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Monday, November 03, 2008


Giacormo visited Lorenzo & when Lorenzo told him he was going to divorce Laura, he pointed out Laura seemed to be mentally unstable & needed him for moral support. But Lorenzo is unsympathetic this time- she was an adulteress & a murderer, he’d finally had enough. José advises Mimi to marry for love, she insisted she loved Tony. Surprisingly, Sylvia visited E.I at her suite & is asked if there was anything between her and Lorenzo now that he was a free man. She replied she was going out with Alex & therefore unavailable since Alex was a changed man & was thinking of marrying him. E.I advised her not to make a move on Lorenzo unless she wanted to end up like Laura. Sylvia is not frightened of her; Lorenzo wasn’t part of her life but she was sure he wouldn’t end up with E.I either. With that she left. A policeman enters Laura’s room but finds it empty; she’s ESCAPED!
Outside, Laura, disguised as a nurse, boards a taxi. Horsy finds Alex in Sylvia’s office, reading the paper. She has some cheques for Sylvia so he collects them for her. They flirt with each other despite Alex telling her he was in love with Sylvia. Conan caught them red handed but he acts impassive as he signed for the checks. Horsy assured him she & Alex were friends but he had more to offer than Conan ever will. Mimi wanted Tony to see a movie with her but he’s very busy at the boutique. E.P asked Sylvia if Alex had proposed to her, Sylvia however hadn’t said yes yet & is uncomfortable at E.P’s over affectionate manner towards her. She still can’t forget Alex’s affair with Laura, so she had a lot of thinking to do. Lorenzo is astonished to see E.I had been discharged & tells her Laura had escaped, which frightened her. She had to be very, very careful. E.I can’t understand how Laura could have escaped with a guard outside her door. Lorenzo warned her to keep her door locked & not answer the phone, if Laura calls her, she should call the police.
Conan gives a false message to Alex from Sylvia, to meet him at the park. Mimi hopes Sylvia will say yes to her brother but Conan is angry at the very idea- he’ll never never accept Alex as a member of the family, something that offends Mimi and they quarrel- Conan leaves in a huff. Isabella receives a package & asked Horsy to open it, apprehensive that it from Laura, remembering her threat. But it’s only a get-well present, a crystal bottle, from the hotel staff. E.I shed tears of relief. Jose meets with Laura (who had manipulated him into helping her) & gives her a change of clothes. Lorenzo & Sylvia are alone at the gym; he wants them to get back together in spite of her protests. He insisted her happiness was very important to him; they were apart because he’d thought he was the father of Laura’s baby, now that things were different, they could be together again. He loved her very much. Sylvia just stared at him blankly. (I never thought I’d say this, but Lorenzo is a tad too SOFT…)

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