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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Raquel's battle to save her marriage

Raquel informed her husband of the call and he of course forbade her to go anywhere But  she is determined to go and see  the troublemaker for herself. Chucho insisted on going with her- for fear that the man may harm her. Victoria gets Tonio's permission for Max to be allowed to visit her; Max heard from Vicky that Tonio and Raquel are sleeping in separate rooms again. Pablo gets a call from Julia- Meche's friend who had recommended her to Max. Her husband had been the man who had pretended to be the accident victim originally, Julia had seen the ad and wanted to remind Max of the balance he still owed them! Pablo was of course, confused but had it on tape.
 Chucho entered the restaurant first, but scares Gato away, not knowing he was the man waiting for Raquel. Raquel came in a few minutes later(looking fabulous in a black pants suit and silver jewelry) but of course waited in vain, she and Chucho later went back to the mansion. She told a cold Tonio that the man didn't show up then burst into frustrated tears; Tonio took her in his arms. She begged him to forgive her for lying to him, promising never to lie for anyone ever again- she loved him very much. At first it looked like Tonio was finally mellowing but them the bastard called again! Tonio went cold again and Raquel fled the study in tears. But more was to come, at Max's direction- Camilla held up Raquel's clip on earring and said she'd found it at the greenhouse while looking for plants for her house- insinuating that she and Max had been meeting there. Tonio looked daggers at his wife. Tied to a corner, Raquel phoned Humberto, asking him to meet her somewhere. Humberto was reluctant to get involved as a third party but he listened to Raquel's story and advised her not to give up on her marriage since she loved Tonio.Tonio would soon come round, if he truly loved her he wouldn't believe her enemies over her.
On getting home, Tonio asked her where she'd been and wasn't pleased to hear that she'd confided in Humberto about a private matter but Raquel calmly said after everything that has been happening to her, she needed someone to talk to, and Humberto seemed to be an impartial type of friend. Tonio asked her about the earring and she replied she hadn't noticed it was missing since they were not a pair she wore very often; her designer had brought them along with her dresses and accessories.

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