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Bo zipped his duffel bag and went downstairs. Dropping it on the couch, he went to lock the back door. The doorbell rang when he went back to the living room and he opened the door. ‘Hi Mum,’ he said, letting her in. ‘Hello, honey. I was hoping to catch you before you went out.’ She turned to face her son, who looked at her in silence. There had been some distance between them since he confronted her about what Ciara told him. On hearing about Carly’s travails and the murder of their unborn child, Caroline was the most affected of both families. One by one, they rallied round Carly, expressing heartfelt sympathy and regret for the way she was treated. But Carly, while accepting their apology, still maintained she and Bo can’t be together. She felt overpowering shame for letting Lawrence fool her and considered herself too broken and damaged for Bo to take another chance with her. Bo tried everything while she was recuperating to convince her otherwise but she wouldn’t budge. ‘What is …


Bo paced the floor of the hospital’s waiting room, filled with anxiety and fear. Alerted by panicked shouts, he’d rushed over to find people surrounding Carly; his heart painfully clenching at the sight of her on the ground, pushing people aside to crouch beside her and cradle her in his arms, calling her name urgently. Lexie had to gently tell him to let go of Carly so that she and Daniel could examine her. Nathan ran into the house to get his medical bag.  ‘What’s wrong with her?’ Bo demanded harshly as the three doctors attended to her, anxious and impatient to know what caused Carly to faint. The guests waited breathlessly, Melanie wringing her hands in distress.   Daniel was grim faced. ‘She’s gone into shock because she’s bleeding internally.’ He said, to everyone’s amazement. ‘Her blood pressure’s way down.’  ‘Somebody please call an ambulance quick, she’ll die if we don’t get her to the hospital!’ Lexie said frantically. On getting to the hospital, Nathan had discarded his tux …


Brady showed up at the loft the next morning, very upset on hearing Phillip’s assault on Carly from Melanie. Carly assured him she was fine; the bruises on her face will fade in time. ‘I never liked the idea of him and Melanie anyway.’ Brady admitted to her and Marcus. ‘Just as well she called off the wedding, he’s shown what he really is.’ Marcus looked angry. ‘Yeah, too bad he’s not going to get punished after all.’ Surprised, Brady turned to Carly. ‘You’re not dropping charges, are you?’ ‘I am,’ was Carly’s calm reply.  ‘Why would you do that?’ ‘Your grandfather came by last night and threatened her.’ Marcus said before Carly could speak. ‘What?’  Brady exclaimed. ‘But Carly you don’t have to do that, just let Uncle Bo know!’ ‘I’m not scared of Victor,’ Carly replied. ‘But I do know what he’s capable of and what he can do. When he makes a threat or a promise, he means it.’ ‘Uncle Bo will protect you!’ Brady insisted. ‘That’s what I told her.’ Marcus said. ‘Yes, you told me.’ Carly t…