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Monday, August 24, 2009


N.B: Click on link for the final episode of LA REVANCHA.

Vicky is instantly worried about the scandal this mishap would cause. She couldn't imagine what Daniel was doing at such a place in the first place & they would have to make such the matter isn't circulated all over Acapulco. Max is given the responsibility of bailing Daniel out and put off any journalists sniffing around. After he left, Vicky went upstairs and gently gave Raquel the bad news. Distressed, Raquel wanted to go to the station to see if her father was alright but Vicky immediately objected, they had to avoid scandal. Raquel snappishly said Daniel was her father after all. Vicky agreed but reminded the young woman she was a Lombardo and as Tonio's wife, she owed her husband the courtesy of not drawing negative attention to herself, which she would do if she went to the police station. Any journalists around would recognise her and hound the whole matter out of her before she knew it. She mustn't worry; Max had already gone to the station to bail him out.

Daniel & Chucho are of course very upset at being locked up; Chucho especially. Evil Max gave his name at the front desk and told the officer he wished to set bail. While he was waiting, a journalist approached him and asked some questions & the son-of -a-bitch answered them TRUTHFULLY! The officer came back and directed him to where the bail was to be paid.

Mercedes too was locked up and tried to persuade one of the guards she hadn't meant to disturb the peace.

At the office, Tonio's trusted personal assistant, Pablo(fans would recognise him as Alberto's chauffeur in THE RICH ALSO CRY) reported the results of his investigations; they still needed the judge who had conducted the civil wedding as a valuable witness against Max. Raquel called the office to speak with her husband but Tonio had already stepped out of the office.

The officers release Daniel to Max and Daniel begged Max to bail out Chucho and Mercedes but Max coldly told him they weren't his business and they left the station, Daniel still begging him.

At the mansion, Raquel anxiously waited for her father & asked Ramon where her sister was. Ramon told her Martha had gone out for a drive with Luis. During the drive, Luis suggested Martha take a hand at the wheel - as her first lesson, which she does.

Back at the mansion ,Maura paid Raquel an unwelcome visit. As usual, she says a lot of things to make Raquel's hackles rise, including remarking that Tonio didn't like women who smoked after Raquel lit a cigarette. Raquel sarcastically pointed out she was not an expert in what her husband liked or disliked and began smoking, handling Maura as best as she could when her rival continued with her veiled taunts. Tonio walked in and greeted Maura before moving to kiss Raquel. Maura got up boldly kissed him on the mouth, much to Raquel's fury- who didn't seem to notice that Tonio subtly wiped his mouth. As Maura rose to go, she kissed him again and said goodbye to Raquel. After the door closed, Raquel angrily asked her husband whether it was necessary for Maura to kiss him on the lips all the time. Tonio teased her over her jealousy, assuring her Maura was just a family friend now and grinned when Raquel gave an angry snort.
Max returned with Daniel(who was looking very sorry for himself). Raquel immediately got up to embrace her father, asking if he was alright and bade him to go and shower & rest. Max gave a snide remark about the favour he'd done. Raquel glared at him, guessing correctly that he was enjoying her embarrassment. Tonio of course, was baffled at the whole thing, no one had said anything to him after all! After Daniel went back to the guest bungalow, Tonio asked Raquel what happened. Thoroughly ashamed and embarrassed, Raquel replied she didn't exactly know what had happened, it seemed her father went out to gamble or something...
Vicky came in and greeted Tonio before soberly turning to Raquel; she had seen Daniel outside and asked if Max had succeeded in avoiding the journalists. As Raquel stammeringly tried to reply, Tonio snappishly asked, what on earth was going on!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The final episode of LA REVANCHA has been posted so please click on the link to read it. As for the rest, once again I'm not making any promises, I'll post whatever I can dig up or remember. Now back to Tu o Nadie Snippets... AND in response to questions on how to get it, for now it's not available on DVD. TO CONTINUE...

Max got back to the mansion very late and was informed by Ramon, who was turning off the lamps in the living room that everyone had already gone to bed. Going up stairs, he paused outside Raquel's room. He contemplated barging in but from the sounds coming from the room, it dawned on him it wouldn't be a very good idea. Sullenly he walked away to his own room- leaving his stepbrother and his wife to have sex in peace. Daniel & Chucho were having a night out in the town; Daniel hadn't liked the sweet liquor they'd been served and wished they'd gone to where they would have been served cognac instead; Chucho was more than willing to go somewhere else. Daniel hesitated at first, it was getting very late but Chucho insisted he be allowed to treat him to a very good time. They then set off to the lower part of town.

Back at home, Tonio marvelled over how he felt so much in love with Raquel- especially since he'd never been in love before. His wife was however still not pleased he'd allowed Max to stay under the same roof with them; it was like he was putting Vicky's needs ahead of hers. Tonio explained it wasn't the case- he just didn't want to hurt Vicky. He'd been a boy of 14 , Camilla barely 2 when Vicky had married Alberto, his late father and had been a wonderful wife and mother since then. He felt he owed her a favour by tolerating the thug she'd brought to the house with her. Raquel understood and it made her love him the more.

Meanwhile, Daniel and Chucho had found their way to a strip joint and were enjoying themselves with more drinks. Chucho got up to dance with a girl while another hesitantly walked up to Daniel and asked if he would like to dance with her. Daniel declined but asked her to sit down and talk to him. The girl was very surprised but obeyed and when asked her name, she replied, 'Mercedes.'

Camilla discussed the evening's events with Claudio; what she'd heard only made her dislike her sister-in-law all the more but Claudio warned her not to show hostility towards Raquel as it would make Tonio very cross.

Back the bar, Chucho and his new friend joined Daniel and Mercedes at the table and ordered more drinks; stupidly displaying the large wad of money he had with him. The waiter noticed and whispered something to a man, who happened to work there. When Chucho went to the men's room the man followed him and pretending to bump against him accidentally, picked his pocket and walked out. Chucho soon discovered his money was gone and got terribly hysterical. As the waiter tried to calm him down he spotted the man about to leave and pounced on him shouting, 'YOU STOLE MY MONEY!' and they both began exchanging punches. Daniel and Mercedes tried to separate them but the other patrons joined in, the situation ending up in a full scale brawl!

Next morning at the mansion, Tonio snuck into the bedroom to kiss Raquel before leaving for work. She opened her eyes and smiled at him. He told her he was leaving for work and hoped that by the time he got back she would have moved her things to his own room, Raquel smiled again and teased him about it. They cuddle until Tonio remarked if she kept it up, he'll be stuck with her all day. Unrepentant, she clung to him, saying it was exactly what she wanted. Tonio laughed and kissed her again but gently drew away from her arms. Raquel begged him to assure her that their marriage and love would never be over; he firmly promised it would never happen. She then asked him as he opened the door what they were going to do about the situation with Max, he told her not to worry her 'beautiful head about it' and blew her a kiss before closing the door behind him.
Downstairs, Vicky approached him to ask about his relationship with Raquel and he replied they loved each other and were going to stay married and will not bring up last night's event again. Kissing her goodbye, he left, not noticing Max balefully watching him from the dinning room. He came out, remarking how Tonio was still willing to stay married to a woman who'd tried to slander him, wondering how long this would last. The phone rang and he answered it. His expression is that of amazement and hung up. He informed his mother that Raquel's father was in jail, he'd been arrested at some sleazy bar. Vicky is shocked...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Renaildo was kidnapped by two old enemies, who were former business associates. Out of love for their mother, Jose Luis managed to track them down and rescued him and then left him to find a suitable hiding place as the police were still looking for him. Renaildo goes to the convent to see Mercedes for fear they might abduct her as well to get to him. She gave him a set of keys to a beach house where he could temporarily hide.

Soledad ended her relationship with the lawyer she'd been dating and she and Alejandro decide to get back together and finally get married. However when he went to break it off with his doctor girlfriend, she announced she was pregnant! Obviously a lie but it unfortunately put a dampner on any thoughts of reconciliation between the couple. Upset, Soledad decided to take some time for herself and goes to a hotel. A huricane is about to hit Miami so Alejandro rushed off to find her but by the time he arrived, the storm started and he and Soledad ended up staying there together.
When the storm died down, they volunteered to help out with the victims but unfortunately, a news crew was there covering the incident; they were shown on television- for Alejandro's enraged girlfriend to see! Meanwhile, Guillermo recieved news that while evacuating some school kids in the huricane, Rosarito was killed. Rodrigo also seeks refuge at the same beach hosue his on was hiding. He'd been stung by a scorpion and he's very ill and his mind slowly becomes unhinged as he recalled all his past misdeeds. Romelia, Jose Luis' mother finds him in this condition and later on Alejandro and Soledad also there; Alejandro immediately administered an antidote on him.
Despite Renaildo's warning to be on her guard, his enemies set a trap for Mercedes and hold her at gun point. The group try to rescue her and there's a scuffle where Renaildo took a bullet for her. As he lay dying, Jose Luis held him in his arms weeping- lamenting and regretting how destiny had introduced them as enemies instead of the brothers they actually were.
After the mess was settled, Alejandro's girlfriend counted her losses and let Alejandro go; enabling him and Soledad to finally plan their future.
As for Rodrigo, still fleeing from the police, saw the ghost of his dead son which caused him to have a massive heart attack that killed him.
Isabella, finally giving her blessing to Soledad and Alejandro , escorted her sister to the cruiser where the wedding ceremony took place, as Soledad always wanted. The same cruiser carried the married couple to their honeymoon, Romelia was told by Brenda at the party that she was carrying Renaildo's baby- her son will always live on!
The final scene showed the happy married couple gazing at the ocean, words of love exchanged between them...

Monday, August 10, 2009

A message from honey...

Hello, hello! Thanks for your numerous messages in the c-box, but they are so overwhelming as well, all those requests for telenovelas' episodes. Getting the ones I posted in this blog was not easy at all, so I can't make any promises- all I can say is, I'll do my best.
Well, what to expect, I'll be resuming posts on TU O NADIE of course as well as the final episode of LA REVANCHA, which I'm carefully translating so for those who requested it, pls bear with me. I can barely afford my current Internet subscription but I've missed blogging so much that I renewed it last Friday. So I'm going to make the best of it. In the meantime my people hang in there.