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Friday, September 26, 2014


Seriously... this man needs to be locked up! One would think that he learned his lesson after the Brad Pitt incident but apparently he just can’t stop himself from upsetting celebs. This time it was Kim Kardashian of Keeping up with the Kardashians and wife of rapper Kanye West; during Fashion Week in Paris recently. The crazy fool actually lunged at Kim in an attempt to hug her which almost sent her falling to the ground. Can’t this man simply see that nobody’s laughing at his ‘pranks’; the one I found really distasteful of all was when he crept under America Ferrera’s dress at the Cannes’ Festival; disgusting!
Why he’s still keeping up with this ridiculous behavior I don’t know and I wonder if the authorities have figured out why so far. Does Vitalii Seduik really want to retain his notorious reputation as the ‘celebrity prankster’ or it’s his way to randomly grab his fifteen minutes of fame. I don’t care nor believe in his insistent denial, ‘I’m not crazy, I just think differently’; he is a stalker and a nuisanceand he needed to be properly pinned down this time and made to stop his disturbing antics. He could end up injuring somebody- deliberately or accidently- next time so he must not be allowed a ‘next time’. Seduik was just very lucky Kanye West didn’t get a chance to give him a much deserved beating for tackling his wife like that; he may not be so lucky if he tries such a stunt again.

Enough’s enough already.

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