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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tu O Nadie: The fourth version

Last year, a fourth version of Tu O Nadie (No One But You)  was made; Sortilegio, which means ‘Love Spell’.  Andres Garcia and Lucia Mendez's 2009 successors are  Alejandro ‘Alex’ Lombardo (William Levy) and Maria José Lombardo (Jacqueline Bracamontes) , the villain is called Bruno
( David Zepeda).

The story line here is the same with major differences:

-The story is set mostly in Merida, in  the free and sovereign state of Yucatan, instead of Acapulco like the previous versions.

-Alex and Bruno have the same father. Victoria’s first husband, Samuel was friends with Alex’s father, Antonio. She and Antonio fell in love and had an affair, which Samuel found out about. Samuel, out of spite, refused to divorce her and they moved to Europe. She gave birth to twins; Bruno and his sister Raquel. Samuel died when the twins were six, so Vicky was finally free to marry Antonio, now widowed. However, Alex was made the principal heir to the estate, because- although Antonio tried very hard to raise the twins well- Bruno and Raquel, (Bruno especially), caused him and Victoria nothing but trouble. No one except Antonio, Victoria and the housekeeper Felipa  knew that Bruno and Raquel were not Samuel’s children. Victoria told a very shocked Alex years later; by then Antonio was dead and he and Bruno were enemies.

-Raquel grew to fall in love with her handsome stepbrother; not knowing he was actually her half-brother. She settled for a loveless marriage with Roberto, who is actually bisexual.

-Alex’s ‘accident’ was a car accident. Bruno paid his two accomplices to ram their truck against his car, causing it to somersault off the road. The car burst into flames after Alex was flung out.

-Alex’s  best friend, Fernando,  in a sub-plot, is secretly (and genuinely) in love with Victoria, Alex’s stepmother. At first she’s astonished that such a handsome, young man (he’s Alex’s age) was interested in her but fell for him too. However, they had to keep their relationship secret for a while. (Weird, but that’s what happened, naija folks.)

-The scene where Alex and Maria José made love for the first time, was the most erotic of all the versions of Tu O Nadie; their subsequent love scenes all through the telenovela the same way.

-Maria José’s sister, Paula got a job in Alex’s company. They have another sister they knew nothing about at first- Maria Jose's twin Sandra. Their father Pedro was not a widower; his wife Elena  abandoned them years back for a rich man but took Sandra with her. In order for M.J and Paula not to think badly of Elena, Pedro made them believe she was dead, including having them visit a fake grave. Sandra grew up a spoiled party girl who later died from a drug overdose.

-Bruno killed the judge before Alex and Fernando could question him. They were shipwrecked on an Island for months and it was assumed they were dead. But they made it home just in time. Maria José was already heavy with child and she fainted when he surprised her in their bedroom. He was right there in the delivery room when she gave birth to their son, named after his late father, Antonio.

-Alex appeared to be more religious than the previous heroes (Antonio, David, Tony); he constantly wore a rosary with a crucifix round his neck. He later took it off and slipped it under Baby Tony’s pillow in the cot, for protection.

-Bruno and Maura conspired to kidnap Maria José. Her memory was erased, which caused her to forget  Alex and their baby Tony. Alex patiently helped nurse her to health after dragging her back home until her memory slowly came back; thanks to pills given to her by the family doctor.

-Maura’s sister, Lissete came up with a joke to invent a fictitious name and say he’s Maria José’s lover but repented after she was diagnosed with cancer. Maura later ended up in prison for her part in Maria José’s kidnap &  for fraud.

-Bruno was shot to death by his accomplice, Erik when he was trying to kill Alex on the beach. Victoria saw the whole thing but still wept over her son, Alex as well.

- Bruno’s funeral was shown.

Alex formally asked Maria José to marry him; hiding her diamond engagement ring in a rose.

They actually had THREE weddings;

A civil wedding held at the house

The traditional Mayan ceremony

...and the formal church wedding.

-The last scene was of the happy couple making love on the beach, decorated like the Garden of Eden, complete with wooden animals.


Guillermo Zarur- the actor who played the Lombardo family's head butler, Ezequiel- played the head butler of the Lombardo family, Ramon,  in the original version of this telenovela-  Tu O Nadie (No One But You) in 1985. 

Chantal Andere- the actress who played Bruno's twin sister and Alex's half sister Raquel; played Aide who was  Lorena's rival for David's affections in a previous remake  of Tu O Nadie; Acapulco, Cuerpo y Alma (Acapulco Body & Soul) in 1995. 

That's ALL on Tu O Nadie, folks. Thanks for staying till the very end. Yours in blogship...HONEY. Check video below to watch the trailer. 

Sortilegio - Trailer (English)
Uploaded by eolin666. - Full seasons and entire episodes online. 


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    1. You can buy it on Amazon


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