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Friday, August 12, 2011

Remembering Sam Loco Efe

What I liked best about him was his dry humour; whenever he made a funny remark he always had a straight face and it tickled me so much that I developed the tendency to giggle helplessly when he appeared even before he said something funny. Back in the '90s, his biggest movie was 'SERGEANT OKORO'  where he realistically portrayed an incorruptible police officer  made to retire after getting wounded in the line of duty and then had to struggle to feed his large family & at the same time  keep his principles and dignity in a difficult   and unsympathetic society. I never saw his other big hit 'PICCADILLY' but a friend told me back then he played a man who was the head of a gang of pickpockets. However I saw him in the third installment of 'LAGOS NA WA!' as the building's landlord, in 'PAM PAM' where he played Okey Bakassi's uncle and in  the T.V adaptation of 'THINGS FALL APART' he had a small role as an over zealous Christian who suddenly died after eating the clans sacred python.  I also clearly recall him being the hilarious narrator of the NTA documentary, 'ABUSE OF THE NAIRA.'
I watched a few of his later movies over the years and the rested T.V series EVERY DAY PEOPLE where he was one of the main characters. There was never anything rehearsed about the way he portrayed his characters; he was so realistic and spontaneous and every character he played simply came to life; especially his character Maduka Okoro in 'SERGEANT OKORO.' Every artiste has a specific method of acting and Sam Loco Efe definitely had his; I can't think of another actor like him. Nollywood has lost a veteran and as we all mourn him now we must pray to God to grant him eternal rest and we should try to remember him at his best.