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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tonio asks Raquel for a divorce

Ramon was surprised Raquel had hung up all of a sudden. Vicky asked him what Raquel wanted and was outraged to hear she'd asked for Max's address. Evil Max urged Raquel to let him help her out financially even if she was angry with him, Raquel flatly turned him down, preferring to wait for Humberto. However, to carry out her trap- she asked him to meet her at a nearby bar for drinks later. Max was very pleased, thinking things was heading his way at last (yeah, SURE...)
Vicky angrily told Camilla what Raquel had asked for; wondering how she had the nerve to ask for it. Camilla called her brother and told him about it- Tonio was silent.
Raquel is not pleased to see her father drinking again, she had enough worries in her head. There's a knock on the door; it' s Rodrigo, he wanted to see how she was and take her out but she claimed tiredness. Max interrupted their conversation and jealously asked her what Rod wanted.
Raquel went back to the hospital and obtained Meche's address from Gabriel. Max, angry that Raquel refused to let him help her, spitefully told Oscar that Raquel was planning on asking Humberto for money. Raquel got to Meche's house and told her of the plan, Max was going to meet with her that evening and Meche will hide at the back and get a good look at him. They are suddenly interrupted by Tonio, who dragged Raquel out with him for a private talk, to Meche's distress. Oscar calls Humberto to delay his return to Acapulco by asking to handling some business. Rod confabs with Claudio on his plan to frame Raquel for Tonio's murder. Back at the hotel, Tonio and Raquel have another fight;at first he was gentle towards her but after Daniel comes in and drunkenly asks if Max was around,  he accused her of seeing Max, which meant she'd been seeing him all the time they were living together. Raquel was tired of arguing with him- he could believe whatever he chose! Tonio asked her for a divorce but warned her as she cheated on him, she wasn't going to get  a huge settlement from him. Raquel proudly said she's prepared to sign the divorce papers but she DIDN'T WANT his money and told him to get out of her room!
Later, Raquel called Humberto's place again but the servant told her he was still not back. Daniel and Martha are alarmed when Raquel suddenly went pale and collapsed. Maura gleefully told Carla that Tonio and Raquel were  getting a divorce.
Daniel and Martha got Raquel into bed; Martha said Raquel looked frail and very pale- she hadn't been eating. Tonio angrily got back to the mansion and told Vicky he and Raquel were definitely over, the divorce was now in motion. Max suddenly entered the room and it was the last straw; Tonio ordered him to get out of his house! Vicky is very distressed as Max walked out. Meche was on her way to the house to tell Tonio what Raquel was planning, in the hope it would bring the couple back together. Oh dear, Max saw her and roughly told her he'll have her and her brother killed if she dared open her mouth to Tonio about the identity of Roberto Aguirre.

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