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N.B: Click on link for the final episode of LA REVANCHA.

Vicky is instantly worried about the scandal this mishap would cause. She couldn't imagine what Daniel was doing at such a place in the first place & they would have to make such the matter isn't circulated all over Acapulco. Max is given the responsibility of bailing Daniel out and put off any journalists sniffing around. After he left, Vicky went upstairs and gently gave Raquel the bad news. Distressed, Raquel wanted to go to the station to see if her father was alright but Vicky immediately objected, they had to avoid scandal. Raquel snappishly said Daniel was her father after all. Vicky agreed but reminded the young woman she was a Lombardo and as Tonio's wife, she owed her husband the courtesy of not drawing negative attention to herself, which she would do if she went to the police station. Any journalists around would recognise her and hound the whole matter out of her before she knew it. She mustn't w…


The final episode of LA REVANCHA has been posted so please click on the link to read it. As for the rest, once again I'm not making any promises, I'll post whatever I can dig up or remember. Now back to Tu o Nadie Snippets... AND in response to questions on how to get it, for now it's not available on DVD. TO CONTINUE...

Max got back to the mansion very late and was informed by Ramon, who was turning off the lamps in the living room that everyone had already gone to bed. Going up stairs, he paused outside Raquel's room. He contemplated barging in but from the sounds coming from the room, it dawned on him it wouldn't be a very good idea. Sullenly he walked away to his own room- leaving his stepbrother and his wife to have sex in peace. Daniel & Chucho were having a night out in the town; Daniel hadn't liked the sweet liquor they'd been served and wished they'd gone to where they would have been served cognac instead; Chucho was more than willing to g…


Renaildo was kidnapped by two old enemies, who were former business associates. Out of love for their mother, Jose Luis managed to track them down and rescued him and then left him to find a suitable hiding place as the police were still looking for him. Renaildo goes to the convent to see Mercedes for fear they might abduct her as well to get to him. She gave him a set of keys to a beach house where he could temporarily hide.
Soledad ended her relationship with the lawyer she'd been dating and she and Alejandro decide to get back together and finally get married. However when he went to break it off with his doctor girlfriend, she announced she was pregnant! Obviously a lie but it unfortunately put a dampner on any thoughts of reconciliation between the couple. Upset, Soledad decided to take some time for herself and goes to a hotel. A huricane is about to hit Miami so Alejandro rushed off to find her but by the time he arrived, the storm started and he and Soledad ended up stayi…

A message from honey...

Hello, hello! Thanks for your numerous messages in the c-box, but they are so overwhelming as well, all those requests for telenovelas' episodes. Getting the ones I posted in this blog was not easy at all, so I can't make any promises- all I can say is, I'll do my best.
Well, what to expect, I'll be resuming posts on TU O NADIE of course as well as the final episode of LA REVANCHA, which I'm carefully translating so for those who requested it, pls bear with me. I can barely afford my current Internet subscription but I've missed blogging so much that I renewed it last Friday. So I'm going to make the best of it. In the meantime my people hang in there.