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Meggie married Luke O' Neill but the marriage is an unhappy one right from day one. Luke was a miserly oppoturnist who'd only married her for her money; he regarded women in general as sex objects and prefered to hang out with men more often. They go to Queensland and he gets her a live-in job with a couple, Luddie and Anne Mueller who treat her very kindly. He finds himself a job as a cane cutter in a sugar cane plantation. Before he left, he arranges for Meggie's wages to be paid direcly to him and he keeps her bank book which has all her savings. He claimed he was saving to buy a homestead for both of them, but he had no intention of spending any money or give up the toil of sugar cane cutting as it is very competitive. He hardly visited Meggie and in her despair, she gets pregnant on purpose, in order to force Luke to settle down but it does'nt work, he's angry at having another mouth to feed. Most of the time, Meggie thinks about Ralph and longs to go back ho…


This is the title of a very touching story(also adapted into a mini-series) by Colleen McCullough that I’ve read several times and I decided to share it with my visitors so I can get honest opinions. The Thorn Birds is a romantic saga of three generations and it all begins with a little girl called Meghann Cleary, commonly called ‘Meggie’ by friends and family. She is the only girl in a family of several boys, headed by a very hardworking Irish man called Paddy and his overworked wife, Fiona, commonly called ‘Fee.’ She had been handed over to Paddy years back after she had ‘disgraced’ her aristocratic family and did her utmost best to be a good wife and mother but most times she was quiet and remote and mostly favoured her eldest boy, Frank, who never got on well with Paddy. This family lived in New Zealand.
In Australia lived Mary Carson, Paddy’s older sister who had married a rich man and owned several properties; the most well known is her sheep station called ‘Drogheda’. She was …


Thank you for coming to my defence Nkechi, I'm as sorry as everyone about this unexpected development; as we speak, I'm doing my best to find another source of material. As for Sister Joy, I DO make an effort for telenovela posts; I found material for my LA USURPADORA posts to the FINALE plus its sequel MAS ALLA USURPADORA after a verylong search. Besides, Mrs. Philo is a professional and has been blogging long before me; i'm just a humble writer yet to make money from this blog & recieve royalites from my 2 children's books released in 2006. My aim is keeping my readers satisfied and I'll never stop doing that. Anyone who has additional material for La Mujer de Lorenzo is free to contribute. Meanwhile click on the links above to read on LA USURPADORA ,its short sequel as well as gist about the star of the show, Gabriella Spanic. And rememeber, there'll be more posts on TU O NADIE(No one but you). Seasons Greetings!


VERY BAD NEWS folks; my main source of material, MBI, announced its temporary closure of operations in THE PUNCH and as such, unless I find another source, there would be no LA MUJER DE LORENZO posts for a while. I'm very pissed off about all this, especially since it seems the telenovela is about to come to an end. But don't despair, there'll still be posts on the other telenovela, TU O NADIE (No one but you) and I promise, it's eqaually interesting. Pls, continue to log in on my blog, I won't disappiont you. P.S click on CUANDO SEAS MIA FINAL EPISODE (contd.) & see the additional pics I added to the post.

2 BIG LOSSES: Makemba and Crichton

I'm sure many of us have heard about the recent death of 'MAMA AFRICA', Miriam Makeba in Italy, when she collapased on stage during a concert. But while Africa is in mourning, so is America, for they've just lost one of their most talented writers, who was also a medical doctor, producer and director. I'm talking about Michael Crichton, author of JURASSIC PARK, THE LOST WORLD, RISING SUN, DISCLOSURE, & other novels, including being the creator of the T.V series ER. Mama died of a heartattack(on stage) at age 76, which Crichton died at 66 after losing his battle with cancer. Both will be greatly missed and I know the legacy they left behind will go on for a long, long time. May they both rest in peace.


The euphoria of President-elect Obama'svictory is yet to fade away; I heard in the news today that new mothers in Kenya have been naming their new born sons 'Barack' & daughters 'Michelle' after the new First Lady. Already President Bushhas welcomed his successor & his family to the White House & commented that his victory ''a triumph of the American story.'' The swearing in is to take place on January 20th 2009; I'm sure a lot of Nigerians would be glued to their T.V sets on that second historical day. Personally I plan on taping it if NTA shows it live.

We should all pray for President-elect Obama, that his administration would be fruitful peaceful and he'll more than justify his voters'confidence in him.
As for the soon to be First Lady, Michelle Obamaand their two little girls Malia Ann & Natasha- no doubt living at the White House would be overwhelming at first but gradually they'll have to adjust and also play …

'THIS IS THE LORD'S WORK!' - Elizabeth the 1st

PRAISE BE TO GOD, FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS & MIRACLES FLOW!!! When I got up this morning, (i stayed up till 2 watching the polls) I immediately switched on the T.V and STV News reported that Senator Barack Obama emerged the winner of the 2008 U.S.A presidential elections! AT LONG, LONG LAST- Dr. King's dream finally realised, our prayers answered - a free and fair election resulted in an african-american the new president of the U.S.A. This is truly a historical and very,very happy day for the black race and I can't stop praising God for making this happen; I never never doubted for a minute He had something huge in store for the so long downtrodden african-amercians, never doubted it for a minute. Already several world leaders have congratulated the new president-elect on his victoryand a mass celebration is still going on in his late father's country-Kenya, their president has even declared tommorow a national holiday to commemorate this happy day. What I like best a…


"One day, there’ll come a time when we’ll be judged not by the colour of our skin but by the content of our characters…

Let freedom ring. And when this happens, and when we allow freedom ring—when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God's children—black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics—will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual: "Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!"

Martin Luther King (1929- 68)

And by ‘SOLDIERS OF CHANGE’ I’m referring to the Americans who supported the Civil Rights Movement back in the 60’s as well as the Americans today supporting & voting for Senator Barak Obama-the first African-American presidential candidate after the bitter years of slavery, complete inequality & racism & oppression. Ever since I watched HEAD OF STATE, I prayed and pray…


Sylvia is very tearful & at the last minute doesn't allow Lorenzo to kiss her( i remember their first kiss; he practically devoured her). She believes what they were doing was wrong; Alex didn't deserve as he was a changed man. Lorenzo pleads with her not to marry Alex, it would hurt them both since they were in love with each other. Sylvia replied marrying Alex was a decision she was still working on & tearfully asked him to leave her alone. Laura begged her father to persuade Isabella to come to her motel room, she wanted to convince her to drop the charges. Jose is sceptic that it was the actual reason but he agrees. After he leaves, she brings out a gun...
E.I watches the news, which is all about Laura's escape. She gets a call from Laura but Laura is silent over the phone. After she hangs up, she calls the police.
Alex returns to find Sylvia looking depressed. He asked her why she didn't come to the park & they realise it had been a trick to get her …


Giacormo visited Lorenzo & when Lorenzo told him he was going to divorce Laura, he pointed out Laura seemed to be mentally unstable & needed him for moral support. But Lorenzo is unsympathetic this time- she was an adulteress & a murderer, he’d finally had enough. José advises Mimi to marry for love, she insisted she loved Tony. Surprisingly, Sylvia visited E.I at her suite & is asked if there was anything between her and Lorenzo now that he was a free man. She replied she was going out with Alex & therefore unavailable since Alex was a changed man & was thinking of marrying him. E.I advised her not to make a move on Lorenzo unless she wanted to end up like Laura. Sylvia is not frightened of her; Lorenzo wasn’t part of her life but she was sure he wouldn’t end up with E.I either. With that she left. A policeman enters Laura’s room but finds it empty; she’s ESCAPED!
Outside, Laura, disguised as a nurse, boards a taxi. Horsy finds Alex in Sylvia’s office, readi…


Alex complained to E.P about how Lorenzo was giving Sylvia a lot of loving looks, indicating he was still in love with her. E.P suggested he asked Sylvia to marry him before Lorenzo did. Alex is all for the idea but he needed some money from her, in order to impress Sylvia. Of course his miserly mum didn’t want to give him anything, protesting she didn’t have a cent but Alex insisted; he needed to cement his relationship with Sylvia before she could think of going back to Lorenzo. Reluctantly, she handed him a pittance, which caused him to call her a ‘stingy woman’ & left in a huff.
Lorenzo went to see a very weak E.I, whose stomach had been pumped the moment she arrived. He asked her who tried to poison her & is told it was Laura. Isabella informed him his wife had gone too far this time; she was going to report her to the police, even if he begged her not to. Lorenzo didn’t bother to defend Laura, he’s long realised he’d married a monster & suspected Laura was now unsta…


While you're all reading posts on LORENZO'S WIFE, please remember that this blog also has posts of NO ONE BUT YOU. For those yet to read the posts I published months back, pls click on the label. It happens to be my favorite telenovela to date & it's very , very interesting. By the way, for the uninitiated, the actor who played the main character, Antonio Lombardo in this 1985 telenovela , is Andres Garcia- who played Don Pedro Jose Donoso in the recently concluded El Cuerpo del Deseo .

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Evil Max got the worse of the fight (serves him right); his mouth was bleeding and Victoria did her best to treat it. She asked him over and over what started the fight, but Max only gave her evasive answers, as usual. The next morning, Claudio warns Camilla not to repeat what Victoria had told them the night before to anyone. But after he leaves the room, she picks up the phone to call Maura. Chucho has breakfast with some of the kitchen staff, a maid tells him a little…


Thank you all for leaving your messages & comments; I TRULY appreciate it. Like one of my guests observed, MBI have been skipping a few episodes, VITAL episodes(God knows why) but let's just hope the end is soon drawing near because I'm sick of Isabella's over painted face already and eager to cheer at Lorenzo & Sylvia's long awaited wedding(once that idiot Alex is gotten rid of).
Well, thanks to a few searches here and there, I was able to find what happened next. Lorenzo, Sylvia & Horsy were at the restaurant waiting for Isabella to show up for the meeting. Horsy wondered why she was late, but the other two barely paid attention to her; Sylvia was far too busy blushing under the hot looks Lorenzo was giving her- after all, he was now free to chase her all over again. Unfortunately, Alex, who had followed her, saw the whole thing, and he was FURIOUS. Isabella managed to phone for help(from Horsy) and was immediately rushed to the hospital. But, surprising…