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Saturday, February 27, 2010


Raquel is sedated and Oscar meets with Evil Max; he's concerned about Raquel's state of mind. Max suggests she's checked into a mental asylum.
Meche is very worried when Gabriel doesn't come back; exasperated at how stubborn he was. Pamela listens to Pablo and Andres' conversation; the phone call and what Raquel had told him. After they left the flat, Pamela called the mansion but Max wasn't home so she left a message for him to call her back. Oscar and Max get back and discuss the possibility of Raquel receiving treatment at a mental asylum  because of her wild rantings against Max. Ramon asked Meche where Gabriel was; he still wasn't back. Ramon overhears the discussion and is dismayed, he didn't believe Raquel was mad. Andres asked Daniel if it was true what Gabriel had said about Max and he reluctantly confirmed it, telling him all he knew and why they'd kept it from Raquel. Max told Meche he had her brother and if she wanted to see him alive again, she had to keep her trap shut!
Meanwhile Gabriel is locked in a storeroom in Luis's flat. Martha paid him a visit, wanting to get info about Max from him, giving him a few days to comply. Forced by Max, Meche told everyone that Gabriel was mistaken and went back to the kitchen. Max looked very uneasy when Vicky said a Pamela called. Pablo looked at him suspiciously.
Meanwhile, Tonio struggled to regain his strength Maura continue to ply him with pills and lies about Raquel. Max is cross with Pam for leaving a message for him, she hung up as Pablo entered the flat. He coldly asked her what was her relationship with Max. After telling him everything, she admitted she was in love in him and got a slap!
While Maura is not around, Tonio called the house, but instead of Ramon, Max picked it instead, thinking Gato will call back. Tonio hesitated then asked, 'who is this?' Max went cold, then asked, 'is that you, Gato?'
Tonio hung up. Then he called Pablo's flat but alas, he wasn't at home, Pamela said. Before she could ask who was calling, Maura appeared and cut of the extension, scolding him for walking about when he was still weak. She got him back to bed and gave him another pill. But Tonio had only pretended to swallow it!
Raquel and Daniel watched  Baby sleeping in the incubator; Raquel cried and  prayed her child should live, she'd already lost her husband. At the rented house, F wished Maura good luck with Tonio and took his leave.
Camilla visited  Raquel; explaining she'd bought baby clothes and other stuff for Baby from Rome. Her manner towards her sister-in-law is no longer hostile but wary. Raquel asked her why she looked broody but Camilla said nothing was wrong then asked if Raquel had chosen a name yet for Baby. Raquel already had. She was naming the child Minerva.
'My mother's name?' Camilla asked in surprise. Raquel nodded and said, 'Tonio would have wanted it.' Camilla is very moved.
At the house, Claudio told Andres, their doctor had told them Camilla can't have children but they were closer now. Andres filled him in on what's been happening. Pablo barged in and told them both that Tonio had called his flat!
Luis is told by Max about the second strange caller. Max prayed it wasn't Tonio... or he was finished this time. Luis scoffed at the idea , it's  impossible- Tonio Lombardo is dead!


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