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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Max strikes again!

Like I said in my last post, Max wasn't planning on going out like that; Tonio was more determined than ever to prove that Max tried to kill him; the stakes were higher now- he and Raquel were going to be parents in 9 months and he trusted her completely again.(Tonio definitely learnt his lesson on that one!!!)
Max went to Rod's house to inform him on the recent development; he needed his help. The following morning, a group of thugs, including Luis showed up at Rod's house to get their instructions. At the hotel, Raquel was already parked and eagerly waiting for Tonio to come. There's a knock at the door and she opened it; it's Gato! He introduced himself as an employee at Tonio's office- he was sent to take her to the real estate agent  handling the sale of the house Tonio wanted to buy for both of them, Tonio would meet her there. Raquel agreed and asked him to wait outside. At the lobby, Gato make a call Rod, who told him where to take Raquel. One of the thugs called the mansion and Ramon gave the phone to Tonio. The man said he was Roberto Aguirre and he had kidnapped Raquel. If he wanted to see her again, he must not inform the police and he was to meet at the docks. Meanwhile, Gato was introducing Raquel to the real estate agent and she was escorted inside the house.
Tonio called the hotel and spoke with Martha, asking if Raquel was there. Martha said no, that someone from his office had taken her out, on his instructions. Tonio hung up abruptly and hurried out of the house...
 Rod's thugs, along with Luis and Gato waited for Tonio to show up, all of them aboard a ship. Tonio arrived and he was told to climb up.
'Where's my wife?' Tonio asked, coldly.
He was told not to worry, Mrs. Lombardo was safe and they were taking him to her. The boat sailed off...
Meanwhile, Max and Rod waited by the phone anxiously. Raquel called Tonio's office and was told Tonio wasn't there. She then called the house and Ramon informed her Tonio had gone out. Raquel assumed he was on his way. But the hours dragged and no sign of her husband...
Raquel got back to the hotel and told her surprised father and sister that Tonio didn't show up and he wasn't at home or at the office.
In the ship, Gato and Luis talked and laughed; Gato remarked  that Raquel was  the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen, Luis  agreed and said her sister Martha was pretty too. Tonio walked by and overheard Luis say that once they got rid of Tonio, he'll finally have Martha and Max will finally have Raquel. Tonio silently went up deck facing  a terrible dilemma: stay and face death or jump overboard. He comes across some oxygen tanks...
The thugs assemble and their leader says it's time. Tonio is above them and he overhears the leader say that Rod gave instructions for them to get rid of Gato as well, he knew too much. Tonio silently dragged out an oxygen tank without being seen, tied a rope to it and threw it over the railing, He TOO was NOT going out like THAT! Gato saw him and asked what he was doing. Tonio told him his life was in danger, his friends weren't his friends. Gato believed him after the leader asked him to surrender his gun. Gato went to look for Tonio inside and asked what he had in mind. Tonio asked him where Raquel was and was told she was back at Acapulco, explaining the trap. Back at the hotel, Raquel is more and more worried, where was Tonio??? There's a knock at the door but to her great disappointment, it's only Rod. Raquel told him she was waiting for Tonio; they had made up and he was supposed to pick her and her family.
Tonio and Gato brace themselves for a face-off. Raquel called the house again and Ramon told her Tonio still wasn't home and had'nt called. Pablo showed up at the house, as Tonio did not come to the office. Raquel is very miserable, where was her husband??? Camilla paid Vicky a visit.
The thugs, now armed, ordered Tonio and Gato to come out and they took them to the deck. Tonio saw that Luis was among them and calmly offered him money but Luis spitefully told him he wasn't interested. Tonio and Gato suddenly jumped overboard after kicking away two of the men. Under the water, they take in turns using the oxygen tank Tonio had stashed away. From the ship, the men fired into the water, then wait for them to surface, not knowing about the oxygen tank.  The hotel  manager said Tonio didn't call again after talking to Martha. Raquel went back to her room and started to cry...

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