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Part 5
Roman looked at his mother and at his sister, who  were sitting opposite him. Kayla’s face was expressionless while Caroline’s was a mixture of uneasiness, reproach and sadness; her eyes lowered. Roman already told them of Starr’s birth, Melanie’s visit and Frankie’s presence in town. ‘Sooner or later this day had to come. Melanie’s more aware of Carly’s past with Bo now. And I doubt Frankie will count himself as  a member of this family from now on after he hears what happened to his sister. Hissister, Mum. How can we say we’re Frankie’s family after Carly was treated like an outsider by all of us? What sort of excuse are we going to give him? Or we’re just going to act all defensive and do to him what we did to his sister; his only blood relative? We accused her of coming to wreck Bo’s marriage. We didn't care to listen to her side of the story of Alamain’s murder. Like it or not, we’ve got a lot to answer for.’ ‘I’m aware of that, Roman.’ Kayla said, her tone flat. She’d b…


Part 4 ‘I know what you must think of me... of us all.’ Frankie’s soulful bluish black eyes, which once gave Jennifer butterflies in her stomach, were hard and cold. ‘Since you know that quite well, you should also know I have nothing to say to you.' ‘Frankie, please... let’s not do this. I know I wasn’t a good friend to Carly but she’s still my friend and I’m hers. You have to understand...’ ‘What exactly do you want me to understand, huh? Hope made her choice yet everybody just decided to hug and comfort her and shun my sister like she was the one who wrecked her marriage in the first place; including you.’ Jennifer swallowed. ‘Don’t you accuse me of that. It’s true I didn't approve of her and Bo but that’s only because I knew Hope was still in love with Bo; I felt he should give her another chance, because they belonged together.’   ‘But my sister was in the way,’ Frankie bit out. ‘Was the love they had years ago suddenly a crime? Or something dirty and disgusting just because…


Seriously... this man needs to be locked up! One would think that he learned his lesson after the Brad Pitt incident but apparently he just can’t stop himself from upsetting celebs. This time it was Kim Kardashian of Keeping up with the Kardashians and wife of rapper Kanye West; during Fashion Week in Paris recently. The crazy fool actually lunged at Kim in an attempt to hug her which almost sent her falling to the ground. Can’t this man simply see that nobody’s laughing at his ‘pranks’; the one I found really distasteful of all was when he crept under America Ferrera’s dress at the Cannes’ Festival; disgusting! Why he’s still keeping up with this ridiculous behavior I don’t know and I wonder if the authorities have figured out why so far. Does Vitalii Seduik really want to retain his notorious reputation as the ‘celebrity prankster’ or it’s his way to randomly grab his fifteen minutes of fame. I don’t care nor believe in his insistent denial, ‘I’m not crazy, I just think differently’;…

More of Becky "The Shopaholic" 's misadventures in THE SHOPAHOLIC ABROAD

By a stroke of luck I was able to get hold of and eagerly read part 2 of  "The Shopaholic" series; which is THE SHOPAHOLIC ABROAD a.k.a THE SHOPAHOLIC TAKES MANHATTAN. Once I saw the title, I wondered if Becky will behave herself and curb her shopping addiction. The setting is NEW YORK; a shopper's paradise and after the events in CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC, you would think she's learned her lesson, considering the guy at her bank was a lot kinder to her than she deserved. So now, she's in New York... at the request her boyfriend who is moving his business there and wants her with him. Has Becky turned a new leaf?  HELL NO!

Part 2 is even more  hilarious as Part 1 because being in a new city only made Becky's shopaholism far worse and why not... when several shops and NOT JUST boutiques were offering 50% off sales and stocking various items she simply MUST HAVE? Even before she arrived in New York, she was already taking advantage of another overdraft she w…

The antics of Becky "The Shopaholic" in THE SECRET DREAMWORLD OF A SHOPAHOLIC

Like Lucy Talk and Bridget Jones Diary, THE SECRET DREAMWORLD OF A SHOPAHOLIC" a.k.a  "CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC" by Sophie Kinsella falls under the genre known as 'chicklit' (a name I'm not really fond of) and candidly told in the point of view of the heroine- this time it's a young lady named Rebecca Bloomwood. She works as a journalist in Successful Savings (a financial magazine) and shares a flat with her best friend Suze in a trendy neighbourhood in London. And she has a problem... she has a shopping addiction. If it's a new pair of shoes, a lovely looking skirt, a silk blouse or a pair of designer jeans, or anything charming, beautiful or interesting...  she MUST HAVE IT, even though she can barely afford it. Worse still, as the story begins- it turns out she is yet to pay her outstanding Credit Card bill and her overdraft. For the most of the story, she gets letters of reminders from Visa and her bank but what does she do; she fends them of…