signed and sealed and assured him his signature can be verified. Daniel thanked him and took his leave.

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