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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Raquel's new mission

Tonio decided to start the divorce proceedings but worries about the family’s reputation as well as how much alimony he would have to pay Raquel.
Raquel's first line of action was to get Meche to identify Max as Roberto Aguirre as she strongly suspected him to be the one who hired Meche and making the crank calls. In the meantime, her father and Martha are concerned when she refused to eat. She went to see Gabriel at the hospital and he, as well as his sister and Chucho (who was overjoyed to see her, he’d thought she’d gone back to Guadalajara) felt sad and guilty at what had happened between her and Tonio but she brushed it aside unhappily- she needed their help to clear her name before heading back to Guadalajara for good. Raquel isn’t pleased to find Martha talking to Luis at the hotel lobby on getting back. Luis salutes her but she gave him an icy reply. Upstairs in their room, Raquel scolded Martha for still hanging out with Max’s thug who’d gotten her into serious trouble; probably because what he could give her,ill gotten  money. Martha coldly told Raquel she had no control her life; she would see whoever and whenever and she wasn’t planning on going back to Guadalajara. She left the room, urging Raquel to eat the sandwich she’d brought for her as she hadn’t eaten all day. Later Meche paid Raquel a visit and promised to help her; it was the least she could do.
At the office, Tonio consulted his lawyer to start the proceedings and how to avoid paying a huge sum of alimony to Raquel.(I HATE you, Tonio)
Raquel called the house and Ramon answered it, very pleased to hear her voice. She asked for Max's address and before Ramon could reply, Evil Max walked into the lobby saying, 'I finally find you!' (Luis' handy work)
Stunned, she hung up...


  1. very sadly Ramon died in 2011 -may he R.I.P


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