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Justine meanwhile becomes a stage actress in Europe and one day visits Dane at the Vatican. Cardinal Vittorio liked her immediately; he later told Ralph she was ‘very entertaining’ and how underneath her independent spirit and flippant way of talking was a very sensitive young woman. Some one else is also attracted to Justine, a friend of Ralph’s- Rainer "Rain" Moerling Harheim, a German politician and several years older than her. Justine goes out with him but is afraid of total commitment, although she loves him as well. Dane is later ordained as a priest, ironically by his own father. He takes a vacation to Crete in Greece, Justine was to join him but she stayed behind to be with Rain. While swimming in the sea, Dane noticed two women in trouble with the current and swarm to rescue them but he suffered a sudden heart attack and drowned!
Meggie is told the terrible news by Fee who'd spoken with Justine over the phone and after some difficulty; Dane’s body is flown bac…


Ralph and Meggie spent several idyllic days on the Island, the happiest they'd had in years. Ralph now realised that being in love with Meggie made him a man like all men, despite his ambition to be the perfect priest. He however had to go back to his duties in Rome but tells Meggie he truly wished he could marry her and never be apart from her ever again; he'll never stop loving her, she must remember that. They exchange a very painful goodbye and he leaves for Rome, while she prepares to leave Luke. When she returned back to Anne and Luddie's house, she already knew she was pregnant... with RALPH'S BABY! To cover up, (in the novel) she spent one night with Luke, told him exactly what she thought of him and left, telling him he could kept the money he'd stolen from her but he must never step one foot into Drogheda or expect more money from her from then on. She and Justine went back to Drogheda and are very warmly recieved. Months later, Meggie gave birth to Ral…