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Friday, February 24, 2012

Always Whitney... Queen of Pop

And yet, it doesn't seem like she's gone at all; probably every time I saw her in her music videos, films or smiling on the front covers of magazines; I always had a vision of a vibrant woman full of life with the most melodious voice I've ever heard. My first glimpse of her so many years ago was in a Cola commercial where she sang "The Greatest Love of All", in Disco Rally which featured her music video "I'm Your Baby Tonight" and then of course "The Bodyguard" and her rendition of Dolly Parton's "I'll Always Love You" later.
It's so very sad, especially after the welcome news a few years back of her finally completing her rehab and embracing her fresh start; what on earth could have killed this lovely lady who always radiated warmth, love and energy
I'm at a loss of words because I'm very sad at the tragic passing of Whitney Huston, Queen of Pop and all I can do is pray for her soul and remember her at her best.
R.I.P Whitney. XXX