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First, thank you all so very much for the comments and kind words, I'm so glad you enjoyed the LORENZO'S WIFE posts to the very end. I've been so busy lately to put up new posts so I hope you all weren't very cross with me.

Today's post is about two new movies that are about to hit the cinemas:
ANGELS AND DEMONS, based on Dan Brown's 2000 bestselling novel that introduced the world to Dr. Robert Langdon, who resurfaced 3 years later in THE DA VINCI CODE.
In this movie, he travels to Vatican City with an Italian scientist, whose father had been found brutally murdered in his lab- branded on the chest with the words ILLUMINATI- a word Robert(TOM HANKS) recognised as an ancient secret society that has a huge score to settle with the Roman Catholic Church.
Vittoria Vetra(ALEYET ZURER) and her late father, Leonardo had created a strange pheonomenon called 'antimatter' and the killer had taken it, to be used as a bomb. On gettind to the Vatican, they encounter e…