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Monday, November 03, 2008


While you're all reading posts on LORENZO'S WIFE, please remember that this blog also has posts of NO ONE BUT YOU. For those yet to read the posts I published months back, pls click on the label. It happens to be my favorite telenovela to date & it's very , very interesting. By the way, for the uninitiated, the actor who played the main character, Antonio Lombardo in this 1985 telenovela , is Andres Garcia- who played Don Pedro Jose Donoso in the recently concluded El Cuerpo del Deseo .

To continue...

Evil Max got the worse of the fight (serves him right); his mouth was bleeding and Victoria did her best to treat it. She asked him over and over what started the fight, but Max only gave her evasive answers, as usual. The next morning, Claudio warns Camilla not to repeat what Victoria had told them the night before to anyone. But after he leaves the room, she picks up the phone to call Maura. Chucho has breakfast with some of the kitchen staff, a maid tells him a little bit about the family members. Raquel joined Martha at the breakfast table, her sister asking her why she had such a long face. Raquel asked her if she’d heard of the fight. Thinking her and Tonio had a quarrel, Martha asked what happened. Raquel tells her she was now madly in love with Tonio. Martha asked her if Max knew about it and Raquel shyly admitted that instead of fighting, she and Tonio ended up 'getting busy', causing Martha to gasp and ask how the sex was.

Raquel refused to talk about her first time intimacy with Tonio but soberly said now it has caused a huge fight between him and Max. Victoria talks to Tonio on his way to work, about what decision he's made about the problem at hand. She's worried that the accident has made him delusional & she's very scared as she loves him like a second son and doesn't want anything to happen to him; if only his father was still alive. Tonio replied he had serious decisions to make & asked her what Max had told her the night before. She replied Max had told her of his accusations and she's sad at the way they attack each other theses days, especially since they've never gotten along. He kissed her goodbye and left. Martha is certain Max won't accuse Raquel of complicity, now that she & Tonio were closer, besides she had told him the whole story. Raquel is not so confident, Max was very cruel & she didn't know what Tonio had in mind because he refused to discuss it with her & it worried her very much; she's afraid Tonio might think she was telling lies and she'll rather go to jail than him thinking she lied to him. She's very hurt when she hears from Ramon that Tonio had breakfast in his room & has already left for the office.

Victoria agrees to lend Claudio some money when he asks for it but warns him to be more careful as Tonio isn't patient with he and Camilla's gambling these days. Claudio assures her that the gambling is simply 'social entertainment' & they do not bid too much money. Claudio then asked her why Tonio doubted Raquel was his wife at first. Vicky told him he didn't remember anything about her or her family, which was surprising since he knew them immediately. She also told him about the previous night's fight- how the two young men were punching each other & would have killed each other if Ramon hadn't called her. Claudio looked puzzled when she added it happened in Raquel's room. He asked, 'what was Max doing in Raquel's bedroom?'

It suddenly occurred to Vicky as well, what was Max doing in Raquel's room in the first place?

Tonio met with the family doctor, Oscar in a bar; Vicky had told him about the fight over the phone. Tonio told him he's fully convinced Max tried to murder him. Oscar asked about Raquel's role in the situation but Tonio is sure his wife is innocent. Oscar asked him if he's fallen in love with her. Tonio admitted it &  defiantly said she loved him too. Oscar is skeptical as not long ago she was in love with Max, which was why she had 'married' him. Tonio coldly asked him if he was trying to make him have doubts about Raquel. Oscar replied he just didn't want him to rush into this, he had to put his family's interests first. Tonio didn't like the idea of still allowing Max to live in the mansion after what he tried to do. Oscar asked if he had proof. Tonio said he had the word of Raquel & her family and he could call the manager of the apartment building in Guadalajara, where Max stayed, to confront Max face-to-face; but the judge who had officiated the ceremony has disappeared. Oscar asked him if he thought about Vicky & Raquel- how the scandal will affect them. Tonio said he had, which was why he hasn't told Vicky because he doesn't want her to think ill of Raquel, who is a good woman & his wife, not just  because of any piece of paper but because he's decided she's the one he wanted for the rest of his life. Seeing Oscar's skeptical face, he asked if he thought he was crazy. Oscar said he was his father's oldest friend & he has to prevent him from making a huge mistake. He advised him not to cause Vicky any pain, he should send Raquel away & be certain Max is guilty before confronting him. Raquel informs Vicky she was on her way to see Tonio at his office & needed a chauffeur to take her there. But to her amazement, the guard at the gate told her Tonio had left instructions she wasn't to go out. Max bangs at the gate when it refuses to open for him, he's told he's not to be allowed in. He notices Raquel standing next to the guard & offers to give her a lift, but the guard doesn't allow her to go past the gate. Vicky asks Ramon what started the fight in the first place. Ramon told her Max was banging on Tonio's door & kicking it but he stopped and left when he saw Ramon. He also told her how Max forcibly dragged Raquel into his room the other day and how Raquel had resisted.

Oscar arrived at the house &  spoke to Raquel , trying to convince her to force Tonio divorce her by saying she didn't love him- her presence could cause a tragedy between two brothers- offering to pay her. Offended, she got up &  walked out on him. Oscar told Vicky he was a bit rough on Raquel but he asked her to leave. Vicky knows very well Tonio would never allow it , he loved her very much. Oscar is more concerned about Vicky's welfare, which was why he made that suggestion in the first place. Camilla meets with Maura, full of fresh gist about Raquel. Tonio hands a photo & the apartment's address to his personal assistant Pablo, to show the manager of the building for identification, in case he is needed to testify against Max. Max angrily comes in, demanding to know why he was being locked out of the house & what he planned on Telling Vicky. Tonio replied he could easily tell her the truth. Max sneered that he had no proof & if he wanted him to leave... fine, but he had to hand over Raquel to him. Tonio coldly replied that Raquel was his wife; she'll never be handed over to him.

Raquel narrated what had happened the night before & Oscar's suggestion to her father. After she goes back into the house, Daniel runs into Chucho and they introduce themselves.

Later, Raquel is sitting in the living room when Tonio returns- he moves to sit next to her, smiling. She asked him why she was not allowed to leave the house, he replied it was for her own protection. She is very worried about the consequences of  locking Max out of the house, but he calms her down, saying all he wanted was peace in the house & he'll do what he must to achieve it. They kiss, then get up to go upstairs (wink, wink).

 But Vicky stops them on the way, demanding to know why her son was locked out. She angrily accused Raquel of being the cause but Tonio firmly said it had nothing to do with her, it was time Vicky knew the truth.

'Are you going to tell her?' asked Raquel nervously.

He nodded. It was time Vicky knew the WHOLE truth.

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