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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The final episode of LA REVANCHA has been posted so please click on the link to read it. As for the rest, once again I'm not making any promises, I'll post whatever I can dig up or remember. Now back to Tu o Nadie Snippets... AND in response to questions on how to get it, for now it's not available on DVD. TO CONTINUE...

Max got back to the mansion very late and was informed by Ramon, who was turning off the lamps in the living room that everyone had already gone to bed. Going up stairs, he paused outside Raquel's room. He contemplated barging in but from the sounds coming from the room, it dawned on him it wouldn't be a very good idea. Sullenly he walked away to his own room- leaving his stepbrother and his wife to have sex in peace. Daniel & Chucho were having a night out in the town; Daniel hadn't liked the sweet liquor they'd been served and wished they'd gone to where they would have been served cognac instead; Chucho was more than willing to go somewhere else. Daniel hesitated at first, it was getting very late but Chucho insisted he be allowed to treat him to a very good time. They then set off to the lower part of town.

Back at home, Tonio marvelled over how he felt so much in love with Raquel- especially since he'd never been in love before. His wife was however still not pleased he'd allowed Max to stay under the same roof with them; it was like he was putting Vicky's needs ahead of hers. Tonio explained it wasn't the case- he just didn't want to hurt Vicky. He'd been a boy of 14 , Camilla barely 2 when Vicky had married Alberto, his late father and had been a wonderful wife and mother since then. He felt he owed her a favour by tolerating the thug she'd brought to the house with her. Raquel understood and it made her love him the more.

Meanwhile, Daniel and Chucho had found their way to a strip joint and were enjoying themselves with more drinks. Chucho got up to dance with a girl while another hesitantly walked up to Daniel and asked if he would like to dance with her. Daniel declined but asked her to sit down and talk to him. The girl was very surprised but obeyed and when asked her name, she replied, 'Mercedes.'

Camilla discussed the evening's events with Claudio; what she'd heard only made her dislike her sister-in-law all the more but Claudio warned her not to show hostility towards Raquel as it would make Tonio very cross.

Back the bar, Chucho and his new friend joined Daniel and Mercedes at the table and ordered more drinks; stupidly displaying the large wad of money he had with him. The waiter noticed and whispered something to a man, who happened to work there. When Chucho went to the men's room the man followed him and pretending to bump against him accidentally, picked his pocket and walked out. Chucho soon discovered his money was gone and got terribly hysterical. As the waiter tried to calm him down he spotted the man about to leave and pounced on him shouting, 'YOU STOLE MY MONEY!' and they both began exchanging punches. Daniel and Mercedes tried to separate them but the other patrons joined in, the situation ending up in a full scale brawl!

Next morning at the mansion, Tonio snuck into the bedroom to kiss Raquel before leaving for work. She opened her eyes and smiled at him. He told her he was leaving for work and hoped that by the time he got back she would have moved her things to his own room, Raquel smiled again and teased him about it. They cuddle until Tonio remarked if she kept it up, he'll be stuck with her all day. Unrepentant, she clung to him, saying it was exactly what she wanted. Tonio laughed and kissed her again but gently drew away from her arms. Raquel begged him to assure her that their marriage and love would never be over; he firmly promised it would never happen. She then asked him as he opened the door what they were going to do about the situation with Max, he told her not to worry her 'beautiful head about it' and blew her a kiss before closing the door behind him.
Downstairs, Vicky approached him to ask about his relationship with Raquel and he replied they loved each other and were going to stay married and will not bring up last night's event again. Kissing her goodbye, he left, not noticing Max balefully watching him from the dinning room. He came out, remarking how Tonio was still willing to stay married to a woman who'd tried to slander him, wondering how long this would last. The phone rang and he answered it. His expression is that of amazement and hung up. He informed his mother that Raquel's father was in jail, he'd been arrested at some sleazy bar. Vicky is shocked...

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